grow long natural hair

5 Tips To Grow Long Natural Hair

grow long natural hair

Every woman desires to have locks like those of Rapunzel – lovely, long and healthy.  Although till date there is no scientific method to accelerate the growth of your hair but you can definitely stimulate the growth of your hair. Proper care, looking after and not subjecting your hair to sever damage will surely assist in growing your hair longer and healthier.

Here we encapsulate some best practices you must follow to grow long natural hair:

  1. Regular trimming: You must get your hair trimmed at regular intervals. Leaving them neglect without getting them trimmed is a big no if you want to grow long natural hair. After a point of time if you are not getting your hair trimmed they tend to have split ends. These split ends restrict the growth of the hair and also damage your hair structure.

  2. Moisture retention:  Daily exposure to heat, ultra violet rays and pollution causes the hair to loose its natural moisture and become dry. Dry and damaged hair will never gain length. A hot oil massage is the best solution to prevent and control the same. Use any natural oil, warm it a little and use a swap of cotton to dab it on the scalp. Apply the excess oil to the extended hair and gently massage your scalp with the help of your finger tips in a circular motion. After the massage use a hot towel to wrap around your head for a while. Rinse off your hair using a mild shampoo.

  3. Braids or twists: You have to practically live in braids, buns and twisted hair till you get that desired length. When you leave your locks open you are inviting trouble from – pollution, ultra violet rays, entangling and many more damages. Twisting and braiding protects the hair from these dangers and keeps your locks safe.

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  5. Dietary improvements: The junk has to be done away with instantly. Junk food leads the body to loose nourishment and in turn you loose your hair. Your diet must comprise of healthy food. Check this out to know more about healthy foods. Crash diets too need to be avoided; they again deprive you from important nutrients. The food you eat must include good amount of protein and vitamins which accelerate the growth of your hair.

  6. Hair products: While you are looking to grow your hair you have to very minutely scrutinize the hair products you use. Stay away from chemically loaded products that can cause harm and shift to milder conditioners, shampoos and masks. You can also ask your stylist to help you choose these.

Other useful tips: You should never twirl your hair ends with your finger while concentrating or nervous. They lead to split ends. The daily dose of ironing, curlers and other chemicals or styling has to be avoided completely. When your hair is entangled a little more than usual, use your fingers to detangle them to avoid breakage.  Minimize manipulating your hair during the growth period or use styles that last for a considerable period of time say a fortnight or may be more.

We recommend you follow this routine and you will notice a considerable change in the length of your hair.


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  1. Shamrock23 says:

    Agree with everything except your take on spilt ends. Split ends doesn’t restrict the growth of hair. Hair grows from the shaft the ends have nothing to do with that. Split ends effects the retention of length. The hair will continue to split if not properly trimmed and cared for thus not allowing you to retain any of the length you gained from your hair growth

  2. How To......... says:

    The best way to grow hair long is: 1. Lots of moisture, 2. Eat a organic plant-based whole food diet as often as possibe, 3. Healthy fats(ie, chia seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed, walnut, etc), 4. No or limited heat, 5. Protective Styles, 6. Exercise, 7. lite Trim, 8. LEAVE YOU HAIR ALONE:)

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