How My Man Feels About Natural Hair…

For the longest time now, i have been trying to get my boyfriend to do a interview about natural hair because he is not a big fan of it at all even though I am natural. We have been together for 5 years and baby when i tell you the 1st year that i was natural was a learning curve for him because he was so mad when i cut all my hair off.

I was actually afraid to show him so when i BCd , i immediately put braids in my hair because i didn’t wanna see his reaction. When he finally did see it……… so yeaaaaaa….. still didn’t stop him from touching it though.

Here we are and i am now in my 2nd year of being natural, 1 year and 9 months to be exact and he finally agreed to do this. It was actually spur of the moment but hey, doesn’t matter, he did it.

DONT JUDGE HIM! He is just being honest about how he feels and i know how we can get in arms if one wrong this is said so please have an open mind when reading this. This is HIS opinion and he has a right to it. I just don’t want anyone leaving nasty comments on here.

Daniel: u dont want me to write no post bout natural hair
Elizabeth: lol
Elizabeth: ya uuhuh
Daniel: its gon be short n sweet
Elizabeth: topic?
Daniel: Per dat krinkly shyt!!! The End. p.s. this message was approved by the owner of StrawberriCurls
Daniel: Perm
Elizabeth: hol up
Elizabeth: i thought u had converted over
Elizabeth: i thought u liked my hair now?
Daniel: i like a few of ur hairstyles and i make not like what a perm does to women hair but that silky straight hair has my heart, Sawwy
Elizabeth: yo heart?
Elizabeth: lol!
Elizabeth: u cant be serious
Daniel: 😐

Elizabeth: dude i have straightened my hair many times at the end of last year
Elizabeth: its a work n progress.. i get better n better each time i do it
Elizabeth: n my hair now looks wwwwwaaayyy better than it ever did when it was permed
Elizabeth: but no seriously, you want to do a small post for me on how your views have changed about my hair since it grew out? u ca be completely honest
Daniel: nah not really
Elizabeth: 🙁
Daniel: n my views on hair arent directed at u
Daniel: i just like the silky hair
Elizabeth: well im not saying they are but im just basing it on the fact that i am the only chick u have had to deal with directly as far as hair is concerned
Elizabeth: and lets be honest, u dont act half as bad as u did when i first cut it all off
Daniel: i didnt like the “natural” look way before i started talking to u
Elizabeth: ok, has your views changed on it any at all since i have been on my hair journey
Elizabeth: n dont laugh at that
Daniel: only that i see a few natural hair styles i like
Daniel: u could actually use this conversation as ur article since u interrogating me
Elizabeth: lol.. im not interrogatting u
Elizabeth: well hell since we already talm bout it
Elizabeth: Did you know natural hair was as versatile as it is?
Daniel: nope, but with that being said i dont like majority of the “versatile” styles
Elizabeth: Name some styles you like
Elizabeth: besides the ones i already know
Daniel: i dont know any ones besides the ones u know, YOU introduced me to them, remember, I damn sure dont sit there and study natural hair
Elizabeth: lol.. ok the one i had the other night at the party was a bantu knot out
Elizabeth: u said u liked that one
Daniel: i wont remember that
Elizabeth: ok
Elizabeth: lol
Elizabeth: thats fine
Elizabeth: i know u like the straight look right
Elizabeth: right thats established
Daniel: well to be fair i havent seen it straight straight just bushy straight
Elizabeth: ~gasp~ bushy straight?
Elizabeth: how straight u lookn for it to be buddy
Elizabeth: ?
Daniel: -looks for Asian hair pics-
Elizabeth: I KNEW IT!
Elizabeth: i was just sittn here thinkin “this boy bout to send me a link of some asain silky hair”
Elizabeth: so thas not straight enough for you?
Daniel: i mean its cool, but my preference is straighter
Elizabeth: |-(
Elizabeth: u want this straight
Elizabeth: that i aint learned how to do yet
Daniel: you cant be mad about it, Afro American women started it, yall been frying n perming yall hair since slavery ended, now a couple hundred years later a few decide they wanna go back to the “natural” look and you expect men to just up and change the preference we’ve been conditioned to love just because yall all Pro-Black c’mon son
Daniel: now that’s some hair!
Elizabeth: i know right
Elizabeth: ..i feel kinda played though
Elizabeth: cuz that wasn’t ur reaction to mine
Daniel: bet she dont let her man put his hands on it tho
Elizabeth: but yea she’s natural
Daniel: smh @ Black women
Elizabeth: LMAO
Elizabeth: u just made that assumption!!
Elizabeth: u dont know that!
Daniel: assumption made on history
Daniel: yall do all that stuff to ur hair to attract men then dont want em to touch it… betcha Su-yen or Diana let their men run all up and through their hair
Elizabeth: lol!!
Daniel: but i support the “Natural” movement maybe my grandsons will have it as their preference but as for grandpappy its ((emo)) all day
Elizabeth: i let you touch my hair
Daniel: when u get it how that woman has hers i bet that stry’ll change
Daniel: story’ll
Elizabeth: lol that’s not true
Elizabeth: i let u touch it now!
Elizabeth: its not gonna change just cuz i got better at straightening it
Daniel: n u DONT let me touch it when its styled, only when its in those transition stages
Elizabeth: u never ask when its styled
Daniel: cuz i know better
Elizabeth: lol! but if u never tried then.. how would you know
Daniel: u’ve told me dont touch a few times
Elizabeth: i have no memory of that
Daniel: i bet u dont |-(



