Tutorial: Flat Braidout plus Results

I have no idea why i didn’t take a picture of my hair before when it was braided down, but i didn’t ~shrug~
Anyway to achieve this look, I had my sister flat braid my hair down using Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy- Leave In ( i swear by this stuff and im actually out right now.. i’m about to cry). The picture of my hair below is old but its an idea of how my hair looked while it was braided down

Just take away the bantu knots at the ends and you pretty much have the gist of how my hair looked while it was braided down. I slept on it overnight and I used Vatika Oil the next morning at the ends of my hands to take it down to prevent frizz.

Just a quick plug in really quickly so you guys can get an idea what my hair looked like in FEB 2010 with the same hairstyle

(Geez look at how big my face was)

I used a different product on this one, my own personal mixture. I think i might revisit and try it again since my hair is much longer now.

Happy HHJ!

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  1. I love the look.

    Big fluffy hair with a center part is sooooo pretty to me. Love love love it.

  2. Your tweets, tutorials, and information is like gold to us “Natural Girls”. You are priceless for what your putting out there to us. Thank You!

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