It Happened To Me: " A Stylist Added Relaxer To My Conditioning Treatment "

I posted my previous blog post, Stylists are perming your hair, and you don’t even know it! , on my Facebook fan page for StrawberriCurls. One of my readers commented by saying the very thing that I was warning my readers about, had already happened to her and she agreed to share her story with us:

Late April of 2007 I was in IL house hunting. I was at this time natural, as in I didn’t have a relaxer, but I was in no way as knowledgeable about my hair as I am now.I had an appointment at a local Egyptian salon that was before a meeting I had for my new job. They had told me that I would absolutely be able to be seen on time.. but after an hour of waiting, I had to leave or be late for my work appointment.

I still had some time and a friend I knew in the area recommended an AA salon nearby. The person assured me I could be seen right away and that my hair not being relaxed wouldn’t be a problem. My hair was straighter than my regular texture because I used to straighten my hair all the time and I had a week old blow dry/flat iron when I went into the salon. Once washed, the shampoo girl and my stylist for the day went away from me and started whispering.. I supposed I should’ve worried but I’m not the paranoid type. After the whisper session, the stylist came over and asked what I wanted done… just a wash and blow dry is what I told her.

This should involve them washing my hair, conditioning it, blow drying it and then flat ironing it. I had it done hundred of times before without an issue. She said okay and offered to do a deep condition treatment for me as it would help protect my hair.. her words. I agreed as long as it didn’t take too long and she promised it wouldn’t. To the back of the salon she goes to mix up a deep condition treatment.. I didn’t find this abnormal. I often mix things together to use as a DT myself. She started to apply to my hair and it smelled weird, I asked her about it and she said it’s one of the ingredients for Ph balance.

See Also:”Girl My Hair Ain’t Like Yours, You Got That Good Hair”

Ummm.. okay. About ten minutes in it started to burn which I found weird but she assured me it was just “tingling” and it was good for my scalp… another 3 minutes and I told her to rinse me because I was having some sort of allergic reaction or something (I have pretty sensitive skin so this was possible). She rinsed me out and moved me to the chair. My hair was noticeably straighter as my hair wet without product is very curly and big and poofy, lol. This time my curls hang straight-ish which wasn’t normal. She assured me that it was temporary from the heavy conditioner.. “Okay…” I said She did my hair as normal and 2 days later the breakage started. Panicked, I went to wash my hair and again the curls just weren’t there… I had major heat damage. After several deep treatments, co-washes, etc.. my hair never returned to its normal state and continued to break off.

I returned back to Michigan (where I was staying) and had my hair braided hoping that would help. When I finally moved to Illinois (about 3 weeks later) I was ready to take my braids out, upon doing so my hair was just coming out in huge chunks even though I was being gentle. I went back to the salon and pitched a fit demanding to talk to someone in charge. (Yeah, it may seem a bit crazy for hair.. but we know how important hair is to us, right?) When I finally spoke to the manager, she also feigned ignorance. I threatened police action, threatened to sue and eventually someone gave up the information I needed.

She told me that with “nappy” hair, they sometimes add a bit of relaxer to a deep conditioner and apply it. It’s the “kiddie perm” she tells me and most people don’t experience negative results. But it works well because people are happy that their hair is straighter so they continue to come back.

None of these people have healthy hair but that doesn’t matter to the stylists. They liked the ease of dealing with the straightened hair and the return client base who are excited about their “naturally straightened” hair. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do. But Ii realized they were experts in there field of style and makeup. They were right as well as they had done there training course from reputed institution like

I researched natural hair care online, BC’d and never looked back.

I know its hard to believe things like this are happening but this is real. I am applaud that the owner of this particular salon was AWARE of what was going on at this shop and said nothing about it. Luckily, she bounce back from this. If you noticed the stylists said THEY as in the stylists themselves as if it were their hair! Again i ask and warn, please be careful ladies.


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    1. this EXACT same thing happened to me at a dominican salon in my area. although i BC’d my hair STILL hasnt bounced back and its been almost a year. be mindful of who you let touch your natural hair ladies!

  1. *SMH* I would have taken them to small claims court just to teach them a lesson. That’s devastating and traumatic! How dare they make a decison like that!

    1. Right! Somebody would’ve gotten sued! smh

      1. This is horrible, This hair stylist should be sued or at least be taught a lesson so this not happens again with anyone

    2. I agree I would have taken them to small claims as well and make sure you let them the natural’s know where not to go. That’s some Bull$hit!! 🙁

  2. Amazing self-control. No stylists were assaulted.

    1. Agreed Sheri. Somebody woulda got hurt. And if it wasn’t physically, best believe, like mizzezmellymel said, court woulda seen me!

    2. LOL…I heard that. Or at least a few choice cuss words! Small claims court would definitely be the way to go, especially when there was hair loss!

