I straightened my hair!

Despite all the warnings, all the mistakes that everyone else made, i manage to do the exact same thing I used too much Sabino …

But nonetheless i straightened my hair and here are the results. Im def gonna try this again but with less sabino. I mean damn i only used a quarter sized amount…..

What have i learned from this?

  • A dime size amount of Sabino is enough for my whole head!
  • I need to work on better moisturizing my ends
  • Wrapping my hair wet before straightening it is the best!
  • Im in love with my Maxiglide

Yep! That’s about it. Since i don’t like the way that this came out, i am going to Bantu Knot it out while its straight. One thing that i love about my hair is that i can always save a style gone wrong

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