If you can’t afford a steamer…

Do what I did when my hair was much shorter than it is now! Yes, your going to look crazy but it works. The only reason I no longer use this method is because i don’t have a hair steamer.

These pics are Circa 2009

This is what the alternative looks like

Yes i am aware i look crazy. There is a lot of stuff under that bag!

  1. Conditioning cap
  2. Hot large towel i put in the microwave until it was steaming out
  3. Conditioning cap over large towel
  4. Shower cap over those 3
  5. Walmart plastic bag over those 4
  6. And another walmart plastic bag over it all
  7. I used masking tape around it all

This is the end result:

Sorry i don’t have any before pictures but i can say that my hair was ALOT heavier and when i stretched it, it didn’t tangle at all. My ends felt so smooth and everyone saw a noticeable difference. Random people have stopped and asked about my hair for the past week. Even my family asked what i did b.c it looks a lot better!

Let me know how this method works out for you ladies!

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