  3. Sad, sad, sad! Why can’t the stylist just improve their skills, than be lazy!

  4. Please go back and sue, please tell me that you are going to sue. This is ridiculous. I’ve heard of stories like this, and the more that people who have been taken advantage do something about it, then these so call “professional” salon will no practice such an activity.

  5. I would’ve been flipping things over and acting a fool up in there. WTF?!

  6. Well, I would never risk going to jail for fist fighting…..however I agree with the majority. That salon would have been hearing from a small claims lawyer and it would have been taken to court for sure. They had NO right to make that decision, and with all the whispering being done behind the clients back. They knew what the were doing, and it was being done in secret. She clearly lied to the client, even when she said the so called “conditoner” was burning. I feel bad for any natural who has had to endure such an unfortunate experience. I agree with sbc, please be careful out there in those hair salons!

  7. *sigh* We all make mistakes and the stylists were wrong for putting a chemical in YOUR hair without permission BUT, how it couldn’t have been me.

    What’s that smell?
    What ya’ll whispering about?
    Why is my scalp burning?
    What you mixing up?

    Too many questions to still be sitting in the salon chair….smh.

    No offense but, it’s almost like reading something written by a child. “I didn’t know mama, I just sat there.” I mean…I’m SMH at the salon and the author of this story.

  8. Genius0218 says:

    This is why I don’t mess with salons any more. Naturals, take care of your own hair but if you can’t for some strange, lazy reason, then bring your products with you and insist they use those.

    1. Amen! I stop going to salons for over a year now…I love doing my own hair. I also get compliments on it from time to time 🙂

    2. “Lazy”? OR could it be a busy schedule, little to no skills in proper maintenance Or just simply the desire to obtain better results from an experienced professional natural hair stylist; especially for Event/Special occasion?

      Everyone is not good at doing their own hair no matter how many YT Videos they watch or how hard they try.

  9. LAWSUIT LAWSUIT !!! And I’d ‘ve made them pay thru the nose for any future visits to the dermatologist if I had scalp damage. Another reason wny all naturals who go to salons ought to ansk them point blank if they use any hair altering chemicals

  10. deekaramel says:

    I recently went natural and the woman that I go to was really understanding for the first 3 months of me going to her. At one appointment she said ‘Don’t you want to get a relaxer? You’re hair isn’t going to stay straight in this heat’. I was like ummh, no. I have been working towards being natural for a year and half, so a lil’ heat isn’t going to bother me. If she would think of sneaking some relaxer in the conditioner, I would sue. Alot of hair dresser just get lazy and want to take the easy way out. I am paying you for a wash and press–not a wash, condition, relaxer, and flat iron. You can’t trust anyone!!!

  11. This was done without the knowledge of the client. I would be all up in someone’s small claims court. Transitioning is difficult and it takes a lot of time to go natural! I am dumbfounded at the thought of this!

  12. I would have been hot as fish grease. If not sue, then definitely file a complaint with the board through which they are licensed. But on a different note. I absolutely love the Egyptian Shops in Chicago especially Mena’s. I am always “butter” when I walk out of there.

  13. That’s vile.

    Disrespecting someone’s ability to make choices about their own body is not ok. The concept of consent is quite serious, and more people need to understand that.

  14. I swear this happened to me this past winter…I get my hair pressed in the winter and I wear my curls in the summer…this summer when I washed my hair my normal cork screw pattern has changed…my hair looks like it did when I was a teenager and I had a perm and when I washed it, my hair would wave up not curl….next year I will switch salons because I don’t trust the other shop any more…

    1. sometimes with pressing the curl pattern will change temporarily. If you have straight ends though that will be a dead giveaway.

      1. unfortunately, heat damage from pressing, flat ironing or even blow drying can permanently change/ruin your curl pattern. sometimes, all it takes is one time and your hair is not the same.

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  15. This just happened to me as well! It’s just hair and it will grow back but my healthy, natural hair is now damaged! I really like the salon but I know now to take my own products whenever I go to a salon. The first time they didn’t do anything. The second time I trusted them to shampoo and DT and they slipped something in on me. I also normally go in after doing my own wash and detangle for them to blow out. I know to stick with that. No more special deep conditioning treatment for me from the Dominicans.

    1. I’d also like to add that these folks seem to think that naturals are exclusively by choice. I had to go natural because I developed a sensitivity to the chemicals. Sure enough the way I knew I had been defiled was my scalp was irritated, my hair broke off, and I had straight ends once I washed it myself. I kept smelling something but thought it was the product or the heat process. Had I not done my own hair I probably would have never known what they did. I’ve never suffered so much damage.

  16. SMH, it’s like hair molestation. They knowingly did something to your hair without your permission and without asking you.

    1. MyraWilson says:

      That is what I say. But it happened to me before as well. I had a stylist to tell me that she liked my hair better when it was straight. She was a close friend so I allowed her to blow it out. I asked for no straighteners please. She went ahead and put something to straighten my hair anyway. I asked her what is that it smells like a chemical? She assured me that it is a new temporary product to assist in the blow out. After I was done with the hair style I was trying to get back to my beautiful springy shiny tresses and it would not happen. I was depressed over my hair and never allowed her to do my hair again. I was forced into dread- locks. The most beautiful that I have seen. Nevertheless, I would have preferred to keep my tresses loose but because of the damage I had to lock my hair to prevent breakage.

