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“I Didn’t Wake Up Like This”: Why I’m Pissed With Beyonce

Let’s be honest here, Bey is ruining the game for ALL OF US! If your familiar with her song “Flawless” by now you have probably heard the line that every woman is going around saying “I Woke Up Like This”.  flawless gif

This heffa is putting up false expectations and standards that NONE OF US are going to live up to and here is the reality

Here is my problem with this…

 I don’t wake up like this

or this

or this!

I woke up like this …

and this..

and this

Do you know how much WORK goes into turning me from the wicked witch of the west in the morning to a bombshell!? How DARE Bey take that away from me!

Everybody can’t afford to have somebody there when they wake up to do their hair and makeup every morning and then turn around and say “I woke up like this”


If i “woke up like this”  then i wouldn’t have to spend money on foundation, primer, lipstick, concealer, and whatever other ridiculous beauty product that cost me more money than I actually want to dish out. I WISH i woke up like this. That would be a COMPLETE time saver. I would have saved soooo much money if my face was pre-made “like this”.

Waking up like i ACTUALLY wake up in the morning is ROUGH!

Cold in my eyes

Drool all over my pillow

Scratching myself

If i didn’t wrap my hair the night before, you can just call me Fredrick Douglas 


So BEY STOP TAKING AWAY MY MASTERPIECE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS DAMNIT! We don’t wake up like this and neither do you

~drops mic, walks off~

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  1. interesting…but what I think she means is however you wake up, you should be FLAWLESS, no hairstyle make up or other exterior features should determine you beauty…my take anyway!

    1. Natty Luv says:

      I totally agree with your comment. There is a lot of misinterpretation of that line and i think people are taking it a the wrong way! Besides it’s just a song 🙂

      1. It is never “just a song”….either music has meaning or it doesn’t….music is powerful! I’ve been doing aLOT of research into the industry and there are alot of things that are not as “simple” as most believe it to be….it is evil, it is misleading, and it is overtly demonic….even the people’s precious Beyonce…there is a reason she is “on top” and her talent, sadly, has nothing to do with it..that’s just the surface…it is so much deeper than that…even simple things like saying “I woke up like this”, is misleading so many people because music gets into your psyche…it begins to redirect your brain into thinking things you shouldn’t be….do some research on how powerful music truly is…and I agree with this article…she is leading MANY people astray….</3

        1. Based on the songs that Beyoncé has done to uplift women, I would agree with some of the other comments. Nobody can argue that there are plenty of weak minded people in the world that take things to literal etc… but that doesn’t give anyone the right to distort someone’s intent. You can’t be all things to all people, so if you are surrounded by the type of people you are describing, then you have an obligation to set them straight on what something means.

        2. BlueCornMoon says:

          Why do you take this stuff so seriously ?? It’s not that important in the scheme of things! If everyone learned to have positive self esteem, think for themselves, raise their kids to do the same, & appreciate their own natural beauty they wouldn’t even THINK of sweating this small stuff. It’s just a song. I’m not crazy about some of the cursing used but at lease it’s not one of those nasty hip hop/rap songs with misogynistic lyrics. It gives a more positive message to girls. I take it to mean that a woman believes she is flawless however she is when she wakes up. That she feels positive about herself. You need to reread the lyrics & stop sweating the small stuff !!

        3. Apolloniabliss says:

          I agree and disagree with your line of thinking. Music is a means of survival, music is very important to life period, it’s what you do with the music and how you apply what you’re feeding your mind with. obviously you’ve listen to music and you’re follow what is going on with the industry. You sound like a friend of mine that haven’t a clue the power of music. You’ve painted a pretty on the surface but I know your inner fine strokes. I can tell that music has mislead you, when you were younger and once you’ve seen that music isn’t reality you may have been burned so that’s why you have that don’t take music seriously attitude and you should, not to fall for the bullskip again, but our young children they do following these people and instead of following their parents or other supposed positive role models. I only like some of Beyoncé’s music but none of her music has nothing to do with love only lust. Beyoncé is not different from any of us but society puts this woman in a kings position, which she’s in a king position of illuminati Most of these people are promoting demonic forces some are aware and some aren’t.

