Newly Natural MzOSoFabolous’ Holiday Makeup Look with MAC

I forgot the actual time frame but a friend of mine (Alyssia aka MzOSoFabolous) did the big the big chop! I’m not talking letting it grow out for a little then cutting it all off, i mean she went straight for the wire! She just shaved it all off and im extremely proud of her for it!

Yall just don’t know, she used to be a COMPLETE tomboy in high school.

Well now she’s into makeup and all things girly. She models, she does a makeup, and now she has joined the natural hair family. Check out her holiday look below.

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  1. Alyssia K. says:

    OMG THANK YOU GURLIE…..NO ONE BELIEVES ME WHEN I tell them I use to be a tomboy lol so glad you remembered. Appreciate you featuring me on your site.

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