  17. This happened to a co-worker of mine. She went to a popular “natural” hair salon in NYC and to make a long story short- the stylist put a “silkener” in her hair which turned her beautiful, huge, puffy fro into a limp, broken off dull mess. She had to chop her hair off and start all over again.

  18. I happened to me as well. It was a salon in Brooklyn on Glenview avenue between 86th and 87th street (I believe) and it was in a little white house-looking salon.

    Of course I thought it was heat damage as well, but then my friend Sharon told me that she heard of this thing happening to people because of jealousy on the part of the stylist.
    I can believe that because one shouldn’t trust a non-natural person to do natural hair when their attitude towards their own natural hair is that they need to attack it with chemicals etc in order to do anything with it.

    Further I feel it was my own stupid fault as the woman was short like me with a ridiculous weave down her buttocks and receeding at the crown with the freshly permed strands on top pulled ever so taut. A stylist with shame on her head.

    My real beef with all of this is the blatency and hidden adjenda. The fact that they know they aren’t competent enough to do natural hair and they insist that they can.

    More than that, I’m upset that even though I told her how I needed it to be handled (I brought my own wide-toothed comb, told her how it should be combed-tip to root and back which she should’ve already known and I even helped by braiding my hair while waiting hours to be seen with a wet mess sitting on top of my head–now that’s far and beyond when you’re paying) and she kept insisting that the hot comb get hotter and hotter (though I complained about the heat).

    I didn’t realize what happened until it was too late. Washing and conditioning etc and no revert to natural beautiful curls. I did a far better job pressing my own hair but had to be fly by getting my hair done at a shop every week.

    It took 3 years to get the hair fungus and damage to leave my head and I still have yet to see the same kind of length as before.

    Sorry for the long post but as you can see I feel for you girl.

  19. SankofaScholar says:

    OMG NOOO!!
    While reading this story I just envisioned myself raising hell ,going crazy and kicking somebodies behind in that salon. AMAZING self control. Whew. wow.

  20. Petronella says:

    This is outrageous. I would definitely find out if there was some type of complaint that I could make through their state licensing board. I would also start my own private campaign warning others of their non-professionalism. I rarely go to salons these days. When I do, I make sure that I go to someone who specializes in natural hair texture. While my former beautician was not natural, she was always able to do my comb coils for me, and did my original big chop without trying to coax me out of it.

    1. This is horrible! There is enough information on the FDA cosmetic website to make the argument that the relaxers are caustic chemicals. If someone threw some type of caustic acid on you, that would be considered assault and battery, which is a criminal offense (not a civil offense). Quite frankly, I don’t see any difference between what is happening in these salons and an straight forward assault and battery. Their actions led to chemical burns (the hair isn’t the point here ’cause that would just be civil court stuff). Again, if someone knowingly put caustic chemicals on my skin, without my knowledge, and that led to a chemical burn injury, I’d push my local prosecutor to file criminal charges. Then after they were found guilty of ‘assault and battery leading to great bodily harm,” I’d take them to civil court for financial damages.

  21. Some ppl don’t know how to care for their hair, doesn’t mean they’re lazy. Everyone isn’t knowledgeable in that area, or perhaps haven’t the time to do an natural hair cair regime. It’s easy for some to say, “Wouldn’t have been me” or “Smh @ this or that”. Never say never, & just learn from her story. That is ALL!!!

  22. make your hair grow faster says:

    Normally I do not read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to take a look at and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice article.

  23. AMAZING self control…I have a scalp issue known as seborrhea dermatitis and if chemicals are placed on my head again, I will suffer great burning and permanent hair loss. all it will take for me is ONE relaxer and I am done…i have NO clue how I would handle that, but I tell you, that salon would be out of business, PERMANENTLY!!

  24. The same thing happened to me twice. First time it was a so called professional and friend who came to my home ONLY to trim & shape my hair. After the trim, she insisted that I allow her to give me a straight style with ONLY HEAT and “a little of this conditioning cream” . She said it was “like” a moisturizer and put this stuffon my hair and HOT CURLED IT. I thought i smelled that funky egg smell but of course she denied it. 2nd time, I allowed someone to stay in my home, when asked to leave, she added something to my shampoo in the bathroom and I noticed something different right away but did not reall realize what the problem was until after about 4 or 5 weekly shampoos. Each time my hair became more limp, brittle and nothing that I love about my natural hair. I ultimately had to cut it out and start over. After a few cuts, it was finnally gone. Today, it is as thick, full and curly as before thank God!

