How To Properly Kill The Progression Of The Removal of A Stereotype and Encourage Regression

  1. Whenever you see somebody with long natural hair, ask them if they had long hair before they went natural. If they did, make statements such as  “Oh well see my hair has never been long and since yours has, you were already predisposed to growth” “See that’s what i mean, your hair was already long”
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  3. Whenever possible, subject everyone’s hair to segregation. Whether you use it to define a term (natural hair) or use it to show one hair type is better than the other.  “See i can’t go natural, you got that good hair, i don’t have that.” ” But girl my baby got that grease and water hair! You know all she need is grease and water but see my niece, talk about BARB wire hair”
  4. Always point of the fact that your great great great great great great grandmother was french, indian, white and italian “Yea cuz see we mixed in my family on my daddy’s grandaddy’s uncle’s sister’s mama’s side of the family so we always had that good hair.”
  5. Be sure to always discriminate against those who say they are natural but aren’t actually natural because they flat iron their hair, use heat, color their hair, or manipulate it. ” If you wear your hair straight you are not natural.” ” Girl what you blew it out? O__o .. stop lying you are not natural” ” See you colored it, so that’s a chemical process so see you aint even natural no more”
  6. Any little hint of self confidence you see someone developing while wearing their hair natural, be sure to fully deficate on it “Ole Angela Davis lookin heffa. Girl you look some stupid you need to go head and perm that.” ~walks past a group of women~ “I aam not my hair, i am not this skin, i am not your expectations no no. Girl you aint India Arie  and you don’t have that type of hair . You need to go head and perm that nappy ish”
  7. And last but not least, be sure to target the young and developing youth. The perfect way to kill any movement is to kill it’s future. ~rips through kids dry hair with a comb~ “SIT DOWN SO I CAN  COMB THESE NAPS! LAWD I NEED TO PERM YO HAIR!” ” I think ima put a weave in my baby hair (5 years old) girl i just can’t do it! It’s too thick and its too much, i need her w/ that silk remi #3a w/ the highlights.

Follow these simple steps and pretty soon you will have a bunch of segregated , self hating , ignorant women and your mission will be accomplished.

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  1. seynabou seck says:

    hilarious :-))

  2. Oh, my, goodness! I have heard all of these!

  3. NaturalAsCanBee says:

    I hear this, “You need to go head and perm that nappy ish” from a family member who is natural herself on a regular basis.
    #6 Is sooo true ever since i was little i was told, “SIT YO A$$ DOWN SO I CAN COMB THESE NAPS! LAWD I NEED TO PERM YO HAIR!” so for years I felt a perm was the only way to deal with my hair.
    Thank god I’m older, wiser, and have my own mind bc my self confidence about my hair has shot through the roof!!!

  4. Wow, what a powerful post sis. I could not agree with you more. This type of behavior does nothing but deepen the issues that have always existed. Natural hair is about freedom and self acceptance, not constantly comparing hair types, textures, or dissecting each others DNA and ethnicity.

  5. Amen!!!!!!!!!! When i was natural the first time and took horrible care of my hair. I heard certain things I don’t now. Now, I have my true curly texture and the responses are different. Just yesterday someone asked me was I mixed with something, cause I had Somalian looking hair. I was like, no…just black. And many black women’s hair would look like this or be this long if they took care of it. The amount of other ethnic mix in me is there, but it is not that significant, and I am just as proud of the black in me as I am the Indian/ White. I rep Sierra Leone!!!

  6. V. Porter says:

    “Ole Angela Davis lookin heffa.” Hahahaha!

  7. Dinasty 2.0 says:

    I had a cousin to put some kinky twist extensions in my hair earlier this year. When she finished she told me “Next time, you need to put a perm in this shit before you do it.”

    The kicker: I had told her before she started that I stopped relaxing my hair.

    When I reminded her, she said “Nu uh, I can’t do that. Any little sign of new growth, I’m running to the salon.”

    1. I hate when people do that….I did ,my own kinky twists and was excited when i saw more new growth. And I saved a lot of money. Forget her….do you 🙂

  8. Too Funny 😉 But each of these scenario is pure ignorance. The bible even tells us, due to lack of knowledge we perish. We too often let society tells us whats right from whats wrong.

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