what men think about natural hair

He Hates Your Backfat and Your Naps…@504DubbBeats

Or so you think he does….

Yanno, from doing these interviews I’m finding that we ladies tend to make these things up in our mind of what a man wants, physically anyway.

Or it could be the simple misdirection that we are constantly given from images on TV. I’m hoping that these interviews gives a different perspective. It may not change ALL of our thoughts but it might provide some insight…

Which might spark a thought…

Which might spark a change…

Enter Mr. Steve “Dubb Beats” Wade who is a friend of mine and my own personal fitness motivator. His interview is a little different because he’s actually engaged to be married pretty soon and he runs a relationship/lifestyle blog called Mr.Baggage.

And he has some pretty funny tweets about relationships as well


what men think about natural hair

What is your name and your profession?

The name is Steve Wade or Dubb Beats of Dubb Productions. I’m a Music Producer & Engineer at Inner Recess, Personal Trainer and Creator of the lifestyle blog MrBaggage.com.

What is it about a woman in her natural state that attracts you the most?
When I say natural state, I’m referring to her not having anything altered on her . Just how she looks when she is relaxing around the house.

Steve: The most attractive thing for me is her being, her peace, her aura. When a woman is stripped down to her bare state and just comfortable in her skin it’s overwhelming attractive to me. Something I feel is rare these days.

Lounging around the house attire vs being dressed to the nines. Which one do you prefer and why?

Steve:A nice sexy dress, with some heels to make them legs pop! LAWD! I’m into suits and ties’ so indeed dressing to the T’s is what I prefer. A well-dressed woman grabs the attention of all with ease, effortlessly. This makes you even that more attractive to me.

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A lot of women pay attention to what men go crazy over as far as a female’s appearance is concerned. We kind of take that and say “ok this is what’s attractive so I want to attain this”. Makeup is a huge part of this and most men swear they don’t like makeup but that’s part of the image that yall buy into. Do you think the vast amount of changes that we put ourselves through is even necessary? Are we wasting our time getting dolled up? How do you feel about women who wear makeup all the time?

Steve: Honestly, most men can care less about make up. Women tend to believe that’s what most men want because they hear us saying “Damn She Beautiful” with a face full of make up. When in all actuality that’s majority of what we have to choose from.

Seems everyone wants to run around like a coloring book now . Ladies, having your face “Beat To The Gawds” isn’t real to us. Trust most men meet you like this and think, “ I wonder how she looks without all that make-up on?” I love a natural face 90% of the time and if you have to put some on because of the moment then do it but tastefully please. There is no need to have 7 layers of cake on your face.

what do men think about natural hair

Women tend to want to have the video vixen body so we complain a lot about what we have. “Oh we have to many stretch marks” “My stomach isn’t flat enough” “I have too many rolls and back fat is gross” and the biggest one “I need more ass”.The obsession has become so ridiculous that we get injections to attain this standard of beauty. Oh and let’s not leave out waist trainers(I use one so don’t be too rough LOL) From a man’s perspective, what do you think about this standard of beauty that we try to attain? Is it ridiculous or not that far fetched? Are you as critical about our bodies as we are? Based on the behavior of some men, do you feel like you all have given women the perception that this is whats considered to be “desirable”?

Steve: I’m kind of a health freak so yes I love a fit woman or one showing some initiative to get healthier. Does that hold more weight to me? (no pun): no it doesn’t. The extremes that some women go through to live up to a standard that I don’t even understand are foolish. Waist trainers are horrible, sorry Gab! Lol. The tricks some women do ie. spanks, push-ups, butt lifters are plain silly. It shows serious insecurities in your self and it shouldn’t be that way at all.

Now a big reason for women thinking this way is because of us men. When you make a woman feel like she’s not being noticed that’s when they try to get noticed. Sad but true. Forces the hand of that woman to do whatever she needs to do to become what attracts the man.  Stretch marks are natural, saggy breast comes with age and gravity. What dislikes and flaws most women see, the average man finds sexy as hell. I’m perfectly fine with some thunder thighs and a few rolls. I have huge hands; I need something to hold on too.

As I said before, we are very critical of ourselves and we magnify our physical flaws from an ant to an elephant. How do you view a woman’s physical imperfections? Do you even pay attention to it?

Steve: I can notice it, but if it doesn’t bother you I wont have anything to say. Now if you ask me my honest opinion on the lines of how to change that imperfection I’ll try to help out. Not all things you see as an imperfection is remotely worth it being such to a man.

