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If your new to my blog, my name is Gabrielle Allen. I am a hair blogger and vlogger. I am also a licensed healthy hair specialist who helps women all over the world grow out their hair in and out of the salon.  You can read more about me here

Below are a few women who have joined my virtual challenges and have seen AMAZING length retention! This is one of the main reasons I am now offering virtual memberships!

Our hair grows 1/2 an inch a month so it will take 6 months – 1 year to see the drastic changes you are looking for!

“My hair was almost at the 4″ line. Today, it’s almost at the 6” line!! Thank you‪#‎Strawberricurls‬ for sponsoring this ‪#‎growyourfropsc‬! I didn’t do it to win anything, I did it to challenge myself! I’m ready for the next one!” – Barbara


“I am truly amazed by the growth that I received from the‪#‎GrowYourFroPSC‬!! I cut a whole inch from some parts of my hair and half inch in some 😢reason being this head grows so very weird. Some parts grow super long comparing to the other parts and I hate uneven hair so very bad, 😁but the growth is beautiful tho!!” – Kyler


“Haha It’s the last day of the challenge, and I must say that I absolutely love the progress in my hair! Here’s my before and after. My hair has been trimmed in the after photo, as well.” – Sydney


“Thank you again Gabrielle for another great challenge! I can’t wait for more!! !! I started off a line past 4 and I’m literally almost touching line 6!! For me this is GREAT growth and length retention! I’m hoping everyone enjoyed this challenge as much as I did and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s end results!! ‪#‎strawberricurls‬” – Kina



“Yay the challenge is over and here are my results, I grew over an inch (y)thanks ladies for your support and thank you Gabrielle for hosting this great challenge once again ‪#‎growyourfropsc‬” – Mandy


✔️ Protective Styling Ideas

✔️ Product Recommendations! No more guess work!

✔️ Tips on How To Grow Your Hair

✔️ Building A Natural Hair Regimen

✔️ Videos For Protective Style Ideas

✔️ Daily and Weekly Checklist

✔️ One on one monthly check-in virtual sessions to keep you accountable

All of this for the price of $45/month!

I also help my clients grow out their hair in the salon as well! Here are a few examples here, here and here.

This membership will only have 20 spots available and will be launching March 1st! Fill out the form below!

Virtual Membership Form

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  1. Chilufya Katamba says:

    Kindly send me tips on how to grow my hair on my email, I will really appreciate, my hair has been breaking.

  2. Maria Alleyne says:

    Hi. I’m from Trinidad. Looking forward to your tips on hair growth. Been struggling for years.

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