Check out Part 2! His response to everyone! 

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  1. You are definitely brave to post his reaction. The entire reason I am natural is because my husband (then boyfriend) suggested it. I never even knew what natural really meant. I BC’d 9/09 and it was all because of him. I guess we all grow up with our symbol of beauty and he has his. I guess my question to you is “Knowing he doesn’t care for natural hair, how does that really make you feel?”

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Honestly, it doesn’t make me feel like anything really.

      If you read it again, at 1 point he says he supports it. He actually came back and told me , after he saw the movie Good Hair, that he understands why i did it and now that he has read about the chemicals, he could get on board with it when he has daughters.

      I feel like if we are still together, its just one more way he is accepting me for me even though he doesn’t like it.

      He actually does like my puffs and my blowout… my 2 least favorite styles. lol

      1. “I feel like if we are still together, its just one more way he is accepting me for me even though he doesn’t like it.”

        I’m sorry sweetie, but “accepting” you? He should be wanting you MADLY. Not just accepting you.

        I’m glad your man was honest in his thoughts about natural hair. At least he didn’t lie about his feelings. But I don’t know, I just didn’t get a good feeling about this interview at all. :-/

        1. Elizabeth says:

          Do you have a man?? No im really curious because it doesn’t sound like you do. It sounds like you are living in some unrealistic expectations so umm yea…

          You won’t LOVE everything about the other person.. but you can respect and accept it in spite of it.

        2. Elizabeth, I love that you brought that up.

    2. Jacquelyn says:

      Well, I only have a few comments. The skype convo is a little difficult to go back and forth with the shorthand; however, the bottom line is the candidness is apparent. I give you props for asking him and being ok with the fact that he was honest and comfortable to say what he prefers.

      And my final point, I don’t think he hates you because he prefers silky straight hair. If you were just your hair-then yes, he doesn’t prefer you but…last time I checked, you are not your hair, your dress size, or anything else on the surface. If natural hair helps you be more comfortable and closer to your ideal self, then go do that. Be happy in this life. We should love each other…not tear each other down when we all women. We are all beautiful.

      Remember that.

  2. That post was entertaining, I was stretching my relaxer for 35 weeks and my boyfriend was NOT happy at all. He was always making comments like when you gonna perm that, and I responded when I feel like it. I think a lot of black men have that say mind set.