  25. Miss Understood says:

    OMG!!! This is scarey and infuriating. I swear, if that were me, that whole place would have been turned upside down…literally. It really makes me mad how stylists take it upon themselves to do whatever they think is best for you WITHOUT discussing it with you first, then have the nerve to get an attitude when you question them. Ummm, hello…not only is it my hair, but it’s also my money. No one has the right to do anything to you or your hair without discussing it with you first and if you ask them anything and they get an attitude…walk out. I hope she sued them or at least tried.

  26. Katherine G says:

    That it is assault. They were wrong on so many levels. I would’ve sued their socks off.

  27. You still can complain with the beauticain board. Also you can still take them to Surpreme Court. That is illegal. Things done in deception and secrete are a violation of your rights and body. That is not to be tollerated!! They should never be allowed to touch anyones hair!!

  28. Great informative post, I just wished I would have read it last year, before I trusted someone to use the Egyptian hair straightening “blow drying” technique on my daughter’s hair.It basically damaged her natural curly hair. My mom-inlaw later told me that some stylists Dominican’s in particular have been mixing relaxer w/conditioner. I would have never suspected that anyone who do that especially without telling the customer. I’m suprised that these salons still have their licenses.

  29. I think I would be too able to think of the legal route. I may be immature, but I’d be ready to kick the behind of every stylist in that shop lol

  30. PureShine says:

    I was just speaking with a friend of mine the other day and we both had a nightmare that we woke up with a perm.

    I don’t know how I would have reacted but I commend your self control.

  31. Nunia Biznisse says:

    Hell yeah, and I’ve also heard of people putting LAUNDRY DETERGENT in people’s hair if it was natural, nappy, kinky, whichever word you like. LAUNDRY DETERGENT INSTEAD OF SHAMPOO and women wonder why their hair gets so damaged! When I was a kid and I didn’t know any better, I used to get perms every six weeks or so at this one place in my hometown. Different perm every visit. And they talk about you and cuss you in a different language while they do it, too. And this goes across cultures as well, I experienced people trying to charge me too much because they thought my hair was longer than it was, and it’s just by virtue of the fact that I spoke Spanish that they didn’t get away with it. Be careful who you let do your hair. No matter who it is, or where they are from, there are a lot of people out there who do not know how to take care of their hair and do not care do do right by you, or will give you what THEY want instead of what YOU want. And be vigilant too, because there’s usually either talking in another language, talking in another room, or whispering out of earshot just before some NEXT stuff goes down.

  32. This happened to my 12 year old daughter! She never had chemicals in her hair before! Her hair broke off so bad we had to BC! It was devastating! I confronted the stylist they denied everything! I could’ve gone to jail that day if I were not pregnant! Still pissed about it!

  33. Nunia Biznisse says:

    Also, this goes for weaves as well. I remember paying an exorbitant amount of money (like $250) for this weave that this lady does really really well. Well, one time I went and she had another girl do my hair. First off, the girl that was in my chair before me left, and they badmouthed her behind her back the second she left about how she had paid with a check and how tacky that was. After that, they went the extra mile and called her and told her off because she left some things in the bathroom. Maybe they knew her, maybe they didn’t, but that was super unprofessional. Then, after this other girl does my hair, I specifically told her I wanted a full head because my hair was natural. She tried to convince me to get a perm so she could leave the top open, and then finally just pressed my hair on top. Needless to say, it was poofy within two minutes of leaving and I had to go back and have her fix it. I have NOT BEEN BACK! It was a rip off to begin with, especially with that kind of service!

  34. these stories are endless. my experience was 4 years ago; had been natural for years & wanted a temporary change…press & curl. the sister asked if she could deep condition me with her ‘special mixture’ of natural oils & such…i welcomed it. came away after a blow-dry & flat iron with hair like fresh spun silk. couple of weeks later, my freshly washed, 4 a/b hair, was still stretched out like that of a medium heat blow dry….not a 4b curl in sight….this was so not my normal, fresh-washed, extremely nappy, tight & shrunken hair. PISSED! i confronted the stylist and she finally fessed-up that she didn’t put any relaxer chems in my hair but ‘keratin.’ i demanded a sample & for her to put that in writing or i was going to call the police, press charges & sue. long story short, i didn’t do any of that after doing some reading & not suffering any extreme damage. saw her a few years later…she had no shop & no license..she apologized again. guess she must’ve eventually ‘conditioned’ the wrong head.

  35. @iamtherealtaj says:

    this happened to me also I’m in georgia and I have natural. went to Dominicains and when I washed hair mt texture wasn’t the same they put perm in my hair called it a deep conditioner. now my hair texture changed and it’s breaking.

  36. afronista says:

    omg. i am in tears for you that someone so ignorant would make such a irrational decision because of their ignorance. i would report them to the better business bureau, have their licenses revoked, and sue them for damaging your hair

  37. I would still be kicking someone/everyone’s ass for doing that to me!!”


    1. Hopefully this girl isn’t your friend anymore!

    2. Rose Blaque says:

      Yes, my aunt and I went to the same salon (2 different hair textures), and a males stylist named Mychel did our hair. At my prom as I was dancing it was a strange smell coming from my hair and when I washed it, it was flat to my scalp. I was pissed! My aunt confronted him and he swore he put nothing in it. Even though admittedly it was something his washer put in our hair..That was the last time I was caught in Torrance,CA getting my hair ruined!

