If you are transtioning…

Then it is best to keep these things in mind.

Do NOT flat iron. Unless you are taking incredible care of you hair, I would advise against it. A lot. All it does is damage the hair that is growing in. Also, it slows down hair growth because of damage. There are those who do manage to transition like this, but i don’t agree with it all and i advise against it.

Do wear braids, bantu knot out, air dried roller sets, sew-ins, wigs, half wigs and all that jazz to help you better transition. The 1st time i went natural, i transitioned for a whole a year with just braids. And guess what…. i wore them 3 months at a time. It made time fly by.

If you are really lost on the type of styles you could use, check out my transitioning styles at the bottom.

This style is 3/4ths sew-in and my edges are braided. Took about 5- 7 hours max. Lasts for 3 months.

3 months later, i did the same style and it lasted… you guessed it, for 3 months. The only difference is i took the color out 😛

A sew-in with very very little of my hair out that i kept twisted. Everyone thought it was my hair too :P. Lasted about 1 month

My current protective style that i have in right now.  I am taking this out this week so this lasted about 1 month.(NOTE: I flat ironed a very very VERY small piece of my hair for this style, im not contradicting what i said earlier about heat b/c i have been deep conditioning this small piece of hair and taking very good care of it.

This is a bantu knot out that i wore when i decided to go back to nappy. It last about a week.

Hope this helps all the transitioners our there!

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