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Natural Hair | Mini Twists Are Taking FOREVER!

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Ese Atie  asked via FB How do you all keep yourself entertained while installing mini twists? #takingtoolong

Girl i feel your pain all too well lol. The very first time i did my mini twists, it felt like it was taking me FOREVER. Luckily i had movies to entertain me. Mini twists can get a bit overwhelming if you aren’t used to doing them so what i usually do is line up a few movies and sit there and start as early as possible and just watch TV while i twists. I have gotten really good at them so i no longer really need a mirror to do my mini twists. The movies distract your mind from what’s really going on lol.

I hope this helps you out. Hopefully you submit a picture of yours when your done!

Mini Twists Tutorial

Oldie but goodie. “6 Styles with Mini Twists”


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