Hair Hiatus!

I know most of you are probably wondering why i haven’t been posting pictures of my own hair as of late. Well that’s because I am protective styling and giving my hair a break right now.

Of course I am using my trusty braids with the sew-in in the middle but i needed a break. To be honest, i was getting tired of styling my hair but it will definetly be worth the break in the end.

I can’t tell yall when you will see my hair again because when winter hits, it’s wigs and sew-ins all the way because I will not have a repeat of last winter. In the mean time and in between time, you guys could always check out my fotki to satisfy your curiousity,

And you could always look at the hair stories to see other natural’s hair besides mine! It’s almost like a sick addiction, huh? Lol.. till next time curlies…

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