How Do You Deal With Negative Comments About Your Hair?

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This comment was recently posted on my Questions/Comments page:

Zizi writes:

At work the other day ..some black women starting taunting me about my natural hair. Saying things like I need to get a perm. I felt horrible not because I am ashamed of my hair but because as black women they felt that their perms and weaves made them superior. I was embarrassed for them.

How would you handle this situation?

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  1. I would tell them this is the way I want to wear my hair and its my business! They would have gotten the picture.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I wouldn’t have even said that. I woulda side eyed them then walked off

      1. exactly what i would have done!!! HOW DARE THEY!!! UGH

  2. I have family that say negative stuff, I just hey this is me now. My natural is who I am.

  3. Ppl r just jealous n insecure. I smile n say I like my hair n thts all tht matters. If they keep doin it I refer them 2 the ingredient info on their beloved perm.

  4. Don’t feel bad. I get comments like I should atleast apply some texturizer or braid it. I usually simply smile, yet firmly states, “God gave me this hair, if you don’t like it speak to god”.;-) No one usually can counter that. Seriously, god made us each in our own image and likeness, so if I want to embrace what god gave me, then who’s opinion should I care to consider. Just forget negative, uneducated people. Finally, the key is to surround yourself with positive people. I rely on people like yourself and many others to make the stride. In fact there is a challenge I just join, it’s called “Natural hair 2014”. It would be a great idea to join.

  5. The other day I wore a tuck n pin updo, and a guy said “oh u wore your crown today!”. I replied, ” u have a problem with my hair,” & he said, “that what u call that!” It was said in front of a lot of my clients (I work in human services), and they were waiting on a response. I turned to them and “some ppl have criticize other to make themselves feel good!” and I kept it movin’. Ignorance is a condition that only the ignorant can cure!

  6. Funny Enough this weekend, my brother in law told me my hair looks like brillo pad 😉 I smile at his ignorance. I think we are so use to seeing for years the straight relaxed hair that some african american forget what our hair looks like. I think it’s sad. I find other ethnicity love my hair way better than African American. That’s my experience.

  7. PrettyEyez says:

    I usually just disregard the negative comments. I haven’t been met with many opposing views to my natural hair but those that I do get are usually from older women. Its easy for me to disregard them bc I look at their hair and and then mine and I see how theirs isn’t as healthy as it could be and mine is healthier than its ever been.

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