Natural Hair Story: Natural Bells

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How long have you been natural and when did you BC?
I have been natural for 3 years. And I BC’d August 2006

What are your staple products and hairstyles?
Some of my staples products are of course my beloved Shea Butter, my organix shampoo & conditioner, Coconut oil, water, vegetable glycerine and Aloe Vera gel.  It took some time to find my staples but now I can’t live without them!

What are your natural hair goals?
Currently i have two goals. The first is to grow out the little bit of heat damage I have left in my hair. I used a blow dryer a couple months back and I damaged some of my hair (never again!) and the second is to grow my hair to bra strap length.

How do you keep your hair intact overnight?
I usually moisturize (especially because it’s winter) and twist or braid my hair at night. I then use my scarf to protect it from rubbing on my cotton pillowcase.

How do you maintain length?
Low manipulation!! I’ve spent the majorty of my time natural wearing twists and other styles that don’t require heat or tension on my hair follicles. Those styles that aren’t stressful for you hair help alot with my hair growth.

Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.
I have many reasons why I went natural but the biggest reason was that I felt uncomfortable knowing that the only reason why I continued to relax my hair was because I thought if my hair was kinky I wouldn’t be as attractive. After being able to accept my twisted viewpoints on hair I changed them by educating myself. No more relaxers and 3 years later I love my hair and myself entirely!

Being natural for me is the best of both worlds. My hair is alot healthier now then it ever was relaxed! I am educated on HEALTHY HAIR CARE and I have such versatility with my natural hair! Afro Monday, wash and go Tuesday, twists Wednesday, flat twists Thursdays, puff Friday, flat iron Saturday and braid out Sunday! I can do it all! NaturalBells BelleBells

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