  3. valerie belinga says:

    i wouldn’t stay with a man who don’t like my hair.
    My first boyfriend and i parted because of that; he kept telling i would be prettier with relaxed hair while the problem was he was insecure.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Ehh to each his own.. but when we got together, i had a perm …. jus sayn

  4. browngirl says:

    That was great!.. I love the honesty, and it was real. Most men have yet to appreciate the natural look. My baby is on board, just bc he loves me.. If I permed it, he wouldnt care.
    He accepts you for you! Love that!

  5. MelaninEnriched says:

    Well, he certainly was honest. As long as he loves you DESPITE his preference, then I guess it’s all good. Plus, you were relaxed when you met. Since I’m natural now, if a guy felt that strongly about my natural hair growing out of my head, I’d probably have to give him the deuces because I don’t like anyone trying to change me and I wouldn’t want to hear no mouth about it. But, if I was relaxed when we met and I changed, then I guess I’d have to grin and bear it.

  6. Most of this was unintelligible. Why post an interview that he clearly doesn’t want to participate in and can’t be bothered to speak clearly for?

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Yea so 1. this was over skype and its called short hand which most people can read.

      2. If he didn’t want to do it, he wouldn’t have done it.

      If you can’t express yourself in a more positive way, please don’t bring the negative because you are speaking based on assumption and not fact.

      1. I’m not being negative, I’m being honest. This is poorly communicated and the intentions of it seem bizarre. Frankly you seem to have just announced to the world (in multiple fora) that you have a non supportive, inarticulate boyfriend. Congratulations ?

        1. Elizabeth says:

          How is he not supportive? Did you not see the big bolded highlighted statement that said he supports the natural hair movement?

          It seems to me like you picking through it to find the “bad” points and focus on that. You can not judge someones entire character on a skype chat. I would like to see what your text messages and chats look like.

          I don’t know you but if I was to just base you off of this comment, I would say your very ignorant and judgemental and basing his character off of short hand writing.

        2. I totally agree!
          It would have been much better if it was somewhat professional.

          This is constructive criticism, by the way.

          If you can’t deal with it, perhaps you should not be blogging in the first place.

        3. I honestly agree with others who say that short hand was not the best way to go. Part 2 with full sentences and well thoughtout purpose was better. The copied sype convo was not that professsional for the quality of blog you want to have and it was confusing to shift through all of the back and forth.. constructive criticism!

        4. i agree about the shorthand…to me, it does not show if he is educated or just have basic knowledge about proper English grammar. furthermore, his lack of proper syntax makes him look like he is not intelligent.

  7. In the interview it didn’t seem like he was not supporting you, but I feel like it’s just hair. Sometimes it goes to show you that if you change something that is little and it will grow back,then what will happen if you have a drastic change in your life? Will he stay or sit and complain about the change or will he continue to stay by your side without any complaints? Those are questions we got to ask and it does make you wonder about the man you’re with even though you won’t break up with them.

  8. Your boyfriend, husband or whatever he is; seems like an ignorant moron to be totally honest. Black women ‘started it’? Here’s the thing genius, black women for years before his ignorant ass was even swimming in daddies sack were told they couldn’t do this and that in the ‘white world’ such as work, and school even unless they wore their hair straight. Black women for years were encouraged by guess who? BLACK MEN (who else were they trying to impress) who have a sad fixation with white women since slavery time really, and that is another reason why so many are fixated with straight ‘silky’ hair.

    It must be slim pickings with black men, I am so glad I have a non-black husband to be honest. I just couldn’t settle for this type of ignorance from a grown man (I assume he’s grown anyways). He spells like a child, and has the most generic, linear thoughts.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Ok I clearly stated that insults would not be allowed. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to go about it in a nasty way and I frankly do not give a damn how you feel since you wanna come on here and attack my man. I asked you to be cordial, state your opinion but in a respectful manner.

