“I Wore My Natural Hair To Work And It Was Called “Dirty ” By My Black Boss”

I know I know…

We get tired of hearing these stories about “natural hair” being an issue in the workplace.

I personally think it’s important to put these things on the forefront.

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I don’t blog just for personal gain, I blog also to show others that this can be used as an outlet. I sort of news channel of your own to say what you want. With that being said if any woman reports to me that she was done wrong in any fashion, especially African American women, I want to be able to give them a place to stand proudly and protest.

How often are our voices heard?

I hope you all don’t grow tired of hearing these stories because they need to be heard.

Maribeth was brave enough to send her story in about unprofessional comments being made in her work place by people of our own ( which is just repulsive to me but that’s another story) about her natural hair. Here is her story


It was a few years ago while I was a temp at a non profit in HARLEM (yes Harlem, the community where African American culture goes to flourish). The HR director was an older (50s) African American woman.

She liked me when I first started but over the course of the three months I was there things went downhill. Two other women in upper management whom I didn’t work with or interact with much were very clear with their dislike of me.

They regularly gave me dirty looks but things got worse after I took out my yarn twists and wore my natural hair out. That’s when the complaints started. They would go to my boss and the CEO and tell them that I looked inappropriate and didn’t fit in. Eventually they rubbed off on the HR director and she began to treat me poorly as well. She would look at me and say “I thought you said you were doing your hair over the weekend” or “I don’t really like natural hair” or “that look doesn’t work well for everyone”. The nasty comment about me looking dirty and unkept was said behind my back, to her assistant.

Unfortunately the assistant waited until both me and the HR director were gone from the organization to tell me about the comment. Who was I going to complain to? I was in a new position at a different organization (still in Harlem) and was working with a team (of mostly White people) who LOVED my natural hair and regularly changing hairstyles.

That is something that I will never understand: why do black women hate our natural hair so much and White people (both men and women) love it so much?

I think this is great question and a topic that should be further discussed in our community.

Why do we have so much self-hate ingrained in us? What is the root cause?

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  1. In this society, I believe natural hair is still flourishing. Before, black women were getting relaxers and roller sets to get their hair has “straight” and “kept” has possible. For the past few years, many black women has chosen to go natural and to wear their hair as such to work. Those who still get relaxers and roller set are stuck with the “natural hair is not for work” or “natural hair doesn’t belong in the office,” which is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. Hate to say it, but black women trouble their ownselves. And it’s true, that white people tend to love natural hair because it’s so new and different. White people may ask questions that we think are dumb, but they do show their interest. It’s just sad that black women don’t encourage each other. I mean, it’s my hair…who cares what you think? (Not including all black women, but just hitting on a few general points)

  2. I ran into this article looking for advice, I thought I was the only one! Yesterday I was walking from my dorm (in Manhattan) and my hair was natural, not done up all perfect but not a mess either. Let’s just say an OLDER black woman (she looked to be at least 30) who was darker complexioned with this pin straight hair gave me the dirtiest look:/ like at my hair I could tell. No one since I have been natural for about 3 months now has given a dirty look, and it’s rare to even see black people in the area sometimes. anyway I kept checking to see if it was looking bad or something but it was fine. Just goes to show some peoples self hatred level is up there…

    1. I think a lot of black women who wear their hair natural actually LOOK for a negative reaction from others. Just so they can complain. Seems to be my experience with them. I find the whole natural hair movement annoying just cause you all make so much noise about it. There’s something really immature about it all. I wouldn’t date a woman all up in the natural thing. Not because I don’t think natural hair looks attractive. But because I don’t want to hear about all the time. Comb your hair or don’t comb your hair. Just shut up talkin’ about it.

      1. Idiot. Yea, thank you for not dating women who dont perm their hair. We appreciate it.

      2. Typical coming from a black man smh

  3. NaturallyHappy says:

    @Loni, I think you are assuming that the woman didn’t like your hair. You’re basing it off her looking like she did, when in reality she could just have a “mean” or “negative-looking” resting face. I share that because sometimes we (as human beings and as black women) can read or infer things that are not even there (racial paranoia). I’m sure had you said, “Good Afternoon” or “Hey, don’t you just love the versatility of OUR hair?!?,” you could of had a moment that either confirmed your thought or changed it.

    I have been wearing my hair natural for 18 years. At times I’ve loved it, at times I’ve hated it (for the record, love won out). I have received compliments from all races and I’ve even had white and Hispanic hair stylists DO my natural hair – sometimes better than (just a few) black stylists. I think we need to stop putting up all these walls about our hair and stop being so easily offended. Yes, there will be some people and women (of ALL races) who will never like black natural hair. That’s their issue, not yours. What happened to the women in the article was workplace discriminatory behavior and is wrong on all levels. But, that situation and someone having a personal preference of not liking black natural hair are 2 different things. Can a personal preference be built on self-hate or media-influences? Sure. But, sometimes it’s just a personal preference and not someone trying to bring you down, hate on you or get you fired.

    Just like I’ve learned to love my hair and absolutely not like super long weave. It doesn’t make 1 better or worse – it just simply means I have a personal hair style preference.

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