        4. BlueCornMoon says:

          YOu wre way way off & don’t have a clue yourself !! I probably understand the power of music better than you do. I’m a newly retired humanities (music/arts) teacher from a musical family with jazz & classical, musicians,church musicians & numerous educators. I myself perform in classical,jazz & gospel choirs. I grew up in the MOTOWN ERA listening to Temptations, Supremes, Sam Cooke, Aretha, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson,etc. WHEN BLACK POP MUSIC WAS CLEAN WITH NO CURSING AT ALL & we kids could bring our own records to school for dances & teachers didn’t have to check the lyrics of every song . I have taught the kids the history of black music from slavery up to modern days & how it was critical during slavery when spirituals were used to give coded messages on how to escape. How jazz grew out of slave songs & blues songs sung by self taught musicians. I want them to see the richness of our music & be uplifted by it & proud of our musical heritage & how much of today’s music DEGRADES US AS A PEOPLE. I have pop music discussions many times with my 4-6 grade students ,esp about the influence of hip hop music & how black music has changed over the years.Many of their parents listen to “Old School” music as well as hip hop & the kids notice how the music changed. A lot of parents don’t like the nasty hip hop & speak against it to their kids & don’t let them buy it. Many of my students esp the girls ,realize how young folks can be influenced by pop culture & how it teaches boys to regard girls as ” B’s & H’s”. The kids had NO PROBLEM with the overall message of this song but they ( boys & girls) do object to some of the nasty “booty songs” by rappers ,twerking, etc. These were inner city kids ,who are often regarded as below average. They are smarter than you think when it comes to what influences them & are crying out for adult guidance

        5. Apolloniabliss says:

          I am glad you responded to a comment I made several months ago, I was just cleaning out email and ran across your comment. I don’t disagree with your experience it is yours, but music is driven and dominating. I am not going back and forth because being right really is not a concern, I just wanted to respond and I did. You’re entitled to your opinion and me as well. I woke up like this and I do and I keep waking up like this, beautiful and life fulfilled, if people are thinking about the cosmetic of this statement people are entitled, only people with low self esteem and not understanding themselves as a whole person those are the people that doesn’t wake up period but the good thing is that they don’t have to stay sleeping.

        6. saywhanow says:

          Well I have to disagree STRONGLY with you on this here. Sometimes, songs are JUST songs. I know because I’m an amateur singer. Most of what I sing and write has nothing to do with me personally. Beyonce certainly sings a lot of things that she doesn’t really take too seriously. The problem is people DO read too far into lyrics and actually believe every word as if those things describe the artist or what could be going on in their life. Sometimes we artists do write about our lives, but usually it’s not the case.. And please tell me you are not a black person spouting this Slave religious Christian nonsense? Who told you about Demons and why? Think about that.

        7. saywhanow says:

          Haters like you really get on my nerves? How do you know what religion Beyonce practices> I am so sick of you Illuminati idiots running your mouths without any idea what you are talking about. . The only people who think music has some sort of super natural powers are weak minded people like yourself. You are the only one being led astray by your passive aggressive, insensitive and jealous comments and way of thinking. You listen to anything preacher man tells you without even reading the bible. If you are a woman you should utterly ashamed of yourself for being a Christian! You are really what’s wrong with society at large

          First lay off the booze, and second you watch too many movies and attend too many Sunday church meetings. you need to stop bashing innocent people who never did a thing to you. Smearing someones name just to get your kicks is shameful and disgraceful on your part. Accusing people of having a demonic religion or nature is not only hateful it shows how mentally ill and weak minded people like you are. Grow up please you sound like an idiot believing in stupidity.
          How did you learn about demons and who has your brain damaged beyond repair? Maybe it’s you who has the problem miss gossipy gossiper? People l ike you are so petty and pathetic with your gossiping and accusations. You are the ONLY group of people nutty enough to bow down to some fake Christian GOD. And how sad that you actually believe in demons?? Even my 2 year old knows demons don’t exist.