      And if your not with an african american man, I can clearly tell why because your attitude is shit. If you want to join in the discussion fine, but keep our insults to your damnself

      1. LOL@Liana! Girl, shut up! lmao, just trying to start some mess on this girl’s blog. Elizabeth, can’t you ignore her comments or put them in the “mean comment people” bin somewhere? LOL! Mean, stupid people suck! Keep you head up. Y’all leave that man alone, he’s entitled to his preferences. Furthermore, if Elizabeth isnt trippin about it, why are some of y’all?

  9. I don’t understand why people are getting upset about his opinion. He never once said he doesn’t support your choice, but he just has a preference for straight hair, which in my opinion is totally understandable. It’s very evident that you and your relationship has true value to him because you two are still together despite your hairstyle choices. I don’t know why that concept is so hard for some to grasp. I guess I can keep an open mind about it because my husband prefers straight hair as well. And just like your man he likes the natural styles I really don’t care for. Good thing it’s just hair.

  10. born2bnatural says:

    I like your boyfriend’s honesty too. I have been married for 24 years. I decided to go natural three years ago. My hubby prefers straight hair, and I don’t have an issue with his preference. I prefer him bald, but his preference is for hair. My point is we learn to live with each others preferences and keep it moving. Our hair preferences are not deal breakers.

  11. I too do not understand why people are getting upset and making rude comments. If YOU had a problem with his thoughts on your hair then that would be YOUR business and as far as the commenter speaking of how she is so proud and happy to have a non black husband she is missing out on beautiful black love and must have some internal issues with herself but she should not be pegging them on you and your relationship. I enjoyed the post mainly because he sounds like my guy he isn’t the biggest fan but he likes some styles but it doesn’t change how he feels about me.

  12. Naturalblossom says:

    Ok after reading the interview and comments. I started playing angels advocate. He is a grown black man that has a right to feel the way he does about a black woman’s hair and anything else of his choice, you are not his woman let it go. I have been natural for over a year and there are times I look at old pics and miss my silky look. The decision to go natural is deeper than just a look and finding one or ones that work for you is no easy task. So for him respect: to be honest and say in short “I don’t like your hair but I love you” that’s what I got out of the interview. To you: your hair is BEAUTIFUL so haters will be haters keep doing you with a smile and natural hair.

  13. I loved this post. It was really funny and honest. I do not think your boyfriend is ignorant or immature just being real. I was thinking of going natural and I asked my bf what he thought, he didn’t seem to happy too LOL. He said he would never tell me what to do but he didn’t like the nappy hairstyles and the only afro blow out he liked in pictures was type 4a and I am 4b / 4c
    No matter though, I know my bf loves me and yes would “accept” it too out of respect and love for me.

    For everyone that has something negative to say, think if roles were reversed and your bf wanted to change his look dramatically, you have a right of opinion on whether you like it and as women, we would actually try to change his mind if we really did not like it.

    ****sorry for the long post**** 😉

    1. Elizabeth says:

      That is so true! As women, we would try to get him to change his mind and probably would not feel bad for doing this. ~shrug~ I guess that’s the irony in it all. I’m not saying its a good thing tho. Thanks for your input!

  14. Why keep repeating the fact that it’s a ‘preference’ when he has the same nappy hair on his head as you do? Thus ignoring the self-hating aspect of it, like I said – it must be slim pickings with black men if this is the best a woman who seems fairly decent can do. lol

    1. Elizabeth says:

      How long have you been natural? I am asking because i find it hard to believe that you weren’t once a woman with a perm how referred to your hair as nappy as well.

      I will be the 1st to admit that i was one of those too. You can’t expect men to just automatically fall in love with something that, you at 1 point, didn’t even like yourself.

      1. You find it hard to believe? One, I am 19. Two, I have never had a perm in my life. So 19 years, did I have a mother who knew what to do with my nautral hair as far as styles went? Nope, she had dreads, I wore braids the majority of my life. Do not assume all black women are like you sweety. I know how to STYLE my hair now without braids, which is great – I never took an interest in straight hair the way some black women have because my natural hair has always been long and healthy without heat, without a relaxer, ect.

