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Name 3 Reasons You Went Natural – Natural Hair

natural hair care


I asked my fans on my Facebook page to name 3 reasons they decided to go natural. The response was great! So i decided why not list there answers here?


Blu Williams Initial reason was just to try something new. The after thoughts were that it saved money and my daughter sees that mommy looks like her.

Terri Campbell 1. After going back and forth between being natural and processing my hair…I loved the natural me more. 2. A part of my journey to a healthier me…(physical, spiritual etc.) 3. I enjoy learning about me, my hair and what it loves.

Nimanee Harris 1. for versatility, 2. thicker and healthier hair, and 3. hair free of chemicals and toxins

Ardyss of Emma’s Place It’s what God gave me & if it’s good enough for God it’s good enough for me. I like the way I naturally look without having to imitate someone else. It’s versatile & easy to maintain.

Tiffanie Pena Harrison Only way it grew,other wise it kept breaking off

Vanessa Irene 1) for the health of my hair 2) to minimize the regular expense of getting my hair done 3) I missed the versatility of my natural hair (this is my 2nd go round, this time on my own terms (3rd go round if you count from birth lol)) And people ask me all the time if I watched the documentary Good Hair… I honestly have yet to see it. I want to, but it was not a factor in my decision to go natural

Erica Floyd Initially it was to start over and grow my hair healthy, but now because I love the versatility and freedom of wearing my big hair…

Ashanti Harmony Pryor Got tired of getting chemical relaxers, Wanted to see what my hair would look like in its natural state, I wanted thick healthy hair

Atia Duvers 1) Free of Chemicals 2) Natural beauty 3) Save money

Carmella Little John Healthy hair, possible locs and wash n go convenience

Rebecca Hawthorne Versatility, MY NATURAL BEAUTY, My FREEDOM!!! LOL…Sorry, I Love my hair!

Riyoshi EarringsbyRashanta Rabb 1)relaxer was thinning and breaking my hair off, 2) tired of my scalp being burned to a crisp 3) wanted to start all over with just my own hair to see how thick it would grow back

Kasten L. Metoxen I wore my hair in a low cut fade for 7 years. I’m still trying to figure out why I decided to grow it out. I have been growing my hair for 2.5 years. I will be going back to the low cut in a little bit.

So you guys can feel free to join in! Comment below and name 3 reasons you went natural!

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  1. Shakia Booth via Facebook says:

    1. Tired of all the chemicals in relaxers 2. Healthier hair 3. Just went back to the way I was born, AU NATURALE, LOL

  2. Whitney Mickens via Facebook says:

    …Tired of everything dealing with relaxers ( the “preparing”, the burns, EVERYTHING)
    …I was having trouble with my relaxed hair & was frustrated
    …And I wanted to be capable of “completely” doing my own hair

    I love my hair now and all the benefits of being natural 🙂

  3. Angela Georgette Christopher via Facebook says:

    I only have one. I have seborrheic dermatitis & relaxer would eat my scalp alive!

  4. Amionne Jean via Facebook says:

    1. To be reacquainted with my natural texture and thus coming to love ALL of me the way that it was made, 2. To have strong, healthy, and LONG hair for once in my life 3. To inspire little black girls to love themselves as well, no matter what their texture is.

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