  39. Poor thing! I would have sued that salon! Ladies please learn your hair and care for your own hair or find a natural hair shop that knows about natural hair… Wow!!

  40. That’s crazy, if you can’t manage hair without a perm, than that person needs to find a new career. I’ve been perm free for the last seven years and I couldn’t be happier. If someone tried to put a perm in my hair without my knowledge there would have been a problem. No conditioner should have that strong chemical smell. I hope your hair gets back to normal.

    1. staceycakes says:

      After reading this, I am completely convinced the same thing happened to me. In my ignorance, they, too told me about a deep conditioner that smelled a bit strange but not like any “perm” I was familiar with. Besides the shampoo was so fragrant and lovely I just forgot about the other treatment just moments before. I also requested color so that was mixed out of sight and applied. After the blow-dry and style my hair was the most straight it had ever been & so silky…I was elated. It was days…maybe even a couple of weeks in & out of humid weather conditions (including RAIN) when I noticed my hair refusing to revert at all. Panicked, I washed, conditioned, and attempted to rejuvenate my now stringy partially wavy tangled limp hair. My initial thought was heat damage. Either way, BC was the only solution for me. Could not stand the vastly different textures that responded completely different to the same product/technique. What has grown out (even now) is very different (almost as if still somehow damaged). This would be highly likely if my damage was chemical (reaching just below the scalp’s surface) rather than heat damage (that should have grown out after BC). Never again!

  41. I always bring all of my products that I need…..from the shampoo, conditioner to the leave-in conditioner. None of the salon products go into my hair. I still pay the same cost but at least the products that I want in my hair are been used and there are no issues.

  42. Username* says:

    Two words LEGAL ACTION,this could have been worse what if you were allergic to perm?? you need to bring them to court no joke

  43. monolces1 says:

    All sisters-of-color should change their style to dreadlocks…completely natural, no more beauty shop bs and costs…no “lockticians” necessary. Dreads are a beautiful style, uniquely suited to our beautiful natural kinky hair. All you need is to twist, shampoo and condition with your natural shampoos…a little moisturizer – cocoanut oil, or your favorite moisturizer if you choose. If a significant number of us made the change it would rock the “beauty” world. I’ve had dreads for 30-plus years and I love them. Other folks think they are beautiful and frequently admire them and tell me so. AND they are FREE…FREELY OUR BEAUTY. I consider my dreads an external expression of my inner energy. My dreads have their own energy as well and I listen to perceive what is best for my hair. YOU know what you need – what is best for you…It is my hope that we sisters can go %100 natural and put the so called “black beauty industry” out of a job. Ashe, Aho, Peace.

    1. KeshaJanaan says:

      I wish I could have locks. My sister has had them for years and I think they are beautiful; however, I cannot have them because I’m in the military and they are against regulation. So I must come up with other natural styles. I do agree that stylists are ignorant. I have had black stylists lecture me and tell me my hair was unhelthy because it was natural (this was while they were wearing a weave or trying to cover bald spots or recieding edges from perms). I have noticed that “high end” or chain salons that usually only do straight hair follow instructions very well; so if you want a blow out or a stylist to trim your ends I would try going to one of those salons. I’ve yet to have a perm sneaked on to my head; or have any one of the stylists recommend a perm or lecture me after I tell them I want to keep my hair natural.

  44. Gcampbell says:

    Once your natural you should go to a natural stylist if your not doing it yourself regular beauticians have no idea what to do. I love my natural hair, don’t think I would ever do dreads though not enough versatility for me, I like to wear it out sometimes. 🙂

  45. CurlyhairPequot says:

    I am appalled! That is disgusting and that is why I avoid hair salons and stick to doing my multi-racial tresses myself. I’ve experienced hair stylists who are too quick to apply a texturiser to my 3 type curls…I’ve given in only to endure limp weak curls and breakage. I’m just floored that stylists do this…Wow

  46. That was a very unfortunate and horrible experience that makes good cosmetologists like myself seem like we can’t be trusted. And it really puts a bad taste in peoples mouths when it comes to going to the salon. Sad to say, I do not go to the salon because of horror stories such as this. I’m a stylist who promotes healthy hair and hair growth, but every stylist isn’t like that.

  47. WOW!!!! The nerve…the audacity…to be SNEAKY and LIE to make your job easy. Burning = tingling WHAT! BAD SMELL = pH balance ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! I’m a stylist and I make sure all my clients know what I’m putting in their hair. I always ask first before I proceed. I’m sure the breakage was a result of not neutralizing the hair after the so call “deep conditioning treatment”. The pH in her hair was never brought back down. Sorry you had to go through this. I advice people when going to a hair salon ALWAYS ALWAYS ask lots of questions and ask what products they use and are using on your head.