        Get over it, I don’t need to ‘admit’ to anything because my circle doesn’t include ignorant negroes like you, and your little ‘man’.

        What I find amusing is asking for responses then going on the defense about it, you and your man have some major issues to get over. This whole ‘natural hair’ thing is a fad for some, once perming comes ‘in’ again you seem like the type that will go right back to have the stiff, lifeless wannabe-white-girl relaxed hair like many black women, I can tell. LOL

        I am just thankful I’ve never had a mother who put that trash in my hair.

        1. Elizabeth says:

          Yes i asked for input but at the same time, you came on here insulting.

          The attitude that i am getting from you is that you think your in some way better than the chick that just went natural yesterday because you’ve never head a perm. Congrats on that by the way… you want a cookie for all your hard work?

          It’s really obvious your young because you can’t hold a simple convo or debate without throwing insults in the mix. Thanks for you input anyway

  15. Do I think I’m better? No I just don’t suffer from the same obsession with white women and their hair that many black women had to suffer through. Do I think I’m better than the black woman who thinks their NATURAL hair – the shit growing out of their scalp with or without a relaxer on their hair is a FAD? Yes, becaue that is an idiot clearly.

    The thing you seem to be missing sweety, is the “goes to find asian women hair” thing says that he doesn’t have a problem with NATURAL hair, that is asian women with straight hair, white girls with straight or wavy hair, or “good hurr” black girls – just your nappy hair, the nappy headed 4B natural hair the majority of AA women have. That is where the self hate aspect comes in because he has the same type of hair on his head, growing out of his scalp.

    I know it must bum you out that I’ve been natural my whole life; but not all of us have bad parents that hate our hair.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      You just proved my point…

      1. That you think, that I think I’m better than “newly natural” women who think cutting off some relaxed hair makes them all of the sudden “ok” with the hair that grows out of their scalp? lol I don’t care if you think that, the fact is so many black women seem to find going to the creamy crack a NATURALLLLLL thing to do, they probably look at it as something as common as going to work honestly. Just ‘normal’ for many of them, which is why this ‘natural phase’ thing is just a fad for some, they don’t see how dumb that is because whether you are relaxed or not – your natural hair will always be there, growing and growing until you get your next touch up.

    2. NoNonsense says:

      @Liana Girl..sit your ass down. ‘Cause obviously these words are coming from there. You are no better than anyone else. Fad or not I’m glad people are embracing their natural curls and you just seem to be envious of some sort that other persons are indeed ‘going natural’ and that you don’t have a hair journey to blog about or something because you’ve had healthy hair all your life. You would think you would build up instead of breaking down. ‘Sweety’ you are ignorant. I’m 18 and darling I’m telling you get your nose from out of the sky.

      Making claims like ‘I know it must bum you out that I’ve been natural my whole life; but not all of us have bad parents that hate our hair.’. SMH I’m happy that your parents nurtured your hair looks like some work is needed on your attitude though..

  16. I’m sorry you are getting so many negative comments. I found your exchange quite amusing. My husband has had waist length dreads for nine years and HE wasn’t overly enthused (in the beginning) with my transition. Like your BF, he was a huge proponent of the straight and silky look. Go figure. Now he loves, loves, loves the versatility of my natural 3c/4a waist length hair and has begged me to never go back to relaxed hair. Your BF seems to love you because you’re a great woman, not because of your hair texture. It’s refreshing to see that two adults can have an open and honest, though not always agreeable, conversation. Trust me, there’s not a couple in the world who will always agree. Not one. If this is the only thing the two of you disagree on, count your blessings as you far ahead of the pack. Keep your head up. Continue the open lines of communication with your BF and the two of you will be just fine. Please disregard the naysayers and continue to do you!!! . The best of luck on your natural journey…it’s an amazingly liberating one.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Oh wow thanks so much! I appreciate your words of encouragement!

