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Learn How One Blogger Makes $6000 A Month From Her Blog!

make money blogging

I made the decision to start blogging not because I was looking for a payday but because I genuinely wanted to help people. As time progressed, I realized that the vast majority of my time was being dedicated to my blog, talking to people via social media, and answering hair questions. At that point I realized that I really needed to start make this a living instead of a hobby. While working on it Instagram help me a lot to share my content. As my followers on Instagram were getting increased my blogs were getting more visitors. I was able to increased my instagram followers through the strategy that you can check here .

It took me about 5 years before I finally realized this and once I did, it took me even less time to search for the solution. I had one-off opportunities for brands, sponsored posts, and even hosted events but it was never anything solid. My problem? I wasn’t investing in myself and my education.

I don’t come from a place where people pay to learn something that “they can do themselves”. I was so used to “figuring it out” not realizing that “figuring it out” would take way longer than paying someone for their knowledge to help me move along my desired path. Geocoding is the process of looking for associated geographic coordinates – usually expressed as latitude and longitude – from contact information such as street addresses and zip or postal codes. Geographic coordinates can be embedded into media like digital photos through geotagging, or done by mapping and entering the features into geographic information systems (GIS). On the other hand, Reverse Geocoding API is looking for a textual, contact location (such as a street address) from geographical coordinates. Geocoding can be done simply through address interpolation, which uses data from a street GIS where the street network is already inputted within the geographic coordinate space. Attributed in each street segment are address ranges, such as house numbers from one segment to another. Here is what geocoding does: (1) It takes an address, (2) matches it to a street and particular segment (e.g. a block), and (3) interpolates the address position.

Knowledge is valuable right? It’s how you know how to manage money, it’s how you help your kids move along in life, how you are able to sustain a household, a job, or anything you do. Why not pay for this incredibly valuable resource?

Enter Brandy Riley..

Brandy Riley is the owner of the blog Mama Knows It All and the former Sr. Manager of Community Relations for a large blogger network where she placed thousands of bloggers in paid campaigns every day.” She has been blogging less time than I have! Yet some kind of way she managed to make $6000 off of her blog last month!

See the thing is, when I first started blogging, it was some kind of shrouded mystery as to how bloggers were making a real income from their blog. It wasn’t just out their for public knowledge. This has changed drastically.

I knew Brandi had to have spent time investing in the field which is why she was able to create such a great income in such a short amount of time. She held a class on how she did it and I jumped on it. I have to say meeting her has been such an eye opener for me.

Yes, I can build a community and help people but time is money and wherever I spend my time should be where my money is coming from. Don’t get me wrong! This in no way takes away from the joy of helping people out but Brandi helped me realize that I should be making this a full-time thing.

As scared as I was to post my blog income report from March, I have to say after doing it I felt really liberated and she was definitely part of the reason it happened.

She holds a webinar called “Blog Money Confidential” and it’s available for all who would like to learn how to start generating an income from their blog to ease your way out of  of the 9 to 5 rat race and make your blog profitable.

Here are a few things she covers in the webinar

– Her income statement

– Step-by-step plans that show you how each opportunity came to be

– Answering any questions you may have about blogging.

Brandi speaks on why she started here blog, blog money confidential, and some information about all of it below

“When I made the decision to start this blog over 4 years ago, I had no idea that there’d come a time when I’d be able to rely on it as a consistent source of income for my family. It was profitable about 6 months in when I made my first $35 on a campaign. Back then, my site was hosted on Blogger for free, and I had only spent $9.99 for my domain name, so my net income was about $25. Not bad for someone who didn’t even know that folks could make money blogging!

Over the years, the opportunities for me to earn revenue from blogging have increased. From sponsored posts to ambassadorship and affiliate income, I’m doing it all. The funny thing is, I’ve made money in some ways over the last few months that I didn’t even know were options! I’d heard about other bloggers doing it, earning full-time salaries from their blogs, but I never really understood how that was possible. Even after attending dozens of conferences, and going to workshops where folks were supposedly going to share their insights on how to make money blogging, I always left with more questions than I came in with.

Maybe it’s fear of competition, or the fact that it’s considered kind of taboo to discuss money, but I’ve noticed that many people have mastered the art of speaking in abstract terms about how they made their money. You want to know what I believe, though?

  • The internet is a big place, and there’s plenty of money to be made by everyone.
  • If an opportunity is truly for me, it doesn’t matter if I tell you about it and give you a shot at it as well.
  • Unless you are willing to be truthful and transparent about your business, you shouldn’t be teaching about how to succeed in your business.

Introducing Blog Money Confidential

blog money confidential
It’s those beliefs that led me to create a workshop for anyone that wants to make money from their blog. Here’s what’s different about what I’m doing; Blog Money Confidential (BMC) isn’t about you, it’s about me. In October 2014, I earned over $6000 in income and products from Mama Knows It All. In the Blog Money Confidential webinar, I go through my income statement, step-by-step, to show you how each opportunity came to fruition. I’m telling it all! By the end, you’ll be able to understand how people actually make money on their sites, and leave ready to create your own plan for earning income based on specifics rather than hypothetical, abstract advice. This webinar will give you a total insight into how some Bloggers are making money from their blogs, and specifically (no, really, specifically) show you how I made over $6000 this month on Mama Knows It All.” 

The webinar is has ended but you can still purchase the replay!

Start investing in yourself and your blog! The webinar is $50. If you have any questions about the webinar leave it in the comments section or email me at

Purchase the replay! 

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