Healthy Breakfast Idea: Spinach and Egg Wrap

Healthy Breakfast Idea: Spinach and Egg Wrap

The other day, I was running some early morning errands and all of a sudden I was STARVING. Naturally, I tried to think if my few go-to “fast food” places were open. My usual places are:

Taco Cabana – They make some seriously good vegan black bean tacos for only $1 each!

Chipotle – I usually get a bean bowl and rice bowl.

Pei Way – I’ll get tofu, veggies and brown rice

But unfortunately, I wasn’t close to any of them. I stopped by the gas station to see if I could find a premade quick salad or some fruit, but I didn’t find anything except chips and candy. What’s a health-conscious hungry girl to do?! I was close to my house so I decided to run home and throw something together. This is what I came up with:

It’s whole wheat tortillas, fresh spinach, scrambled eggs, fresh salsa topped with mozzarella cheese. It took me less than 5 minutes to make and it was SO GOOD. Seriously, this is my new breakfast.

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  1. Thanks, I’m going to try it. But, I think I am going to cook my spinach.

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