Mini Tutorial: Soft Beachy Waves

If you have been following me all this time, you know that i am just not a big fan of straight hair. I have nothing against those who wear it, it’s just not for me. I get bored with it so easily its ridiculous -___-

This is how my hair looked one i first flat ironed it


I just cannot be in a committed relationship with one hairstyle. So in my unfaithful fashion, I moisturized and sealed my hair and did some quick bantu knots on it to add some texture.

I left them in overnight and i didnt take me long at all to set it.

It took maybe 20 mins at the most. Why can’t my hair ever come out like this when its in its textured state -___-


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  1. Thank you : ) I am going to try this hairstyle

  2. Ni'Chole Moody says:

    I always wonder what I would do with my hair once I decided to flat iron again… (not anytime soon) this is great.. last time I did bantu knots I was still transitioning and was traveling at the time. New folks made me feel a little insecure about it because they didn’t know what it was so I didnt take them down correctly. They were all Frizzy and “Nesty” looking. Will try again after seeing your hair. I too can’t stand straight hair. For the same exact reasons too. Lol Loved your Hair Lady.. Great Job!!1

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