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Natural Hair Chat | Top Facebook Posts Of The Week

Hello my loves! We have great conversations on my facebook page all the time that I sometimes wish that i could migrate over here. Well i finally can! These are some of the top natural hair chats of the week. We don’t only discuss natural hair on my page, we discuss a bunch of stuff! It’s always different. I like diversity so that’s always a plus when i can keep the conversations interesting. Yes we all love natural hair chats but there is more to the world than that! Anyway, here are some of the top facebook posts of the week! For more updates follow millsriversdaschool .

Kendrick Lamar set the internet world on fire so i had to include this

And last but not least the very famed natural hair questions asked!

Don’t forget today is #FierceFriday either! Post up your natural hair pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag them with #SCFierceFriday! You might get featured on the next FierceFriday segment for the blog!

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