  17. You are very welcome, Sweetie. I speak the truth from experience. Embrace your hunny and your natural hair journey. Also, I read your BF’s response. Truly outstanding and entertaining. : ) You seem to have a good one. Kudos to both of you!!!

  18. I totally understand, many moons ago my boyfriend decided to grow dreads and at the time I HATED dreds. I still loved him & I dont think it made me a bad girlfriend because I just happened to prefer a fade. We broke up a decade ago, but I’ve learned to like dreds.

  19. Sister to sister, it’s sad to hear that you think someone loving all parts of you is unrealistic. I can see this is a sensitive issue for you and you’re getting a little defensive because you may feel like you’re being attacked. But on the real, I think these girls are trying to tell you something.

    A lot of times bloggers make posts with the intention of teaching their readers something, but this time they might just have something to impart to you! Having a man accept and love the features you were born with are NOT part of a magical land with unicorns and fairy dust. And yes, this is coming from someone who has a man. We’ve been in a relationship for going on 6 years now and he is in love with every bit of me, including my natural hair. He isn’t just accepting or tolerant of it, but totally supportive of it. That kind of love is real and many women have it. Don’t let anyone tell you to settle for anything less!

    Also, don’t dismiss all the words these girls are trying to tell you. Yes we’ve only seen a glimpse of your relationship and we’re on the outside looking in, but an outside opinion can be helpful. Sometimes you’re so into someone you can’t see with objective and impartial eyes.

    He is entitled to his opinion, but that doesn’t mean he’s right or that it’s healthy for you. He has every right to want a girl with straight Asian hair, but do you think its a good idea for him to be with you then? Do you feel like he’s always going to be wanting something you’re not? This isn’t exclusive to hair…I wouldn’t recommend a man who wants only a skinny girl to be with a big girl or a man who likes white women to be with a black chick. How does being around someone like that constantly effect your self image? Just questions to consider.

    In any case, God bless. I wish you nothing but the best.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks and i appreciate your input.

      I really think the Asian silky comment was just talking bout of place. It was joke anyway and although natural hair may not be his preference, he still supports me fully.

      Check out his response when you get a chance

  20. I disagree with alot of the ladies who are commenting..i don’t think he is rude or anything..i just believe thats his preference, the man just likes straight hair like some men like natural hair some like relaxed or the straight look some like long hair some like short hair does it matter??? IT’S HIS PREFERENCE! shes the one who with him (btw u guys are a cute couple :)) not anybody else …he is entitled to his opinion and is allowed to voice it when asked. IMO he didnt say anything that was disrespectful..he just kept it real and I respect that.

  21. I would not date or marry this man. He clearly has self hatred issues, and he will likely pass that self hatred on to any children that he has. Why would you want to do that to your future daughters?

  22. HI. Well, I hope that you love your natural gorgeous hair, despite his silky asian hair preference.

  23. uhwah deez heffuhs hatin’ you on yo own blog? wuz wrong wit writin in shorthan’? ah doan unstan! Look, anyone who can’t take the convo as it was intended – a bit tongue in cheek, a dash of humour and a whole lot of real – needs to just go somewhere else and find something else to read. It really is that simple. I think the comments reveal why men clam up when we ask their opinion – can you imagine these same women asking their man his honest opinion on their natural hair? *shudder*

    anywhos, I loved it, the shorthand added to the authenticity of what you were trying to present and also tied into the fact that he didn’t want to address the subject, but eventually did during that conversation. And for the ladies thinking he’s a black hitler, go easy on the dude – it’s taken many black women a very long time to accept the texture of the hair that’s growing out of their head – shouldn’t we give our men a grace period as well?

    Keep on keepin’ on sistren:)

  24. Wow, after reading the convo between ms Elizabeth and her boyfriend then the comments, I’m shocked. Ppl are soooo rude. Chill ya’ll he was honest n if he was soo against it like u guys are making it out to be then I don think he’d be with her but guess what!? He is. So don’t tripp. My boyfriend and I had a similar convo. He loves long hair, especially on me-so he claims :)- but he is shaky about me transitioning becuz he’s nervous my hair won’t be long n he’s used to straight hair. Reading this article reminded me he loves me for me, not my hair.