Natural Hair. In recent times, more and more women have started to go natural and the fellas don’t seem to thrilled about it. We get that you guys are used to the wigs and weaves but we don’t want to go that route anymore. What do you think about the switch?

Steve: I like natural hair if its done right. Some of women can’t pull it off and have friends that won’t tell you the truth. I think the switch is a fad. I’m already seeing a lot that have gone natural complaining wanting to go back to the cream crack.

Assuming that you like natural hair, do you like it long, short, fade, ect on a woman? Are some of the things we are able to do to our hair new to you?

Steve: As long as it’s not a fade like my head then we’re good. I don’t like fades on women, just not my taste. Some of these hairstyles being pulled off are very interesting and I like seeing new creations with natural hair. The Curly Bush isn’t the only style you can do ladies.

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In the natural hair community, very kinky hair is often ignored and regarded as ugly. It’s been called “texture discrimination. Does the texture or curl pattern of a women’s hair have any bearing on how you view her beauty? Any additional thoughts on it?

Steve: No my view doesn’t change when it comes to texture. I don’t have that Good Hair vs. Bad Hair complex. Hair don’t make the woman, her attitude, style and presences does.

How do you feel about weaves? Most men complain that they can’t put their hands in it mainly because we don’t want you too but it also feels “fake”. What is your take?

Steve: I don’t like them. Can’t stand weaves at all but I’m not about to dictate your hair. It’s not a “in stone” rule for me. If that’s what you like to rock then rock it with confidence. If I’m digging you the weave doesn’t matter. Just don’t let me see your track glue or sew-in threads. Got to be done right or don’t do it at all my ladies. Oh, and wigs? It’s an emphatic HELL NO! Hate them damn things. Most men think about their great grandma when we see it. Leave those things alone!

When I was a teen, girls, for the most part, wore their own hair. Nowadays almost all teens are wearing weaves, worrying about their bodies and really trying to live up to the superficial “Real Housewives” standards. Do you think women are setting an unrealistic tone for the generation under us?

Steve: Yes I do think the (Un)reality shows are brain washing our youth with all the wrong imagery. From materialistic attitudes to Brazilian bundles it’s starting to make the most beautiful of our youth become fake copy cats from the TV. I have a 8 year old daughter and it’s a battle for me to keep those things away from her. I know it’ll become a time when I can no longer but hopefully I can teacher her what’s the real from the fake.

what do men think about natural hair

I know we have talked about a lot of physical attributes in this interview and that’s cool but I’m pretty sure no man wants an idiot. What are the attributes of a woman, for you, that make her most beautiful on the inside? What mental attributes would make you “put a ring on it”?

Steve: You have to be educated in a sense that makes me interested in what and how you think. Not always scholastically, but an intellect that’s thought provoking. Mental stimulation is the number 1 thing that gets most men to start to think about marrying a woman. Challenge me with your ambition and drive. If you can show me that what you want out of life is a passion of yours and that same expectation of your self includes me to better myself to match you, then you’re a keeper in my book. No man wants to marry a woman who has no map/plan to her future. How could you possibly be a wife if you can’t navigate yourself right? Lastly, allow me as your man to teach you and I’ll expect you to educate me as my woman. If my woman can open my mind to things I would have never learned without her then you’ll bare my last name; give all those other traits are there.

For most young ladies, her father’s opinion of her shapes and molds her for the future. If you had/ or have a daughter and you saw her trying to attain these current standards of beauty that we try to live up to, what would you tell her? Please take peer pressure, social media, and television all into consideration as influences on her mind and how she views herself

Steve:I touched on this once before in an earlier question but ill elaborate. I’ve had to deal with the TV and peer pressures already with her just being 8. At that age she’s very impressionable and could go left easily. They way I try to combat this by speaking the truth to her. She’s beautiful inside and out, your a princess and princess don’t disrespect themselves.  I just had an incident with kids her age teasing her because of jealousy. She has to understand to let it roll off her shoulders. “Just because someone says your hair is short and ugly doesn’t make it true baby girl. Look in the mirror, your hair is down past your shoulders and always combed. So, there is no truth in what anyone says about your hair.” I’ll forever speak high and proudly about her to her because if Daddy sees that in you everyone should and if they don’t then keep it moving.

Where can we find you on the net? (IG or Twitter)
You can find me on IG – DubbBeats, Twitter – 504DubbBeats & MrBaggage, Blog – www.MrBaggage.com , Studio Site – www.InnerRecess.com


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