        8. This is how you know, actions speak louder than words. Why are you so quick to come to Beyonce defense?? Don’t be so quick to write off what people are saying. Don’t believe it, question it, in fact question everything and when you start looking for answers yourself you’ll find what you’re looking for and a whole lot more you didn’t. Have a good one…

      2. you’re just a STAN. HOW do you explain, “bow down”? smh. Yall are always defending her like that other popular singer…refuse to type her name.

    2. totally agree with you! i think people are also trying to put a negative effect on this song and i dont think bey was even thinking like that i see it as she was saying all women wake up flawless no matter how they look

    3. saywhanow says:

      How could you interpret it that way? Beyonce is the QUEEN of weave, makeup and high heels. Come on now, seriously?? Beyonce is one of my FAVORITE people, but she was probably just joking. She is a beautiful woman without makeup, and I think it’s good in a way for a beautiful black woman to have as a mantra, however, the reality is far from what she is saying. I have seen Beyonce with little to no makeup and she IS indeed stunning, her skin. But come on, no one wakes up with full faced makeup and hair extensions put in perfectly! One extension is bound to fall out in the middle of the night!!

  2. It’s not that serious! I believe what she means when you wake up – regardless of the “standards of beauty” portrayed and set by society. You are flawless, no matter what society should not and does not dictate who you are. Love you and everything about you.

    1. BlueCornMoon says:

      Right !! I washed my hair a few minutes ago,used Dax to put it in 10 twists all over my head before bed. Had a nice warm shower, got my satin cap on, gonna sleep in my PJs with cozy socks on that don’t match. I’m flawless now & gonna wake up flawless tomorrow, even before i wash my face !!!

  3. MsJasmineMaree says:

    I see your point, but I think you are missing Beyonce’s point. “I woke up like this” is a line that celebrates your natural beauty and who you are before the make up and the hair products. Sometimes women can get so caught up in all of the other stuff that they condition themselves to dislike the person underneath. “I woke up like this” reminds us that the person underneath is just as beautiful and flawless as the person with all the make up and hair products. 🙂

    1. IF that is true, then how SHE wakes up needs to be in the video…no filters, no staged lighting, no makeup, no prep time….we need to see her wake up and say “I woke up like this”…otherwise, it’s misleading…what she is saying is NOT matching what she is doing…

      1. Beyoncé is one of the stars that doesn’t have a problem showing her face without makeup, staged lighting, etc… Check out her videos that show her on and off stage, her website, and tumbler etc… and she’s been photographed around without her makeup on the street.

      2. Hello…totally agree with this comment. Too funny, but should totally do this lol

  4. LOL! Werk that natural beauty girl! 🙂

  5. I think the whole post was tongue in cheek, no? Just a little humor on a Wednesday.

    1. Monica Hill says:

      I think the author got the meaning of the song. She was being humorous and also letting anyone know that it takes work to be that bombshell. There are many men that are superficial and flaky. She could of did the video without makeup and the a flash to how she’s looking. Young insecure girls and others would get the point. I woke up beautiful, no matter what you see, that’s what I see.

  6. Apryl Joy Gunn-Sherrod says:

    LOL! Too funny! Y’all shole don’t wanna see me when I wake up! KML

  7. Nickida Stephens says:

    I luv it. Thanks for showing us your morning styles.

  8. Brenda Brittany says:

    So you mad huh ? I’m not even a bey fan at all but chile you are missing the point !!

  9. Brenda Brittany says:

    Just feel comfy in your own skin and have you’re definition of flawless ! Even when I wake up with my twists , I’m still flawless!

  10. Seriously Natural says:

    LOVE IT!!! LOL

  11. Good humor. Nothing more, nothing less. I feel you though. OAN: You are most def flawless when you rise hun.

  12. ValdaDeDieu says:

    Your truth is your truth; her truth is hers, right? There’s room for all of us. Why should everyone “look like” or “be like” everyone else? If she’s flawless, is that something wrong? If you are not–is that wrong?