  48. tamartaya1 says:

    This is disgusting if you go anywhere else in America they would have sued. But let that happen to me!
    As long as ignorance is our excuse we will always have stories like this to tell. Stop the madness.

    1. This happened to me AND NOT IN A SALON ! But by a jealous imbecile, i already had straight hair to my waist and very healthy i used mo type of heat on my hair i took care of my own hair & did a very good job. The degenerate who violated me is at fault dont ever put blame on a victim.
      Ladys you were violated i believe was intentional knowing the ramifications of sending you home with a hair conditioner with lye in it. What miserable worthless fuks having to destroy others onstead of putting in the effort to better themselves that is lazy & ignorant.

  49. LikeNewWine says:

    So with you tamartaya1. We as African-Americans have always allowed injustice against us as if we don’t believe we have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, not to mention according to the law. It seems as though we will allow all kinds injustices and what I will consider

  50. LikeNewWine says:

    So with you tamartaya1. We as African-Americans have always allowed injustice against us as if we don’t believe we have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, not to mention according to the law. It seems as though we will allow all kinds brutality and what I will consider not only assault and battery but literally an emotional rape because it appears it is being done maliciously and like one sister said, in secret. I have been natural 8mths and when I could no longer handle the transition I big chopped myself. My beautician, as knowledgable as she is with relaxed hair, she does not know anything about natural hair. Of course “all” beauticians are not like this, but these stories have helped me decide I will take care of my own hair from now own. I feel for you ladies, but maybe you will help it not happen to someone else if you make sure these wolves in sheeps clothing receive consequences for their actions.

  51. naturallight says:

    Wow. The moral of the story seems to be: stay away from the Dominicans and do your own hair. It also seems like another part of this is to pay close attention to what someone is doing to your head. If it smells funny then we know it is not natural because natural products smell great.

    1. ThePeoplesVoice777 says:

      Dominicians DO NOT WANT to do natural hair. They want a quick client turnover and they do not want to spend the time it will take to do Natural hair properly.

      1. Deena Jones says:

        Yes. The Dominican stylists in NY are horrible. The perms I’ve gotten last no longer than two weeks because they refuse to take the time to properly work it in (I have thick course, porous hair). Moreover, the conditioners being used in these salons are suspect as are the perms(mixed out of sight in a back room and brought out in a little cup). Regulation of beauty salons is needed to curtail these fraudulent, damaging practices.


  53. I’ve had this happen to me… My hair came out slowly and break off really bad. I decided to go ever more natural and do a Afro … Still breakage… Now I have locked my hair and I love it. No breakage and no more salons.

  54. Hi,

    this happened to my daughter (I’m blond blue-eyed, my husband African). We had been taking care of her hair for … 12 years ! until one day she was sleeping over at a friend who’s mother has very curly hair (she’s not Afro-) and used to flat-iron it. Her friend flat-ironed my daughter’s hair, which in itself was okay, since my daughter said “she used a heat-protection spray” after I asked her.
    One week after the sleep over, my daughter is washing her hair and I enter the bathroom. There is this horrible smell like hair remover… I ask her, what did she put on your hair ??? She says it was protection. I say, no, it was something else, it smells like hair remover and I had noticed my sister-in-law used a hair-relaxer that smells exactly like hair remover.

    My daughter’s hair ended up being straightened on the surface, and not inside ! What a mess after a whole life of taking care of her hair ! People don’t know what’s in the products they buy. That product is sold to straight-haired women too, who want smooth straight hair that will stay so and not curl in the rain or humidity.

    We didn’t do anything but protect my daughter hair for two months, no heat, not nothing, and now it seems to be okay. But it took several washings one after the other for the smell to disappear… These products are killers. At of hair… What about of people ?

    And, yes, you were right, it is outrageous to have your hair destroyed when you are trying to take care of it. It takes time to grow.
    In Poland these days, women with very long hair get their hair STOLEN, cut in the street, on the bus, in public places… because it is blond and long and will please some rich girl/women who will pay a high price for it. Hair they have let grow all their lives, like those women in India who offer their hair to their God, not knowing it will end up in a hair factory making big money for other people, to produce “natural hair extensions”… Outrageous.

  55. Katherine Gilbert via Facebook says:

    I remember reading this. i was so angry for you

  56. Shaneil Sha-neel Zecil via Facebook says:

    This is not a surprise to me when my hair was relaxed i notices the ladies always mixing stuff together and that didn’t sit right with me at all so i always brought my own spampoo and conditioner and deep conditioner with me at least i know what was going in my hair but to put relaxer in the conditioner with out telling you you should be able to take some type of legal action no one should be allowed to put chemicals on your body with out your consent what if a bad allergic reaction happened like your neck swelling or face swelling this is so disturbing i don’t even have words for how i would have reacted after finding that out after all the hard work i put in to grow my hair in the first place and to stay healthy from the inside and out wow

  57. Deanna Bocage Pace via Facebook says:

    This is horrible!

