MAXImizing: Wearing Maxi Dresses/Skirts

Maxi dresses/skirts are basically sundresses with just a tad bit more material. You still get the lightweight fabrics. They are very easy to just throw on. However, if the wind blows you dont have to worry about giving everyone a peek-a-boo! Lol

I wore a maxi dress to the French Quarter Fest recently and I felt so comfortable and cool despite the somewhat warm weather. I noticed many other women out there went the maxi route as well. I saw maxi dresses/skirts in different colors, prints & accessorized in many different ways. I even saw a classmate wearing one to class a few days later; which she paired with pearl jewelry.

(My Maxi Dress Look)
(Brittany's (@bbeverly04) Maxi Look)

Some people say only tall women can wear maxis. Others believe only short women can pull them off. My opinion? Anybody can wear them as long as they fall in the right place and look good on you!

Here are some examples of ways you can throw together an easy, fun, warm weather appropriate maxi dress/skirt look:

I found a couple great maxis for less than $50:


Both are available here!


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  1. Just bought my first Maxi’s and I love them. So comfy.

  2. In the second look group, where is the orange maxi & print hat from? I’m in love!

    1. courtneytheblogger says:

      the maxi is from topshop and the hat is called “cheers” and its available at Aldo!

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