    In my opinion, Bey gives the impression of a woman who works hard at everything–and that includes taking care of herself. If she’s been doing it for years, she has the right to reap the rewards, even if it’s being able to sing about it.

    I’m not mad at Beyonce. And, all joking aside, you shouldn’t be either…. Up your game.

  13. Mellanese Mccall says:

    Watch the video it shows you her vision for the song and will clear up your assumptions.

  14. No Fan of Bey says:

    come on Miss Strawberricurls give the Artist a little slack,
    everyone with a little common sense should know that no one actually wakes up wit dey hair did, makeup did, etc! the point is in the mindset that you are FLAWLESS (and you wake up that way) i think everyone should think that way when they get up. yes i got rollers in my hair, crust in my eyes, etc. BUT……I AM FLAWLESS. its about confidence in ones self and she has tons of it……or at least she appears to. So yassssss….” I WOKE UP LIKE DIIIIS…..flawless!”

  15. Ugonna Wosu says:

    lol, you look GREAT, don’t know what your deal is.

  16. Lawuan Goldsborough Paige says:

    I think you taking the lyrics too seriously. Pretty much this album represents embracing your past and live for now which was quoted from her Pepsi commercial. Each video you can find a past video of hers that link to it. Her recent “Flawless” video is link to her “Flaws and all” video where she embraces all her imperfections. Embracing her imperfections is what now makes her flawless. She also goes to mention her Flawless video that she simply ignore her haters.

  17. I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista says:

    This was hilarious and so the truth!

  18. Well, did you ever stop to think that she may be upset with you too, since you didn’t state that you had a personal conversation with her or read a statement that she made referencing what she meant. It much easier to just ask someone what they mean instead of assuming and wasting energy being upset with someone.

  19. Juanita Patrick says:

    lol i’m thru

  20. daisydaisy625 says:

    I think she is talking more about feeling flawless in your own skin. She never says, “My hair is flawless, my nails are are flawless, my body is flawless.” She is talking about waking up feeling that way because of the way her loved one make her feel. “My momma taught me good home-trainin’, daddy taught me how to love my haters, sisters taught me how to speak my mind, my man makes me feel so G-D- fine.”
    And, just for the record, I think you look great when you wake up!

  21. Shavavian says:

    LMBO!!!! This post had me in tears!! I love it. It’s so true. I wake up with my hair sticking out every which way, bad breath and bleary eyed. Let’s be real. LOL

  22. Britt Tay says:

    You’re completing missing the point. Waking up like this is self confidence not waking up perfect. Flawless is a mindset. Even without makeup or a head full of and even braids I’m still fine and flawless when I wake up. It’s about how how you feel on the inside. I woke up like thisssss

  23. I don’t think anyone really thinks she ACTUALLY woke up like that though… plus she’s just trying to tell women that they should feel flawless naturally. No one expects women to really look like Beyoncé when they wake up. And no one can ever look like Beyoncé because there’s only one of her.

  24. Girl, stop! You were still looking cute!
    Although, Beyonce’s pre-makeup face does make me side-eye my skincare routine. lol

    1. crazygemini12 says:

      She has glorious skin. I know she’s expected to wear makeup for her work but she doesn’t need it at all. Tina Knowles’ genes are fire!

    2. SJScorpio says:

      I thinks she uses La Mer…beehive seems to know everything about her.

  25. That’s not how I took the song especially with the break where the Russian or french woman talks about societies standards for women. “Wicked witch” psssh girl hardly your hair may be up in rollers but your skin is flawless you could skip makeup altogether!!

  26. M. Outlaw says:

    I am laughing soooo hard! You are awesome! =D

  27. crazygemini12 says:

    Not hitting on you in any way when I say you look pretty dope when you wake up-esp in that last pic-because you have lovely skin. I do think Bey is saying we’re flawless when we wake up regardlessof what we look like because we’re strong women, though.