  25. I have had the same conversation with my husband he had a similar response as your boyfriend only because the women he saw with natural hair did nothing with it. It did make me sad a little that he preferred silky asian hair yes he actually said it instead of my soft 3c/4a hair.He loves when i have it straightened. I don’t blame him or other African American men for what is ingrained in there mind of what is beautiful. Black women aren’t exactly the prototype of the American “girl next door”. If you ask most people what there favorite eye color, or hair style is it most likely will not be chestnut, curly-fro . I do notice that i get a lot of compliments from men of other races on my hair. Many people want what they don’t have. Then again hair is hair its the most versatile accessory we have and can easily be changed.

  26. Lacoya (thesupercoya) says:

    Elizabeth, chile, you KNEW you was gon start something up in here! LOL. I am VERY shocked at the negative comments in here and it just goes to show that people are not so off the beaten path with some sistas, when they portray us as angry black people who have a 24/7 case of PMS.

    These rude comments are either: 1) Too young to have any wisdom to know that when 2 people come together in love, neither one will love ALL qualities of the other. But the LOVE is stronger than the flaws….flaws….flaws…everyone has them. I bite my nails. My fiancee – (Yes….FIONCE! – We’ve dated for 5 years and are getting married next April) – hates it. My fiancee has dual personalities – one when he’s with me and one when his boys are around. I hate that. But you know what. We love each other in spite of all our flaws (Anyone ever heard of Jesus loving us in spite of our flaws??? Can I get an AMEN?) ….


    Too bitter from past failed relationship that they STILL can’t figure out what happened. I bet I can figure that one out.

    These rude women are just examples of how the stereotypes of black women are TRUE (for some black women). Some black women are just bitter, angry, resentful, THINK they know EVERYTHING about a relationship, but does not HAVE one (cmon, now!), and CANNOT keep one to save their life, and the list goes on.

    Keep ya head up, girl. I, for one, LOVED the interview, and could understand it fully. It’s called chat-type, and it comes out un-edited, raw, and honest. Interviews (especially one that’s personal), that are all formal and structured ring a chord of not being AUTHENTIC. I feel he had some GREAT points, and at the end of the day, it was HIS opinion. Girl, if he REALLY had some self-hatred issues with natural hair, he would have left you when you chopped your hair off, in which you would have said…”Dueces, thanks for showing me your real colors before it was too late”, and moved on with your life.

    Again, keep your head up and keep up the great work.


  27. Honesty is always well appreciated. I suppose the point is that you guys are together and happy despite the fact that he only like a few of your styles.
    This article makes me appreciate that my boyfriend was the one who encouraged me to go natural.
    Kudos to you for being secure enough to post this.

  28. I liked reading this. I actually think my boyfriend has the same thoughts as Daniel here about my natural hair, and I am still in my post-BC era, so he isn’t quite used to it.
    Unfortunately, this is what many black men and women think about black women’s hair. Straight hair = pretty. Natural hair = Ugly. And these ideas have been planted into our brains as a result of colonialism. If we all become conscious of the how our idea of beauty has been altered by oppression,less black men would dislike a women’s natural hair.

    1. StrawBerriCurls says:

      Thats the same way i feel! But your boyfriend will come around. Im sure he’s not just with you because of hair

  29. Wow, I realize how fortunate I am-every man I’ve dated seriously has loved my kinky hair. Never had to have this kind of convo with any of them. I’m married now, and my husband loves my natural hair. Hope your beau continues to come around.

  30. Chani'se Walton via Facebook says:

    WOW @ some of those comments especially the 19 year old! Lol at his response though!

  31. Nita Gilborne via Facebook says:

    the most honest, straightforward , and funny article I have ever read about a man’s view on a woman’s natural hair.

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