Kim Coles Wants All You Naturals To "Whip Your Hair" with her

Via Natural Hair Review

Today, Kim Coles posted a request for videos of pictures of you and your natural hair. Read below for more information.

Kim Coles writes:

It’s soooo exciting to have gotten an overwhelming response to my new DO! I can’t keep up on Twitter. Add to that, my friends @stilettochyck and @jasminepowers suggested that not only do I make a video to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” but they decided to encourage me to have YOU whip YOUR hair.

In celebration of my fab new natural hair, I would like you to showcase yours. Please send videos and pictures of you representing #teamnatural to Tell alllll your friends with #naturalhair to submit their vids/pics so they can bask in the awesome hair glory!

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