  28. SJScorpio says:

    Wow…I like this piece. She speaks on one of the reasons I’m not fond of Bey: the false hope and expectations she puts on women. Never heard the song where the phrase “I woke up like this” came from though. I had a boyfriend who pined over Bey so much it was like enough already. Anybody could look amazing with a glam squad.

  29. Millicent says:

    Honestly, I will be glad when people stop taking Beyoncé’s silly music as gospel. Empty lyrics from an empty mind and people take it as gold. And before her crazy fans attack me, no I do not hate Beyoncé. I just don’t like that a whole following has been attached to everything she says. She is a pop artist, not a philosopher.

    1. Very well said….that silly music/empty lyrics most definitely is not gospel, and to the Beyoncé worshippers, no so-called “hatin” here either.

  30. Apolloniabliss says:

    There’s no reason to be pissed about a woman that writes about being flawless, GOD created us to have flaws so nobody is above a flaw or two. I feel bad for those that believe that they’re above life or they actually believe the lie of being perfect. I enjoy waking up flaws because when I look in the mirror and my hair is all over the place I love and like what’s staring back. I know my character and the person that I’ve become and being Beyoncé doesn’t make me flawless it makes me flawful because she has to keep up appearances. One thing about society you can be on top and you can also be snatched down and tarnished for life. The only thing I have to do is be me. I can’t be Beyoncé anyway that person is always taken. She doesn’t believe what she sings about, she sings what sell, although her shyt have sucked lately and I believe that this album is finally better than her last couple of albums.

  31. Really Gabrielle???? Please admit that you wrote this article to get some extra attention for your blog, and not because you really have a problem with the song. Anyone with an elementary education knows that Beyonce wasn’t serious about waking up like that. Its a braggadocious song that is supposed to give the listening woman a shot of confidence, an ego boost. Any man worth one second of your time knows that Beyonce didnt wake up like that, and hopefully you have experienced real love, where a man finds you beautiful when you wake up.

  32. It’s not even that serious haha.

  33. ha ha this was actually funny. I definitely agree that Beyonce definitely makes it seem like beauty is “effortless” However, I think the average human being knows better…. much better…..Unless they’re 3

  34. kid proud says:

    Let’s face it…Bey is gorgeous period. I have different issues with my hair, as I am full blooded Comanche, but I had to come on here and say I love this straberricurls girl!

  35. This article was hilarious! I never really take any music seriously – just a form of expression and that persons train of thought or experiences at the moment of writing the song. I can understand how the song and be misinterpreted. However, when it is all said and done, you have to be comfortable with you!

  36. I like how you woke up! Especially the third one. You look beautiful.

  37. You know what,its baffles me how women are so quick to say wth Beyonce is talking about??? You women stay on every lil thang Beyonce says,Women are too quick to talk smack about each other. Instead you should be singing along with the damn song,instead of judging what you think she means.What Beyonce is talking about is what she was born with,she did wake up like this,her talent is HERS,she cant help it and she is FLAWLESS,with her flaws and all. You witches love talking smack when it comes to Beyonce,she gives women an anthem and her ya go talking shit because its Beyonce.

  38. I can’t believe some of youre comments. She is illuminati? did you see her worshipping illuminati ormaybe she told you? I never let other decide wich step I have to take in live. Never, only me or the creator of heaven and earth can decide for me. Thats why he gave each and every one of us a free will. I cant believe youre blaming beyonce for youre own insecurity. Give that lady a break. beyonce is as imperfect as every one of you becaus she is human. literally taking a piece aof a song and get mad? I cany beleieve it ! She is a artist and artist know how to go about with words. Constantly fowing artist and beleiving they are infleuncing human behavior is saying that you are the one letteing them control your life. an artistis not god! they are just trying to make moey honey!

