Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today, on this day, February 19th,1988, 23 years ago… brought forth one of the most magnificent specimens to ever grace the face of the earth! ME!! ~cue evil laughter~

Let me stop i am just joking.. im not conceited like that yall.. But it is MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!

And to be honest, if Facebook wouldn’t have reminded me, i would have forgot… LOL

But nonetheless today im not Strawberricurls or Elizabeth… Today im Gabby… Me, just me.. no alias no nothing.. just Gabrielle aka Gabby

All i want to do today is chill with my fam, eat some boiled crawfish and shrimp , red potatoes, corn , and turkey necks ~drools on the keyboard~ and my day will be set but im doing that tomorrow.

TODAY I have to go by my aunt for breakfest and then my little Deeda’s (cousin) Bday party who was born 2 days after me. She is making 4.

So i will check you peeps later… Goin enjoy they day


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  1. Susie McCray says:

    Happy Birthday to you.

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