Happy Holidays! Hair Steamer Giveaway Just For You!

Blownout natural hair

Happy Friday! IT’S FRIDAY BABY! In celebration of my love and my gift to you all, I am giving away 2 HAIR STEAMERS via facebook in 1 HOUR! Here are the rules for entry:

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– Follow me on instagram : @Strawberricurls

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  1. Just wanted to say that what you are doing for the ladies…is absolutely amazing… so many are struggling financially and its very rare that opportunities like this arise to be a blessing to someone in need. Just thought that you should know you are doing great things…Be Blessed…

  2. Pamela Renee says:

    Just did this. You are a very giving person. Even if I don’t win it’s still very generous of you to have this giveaway. A hair steamer would do wonders for Rochelle (my fro).

  3. Done! Thank you for this giveaway! Your blog always has such interesting (and helpful) articles.

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