  39. chocochic says:

    One thing about black women is that they are beautiful. We don’t really need much makeup. Look at the COLOR of our skin for example. Why do you need makup when your skin is already a great color?? Our eyes are already lined naturally since we tend to have dark eyelashes that are rather thick. Our lips are full and well shaped, we have great cheekbones. Any time I see a white woman or a Latina/Asian with “Black features” I’m always going to consider them to be as beautiful as Black women. Black women have great bodies too, if they stay in shape. Over all Black women are more beautiful than any other race and most all races try to mimic our natural beauty. Beyonce is naturally beautiful and I’m glad she is saying it because she looks great without filters, lighting and well she and many others are just beautiful. Funny article, but you did look great without the makeup and all that thick hair wow. I don’t care what anyone says, black women are THE most beautiful when it comes to facial and body symmetry.

  40. Love it! So on point and hilarious at the same time.

  41. rowdy red says:

    Why do people pick apart an illiterates empty lyrics to meaningless songs? It was more than likely stolen from someone else. None of her songs have any deeper meaning other than “look at me”, and to actually look for some significance like its a philosopher is ridiculous. She screams a line over and over…hardly profound.

  42. You obviously didn’t listen to the feminist speech. What she means is that however you look, feel, what you do you are flawless not that you woke up looking bootiful. it’s about your inner beauty not your physique.

  43. positivity says:

    Beyonce wants people to feel good regardless how anyone sees it, she doesn’t lead people “astray” or mean any harm in her music. “I woke up like this” means I love myself with or without make up! If u think Beyonce wants women to feel like shit, I just assume YOU have self esteem issues and want to intentionally lead women “astray” from the true message of the song. It’s all about positivity and if u can’t be that then don’t blame Beyonce.

  44. I am a Bey fan. However I am an even bigger advocate of inner beauty. But I don’t think the song was to say she woke up looking like the “on stage Beyonce”. I think the purpose of the song was to say she just woke up as Beyonce. Despite her fame, she is still only a woman and she too has to go through hours of beautification. I think a lot of people rely too much on media and Hollywood to validate their real lives, yes these things are influential. But as people we have to learn when to use media appropriately. And critically analyzing every song that an artist does is absolutely crazy. And honestly music is interpreted differently by each individual who hears it, as seen by the different comments/opinions on this blog… hence the beauty of music as art.

  45. Kiaunta Hubbard says:

    You hair is cute, however, you are taking this stuff much too seriously. It has gotten ridiculous how people focus on the physical as beauty is subjective and it also fades.

  46. I think I can express the same complaint against you. You are beautiful whether just waking up or fully quaffed and ready to go….

  47. I think you’re beautiful in the morning and during the day. Beauty isn’t defined by the makeup or the hair. If you’re a beautiful person, you’ll be beautiful every time you take care of yourself. Failure to take care of yourself is another story, but you’re clearly on top of things, so no…The morning you is not ugly. It’s you. And you’re gorgeous.

  48. Wow you totally missed the point of that song

  49. Elisayamisa says:

    TELL me why i love you! Lol totally agree 100%

  50. This was meant to be humorous and lighthearted. #someofthesecomments #wow

  51. Natural Rae of Sunshine says:

    Do you all who are attacking/preaching to this writer realize that the article was (at least I believe, using my reading comprehension skills) to be taken as a light-hearted read, and not a cry for help or shade to Beyonce? People, just read the article, have a laugh, and move on with your day. No need in getting your panties and boxers all in a twist, darlings.

  52. J. Hunter says:

    I think when Beyonce says “I woke up like this” she means she woke up as the talented, phenomenal entertainer and businesswoman that she is. It’s not about her outward appearance, but about who she is inside and staying true to that. Who she “woke up” like today is who she’ll wake up like tomorrow. It’s not about how she looks because she CLEARLY did not wake up looking like that. That was a team of highly professional make-up artists, hairstylists, and wardrobe people. No one wakes up like that, so it’s okay to be proud of all the time you put in to make yourself presentable in the morning just as long as you remember who you are on the inside.

  53. AkuAndoryū Tru-Dru Harrison says:

    Damn this Beautiful Woman looks like the Singer/Actress Brely Evans.

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