  58. Tanja L. May via Facebook says:

    Same thing happened to my then 8 year old daughter. She had beautiful hair…if blown out it reached the middle of her back. I’m in the military and we were new to the area…a particular stylist was recommended and she assured me she would have my daughter in and out in 2 hrs…I didn’t notice at first because apparently she used mousse to give her a wavy style but the next week when I went to wash her hair, I was mad as hell. My daughter’s hair was coming out by the handful and we had to cut several inches. It is believed she applied a texturizer to her hair though she denied it. This happened last summer and my daughters natural wave pattern is back though half of the length of her hair is texturized. I will never allow a stylist to touch her hair ever again

  59. Angela Ira Roth via Facebook says:

    I would cut a b****. And I am a non-violent person who has never been involved in an altercation. This makes me seethe with anger.

  60. I would have had to fight especially because I am one that have never had a perm in my life I would have went crazy and I would have sued

  61. Well My 22 year old daughter she has Beautiful Red Hair and she do everything perm and flat Iron her hair and its also long. Her Name Is Breanna Dequice Merrit go check her pictures out:) p.s When she was little ppl always asked me if I dyed her hair Ummm No she was like 1 at the time crazy ppl.

  62. Teresa Martin via Facebook says:

    See this the kind of mess I am talking about, if you don’t know how to do natural hair just say I don’t know now to work with this type of hair. I would have permed her face, sorry IJS. Lawsuit.

  63. Derica M. Harrison via Facebook says:

    That would be a lawsuit and after I won I would go and kick her a**!

  64. Tracey O'Neal via Facebook says:

    Oh he’ll no. These people need to be sued and you need a reporter to blast them on the news. They should not do clients with natural hair because it sounds like they don’t want to take the time to give it the special attention that natural hair requires.

  65. Jacquelyn S. Claiborne via Facebook says:

    SOMEBODY would have gotten their block knocked off!! All the years, sweat, blood, and tears and then they ruin it OHHHHH noooo!

  66. A lot of these stylists need to go back to beauty school and take some classes in natural hair. In other professions people in that industry do refresher courses to keep up with change and recent developments. Clearly this is not the case with many afro hairstylists (many of whom are not professionally trained in the first place!). From my experience the hairstylists I went to would at least have to blow dry my hair and even press it before they could even think about styling it. They would also insist on using a fine tooth comb which usually resulted in my hair being pulled out.

    I know how to stretch my hair without using heat and I know how to style it. I realized that I was wasting my money because I knew more about natural hair than they did. Many of them don’t have a clue about natural hair, which is ironic considering they have the same hair (without the perm).

  67. A lot of these stylists need to go back to beauty school and take some classes in natural hair. In other professions people in that industry do refresher courses to keep up with change and recent developments. Clearly this is not the case with many afro hairstylists (many of whom are not professionally trained in the first place!). From my experience the hairstylists I went to would at least have to blow dry my hair and even press it before they could even think about styling it. They would also insist on using a fine tooth comb which usually resulted in my hair being pulled out.

    I know how to stretch my hair without using heat and I know how to style it. I realized that I was wasting my money because I knew more about natural hair than they did. Many of them don’t have a clue about natural hair, which is ironic considering they have the same hair (without the perm).

  68. Andrea PraiseDancer Williams via Facebook says:

    Sometimes for “nappy” hair?????!!!!!! Well the reason it’s “nappy” is because you didn’t use creamy crack!!!! This is a shame!!!!

  69. Andrea PraiseDancer Williams via Facebook says:

    Sometimes for “nappy” hair?????!!!!!! Well the reason it’s “nappy” is because you didn’t use creamy crack!!!! This is a shame!!!!

  70. I have heard somethings but this relaxer and condition just top the cake.
    Obsessed With Growing Healthy Long Hair Fast! Hair Obsession supplement is the hair vitamins that will get you back on track when someone else cost the damage.

  71. This is why I will continue to wrestle with my own hair at home. If something happens to it, I don’t want anyone but me to be responsible. There are just no words for how atrocious this is. Anyone who is a victim of this sort of thing is just as bad as the stylist if they don’t take some kind of action. Because then you’re responsible for them being able to do it to another unsuspecting victim. Put these salons on BLAST.

  72. I know if you go to a caucasian salon and they are doing things correctly, if you even get your hair highlighted they make you sign a waiver. Its basically to cover their ass. I would have sued. I think thats a good practice because if anything happens to the client they know what they are getting into. i would have sued!! I’m sorry but those chemicals are not something to mess with. I was natural until I was 15 until I got teached and got a relaxer after beging my mother. When I went to college and took Organic Chemistry and learned what chemicals they add to relaxers I chopped off my hair and I havent looked back.

