My Stash: Curls By Sister Smith’s Wet Set Pudding

Curls By Sister Smith’s Wet Set Pudding

Price: $6.50 – 8 oz

Ingredients :glycerin, aloe vera, olive oil


Should you use this for a wash and go? No not at all but a with a set it comes in handy. What intially attracted me to trying it was the price. It was cheaper than Kinky Curly Custard and at the time i wasn’t willing to pay for the KCC.

I used it on my twist outs and my braid outs and my hair came out nice but it worked even better in my little sister’s hair and my cousin’s hair. My sister is a 4b and my cousin is a 3c.

Would I buy it again?

Not for myself I wouldn’t but i would definetly buy it to use in a child’s hair.


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