Halle Berry takes Gabriel Aubry To Court For Straightening 6 Year Old Nahla’s #NaturalHair


From TMZ

Halle Berry just took Gabriel Aubry to court … claiming he’s trying to make their 6-year-old daughter white.

Halle was furious Gabriel was straightening Nahla’s naturally-curly hair, lightening it with highlights and she is convinced it’s because he does not want the girl to appear to be African American.

Halle didn’t show in court Monday morning, but her lawyer Steve Kolodny did, along with Gabriel and after a lot of arguing the judge ruled NEITHER Halle nor Gabriel could change Nahla’s look from its natural state.

So the judge is allowing Nahla’s hair to grow back naturally.

Score one for Berry.

It seems to me that Halle feels like Gabriel is trying to get rid of the “black” in Nahla.

Well he kind of should have thought about that before he mad a kid.. yah know, with an African American lady.

Chime in! What are your thoughts?

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  1. My opinion is he is and has been a Male Model for many many years. He just lives that type of life. I in no way believe for one moment it was a racial move. I have a curly haired daughter and she was always wanting to have straight hair, we all want what we don’t have.

  2. Nina Stricklen says:

    I would be livid if my ex changed our daughter’s hair without permission! What would be a valid reason? I don’t know if I would have taken him to court but I def would have ripped him a new one!

    1. If it were with a straightening Iron , why not, wash the hair it curls back up Halle’s a b*tch

      1. Nell Dill says:

        I wish my hair was naturally curly like that. I have to go to a hair dresser to get that look.

  3. No parent should change a childs appearance with out the others ok. Whether divorced or not.

  4. hes having chemicals put on her hair at 6 years old,bad move her hair will be damaged by the time shes 10,shes a pretty little girl with naturally curly hair leave it alone

  5. What people of other nationalities needs to know before they have a child by someone of African American decent. It’s been said African American genes are stronger than any other genes out there so the ethnic part of the African American side is going to come out no matter what, if not in the hair the skin color just depends etc! Also it’s been said that once you have any once of black decent inside you, you’re considered black period! So for those who wants to believe Mariah Carey is Caucasian sorry to burst your bubble she is BLACK! along with anyone else who has African American decent in there bloodline!

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