  73. why didn’t any of you sue? that’s all kinds of claims including pain and suffering, and probably something like battery.

  74. MsCurlyKat says:

    I used to be a stylist, for 10 years, and I too would have turned that salon upside down! So-called stylists like that who do unethical things to their clients without their knowledge and permission are the bane of the cosmetology industry! Even if you put the obvious fact that they straightened her hair without her permission aside, what if she was highly allergic to relaxer and that was the reason she was natural? I knew someone, a fellow student when I was in cosmetology school, who got a little relaxer on her skin by accident; a few hours later after she’d gotten home she started swelling all over! She had to go to the hospital and receive epinephrine; she could have died. It’s only a matter of time before one of the customers at the salon in this article suffers a similar fate. Places like that, with employees who do not practice full disclosure, need to always be reported to their state board of cosmetology.

  75. Im sorry but you all are going to these people and then complaining about them messing up your head : :earn how to take care of your own head and this wont happen. I mean you never know they ones who are caring for it I dont know may not want to deal with it, may not know how or could be jealous and just want to mess your head up because theirs looks a mess. Learn to deal with your own hair.

  76. That’s why I let stylists know from the beginning. “Hey I have a LOT hair and its thick! ”
    some stylist don’t like to deal with long hair.
    That is the opportunity for them to tell me they don’t want to do my hair. Once you take me on you have agreed to tackle this natural mane with me.

    Bottom line I would have beat someones ass bc I cherish and love my hair. How dare her make a decision like that for you!

  77. Nina Mina says:

    1st off this is the most dangerous thing ive ever heard of. By right you’re supposed to do a patch test on a person who’s never had a chemical process. But really what if this girl would have had an extreme reaction. Not to be dramatic but she could’ve been seriously hurt or even died. They had no idea why she wasn’t getting perms. That’s unacceptable. They need to be reported.

  78. It would have been an episode of “Sneaking Relaxer in a Natural’s Hair Sent Me to the ER” I’d put the salon on blast all over social media. Sue. A chemical that is know to cause an allergic reaction was used without your permission. The salon tried to lie about it and then later confessed that they do this often; unbeknownst to clients/former clients.

  79. I would have to murtah that mutha fukkah for doing some shet like that to my head, I will also split the head of the manager open because If I didn’t pay for a perm then don’t give me one. I’m telling you natural women to do your own hair at home a don’t go to the salon!!!

  80. Au d des ann 1990, L’Wren Scott s’installe Los Angeles en tant que styliste. Une campagne de pub pour le parfum White Diamonds d’Elizabeth Taylor assied sa r Elle collabore avec Herb Ritts, puis Karl Lagerfeld. Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker font progressivement appel elle. En 2009, elle habille Madonna pour une s dans W, puis Julia Roberts en 2011, toujours pour le m magazine. Elle signe les costumes d’Ocean’s Thirteen, Eyes Wide Shut et Shine a Light, le documentaire de Martin Scorsese sur les Rolling Stones. En 2012, elle coordonne la r de l’impressionnante garde robe de sc de Mick Jagger pour la tourn 50 Counting du groupe.drone hermes 900 z kawasaki

  81. Anonymous says:

    I’m 14 years old and last week I went to get a simple wash and blow out at a Dominican salon for picture day. I just washed my hair today and I realized it smelled like relaxer that I used to put in my hair when I was younger. My hair is currently semi-straight and flat and has barely any volume. I’m Chilean, Sewdish, and African so my hair is very unique. My strands are thin, but I have a lot of hair and it used to have really pretty curls, but now I don’t know what to do. My mom tried calling the place but they weren’t there. When I was washing it I thought it felt weird so I washed it three more times but nothing happened and it was the same. I even tried to condition it three more times and I added leave in as usual. Nothing. It doesn’t feel like my hair. Four years ago I stopped using relaxer and it took me that long to grow it out properly again and now I’m very distressed and I’m crying. What do I do???

  82. I’m so sorry, honey.

    Now what to do… take the advice of all these beautiful women… and sue!

    it wouldn’t bring back your hair but they would be brought to justice for what they did to you, and to others in the past. And hopefully they won’t be able to hurt anyone else ever again.

    Take heart, love. You still have your whole life to be natural and beautiful.

  83. Mrs. Clark says:

    I too had an allergic reaction to something that was applied to my hair. The stylist apparently applied a relaxer as well as permanent color to my hair and now my hair is so thin all over you can see my scalp. I have asked her several times what did she put into my hair and she said I only washed and applied a rinse. Someone please tell me why the color from this rinse does not rinse out!! It has been over 6 months and my hair is in horrible shape.
    I’m so devastated and feel entirely hopeless. I’m going to see an endocrinologist for the second time to see if he can offer any assistance.
    I need help desperately.

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  86. This is so beautiful.A lot of these stylists need to go back to beauty school and take some classes in natural hair. In other professions people in that industry do refresher courses to keep up with change and recent developments. Thanks for sharing this post.

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