Giveaway: Rachel Stewart “Afrodisiacs Earrings”


I am giving away these GAWGUS earrings by Rachel Stewart called Afrodisiacs. They retail for $28 bucks and she also has a necklace to match AND she’s has a 15% off sale going on when you use the coupon code: TOOHOT

Shout out to Rachel Stewart for sponsoring this giveaway. Now the rules are simple.

Here are the rules:

YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS POST w/ your name and a brief post on why your hair makes you different!

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You can do all 3 or just 1. The winner will be randomly selected. 

Giveway ends on the 27th of June!!

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  1. My hair makes me different b/c when I go places nobody has my hair (color, thickness, curls, etc) and it adds flair to my outfits. My friends now recognize me from across a room b/c of my hair. Natural hair rocks!

  2. natural hair gets responses! we are drawn to each other by our hair and our heritage…our love and respect for the pure state of things!

  3. My hair makes me different because I am not afraid to stand out from the crowd. I love to embrace my kinks and curls and it definitely has defined my style!

    Joy B.

    1. I love being natural because that in and of itself makes me different. I love the heritage of my hair. I love the way it makes me feel like I’m back in the 70’s. I love being afrolicious and it isn’t going to change. l love being a part of the natural movement and I have seen a lot of people around me start to see the beauty of being natural and learning to be friends with your hair.

  4. Hey it’s Kira Nicole…my hair makes me different because it makes me authentic and unique….I am able to be very versatile in my styling options and choices and I love it!!!!

  5. I’m Trisha and my hair makes me different cause its uniquely my own style….even if you try to mimic my styles you can never be as unique as me! I change my styles like I change my undies…lol…I love my natural hair cause its so versatile!

  6. My hair makes me different because it is unique just like me. I have a look that cannot be recreated!! I can rock a super straight look or sport a mighty mane of curls. My hair takes on different personalities depending on how its styled. So when I step out, you never know who may get!!

  7. My hair hair makes me different because I’m not afraid to embrace my natural beauty. I’m natural and I’m beautiful.

  8. My hair makes me different because it stands out in a crowd, with the thickness and the lovely dark brown coiled texture. It makes a statement it speaks love, life, health and natural beauty.

  9. Name: EbonyCPrincess
    My hair makes me special because it reflects all the care I put into it. It is also a measure of my overall health, when I have a healthy diet, am exercising, drinking plenty of water…my hair thrives. My hair represents my crown and glory, it is the ultimate accessory of my femininity, and makes me feel more beautiful!!!

  10. My hair has always been different, growing up in a town where my brother and I were the only black kids made me always want to have straight hair like my friends. Now that I’ve grown and seen a little bit more of the world, I know it’s okay to love my kinky curls. Loving my hair makes me unique.

    Name: Jamila

  11. Ollie Moss says:

    I love my natural hair. I get questions and postive comments about it all the time. It me makes me special (as well as other other natural hair wearers) special because I (we) own the style and who we are.

    Ollie M.

  12. Priscilla S. says:

    My hair makes me different because I stand out! Natural hair of all texture catches attention because the confidence beams through!

  13. My hair makes me different because it is fly! It can be styled in many different ways and I stand out in a crowd on any day..My kinks, curls, coils, twists, twists outs, and braid outs are guranteed to get attention no matter where I am. And why does my hair make me different, you may ask–because it’s me and it’s unique..Au Naturale and loving it!

  14. My hair makes me different because it lets my face shine in the crowd and it gives me the extra few inches in height that I always wanted! 🙂

  15. I’m Shennan aka Soul~Flower, my hair makes me different simply because its MINE, no two heads of hair are the same….Being NATURAL = Standing Out in a Crowd! I love the Natural Me….Hey I love the Natural US!!!

  16. My hair makes me unique because my natural color is jet black (like some people dye for…:-) and I have a natural grey streak that serves as my trademark. I wear Sisterlocks and that’s another unique thing because I don’t run into other Sisterlockers very often. I love being natural and I love the hair God blessed me with.

  17. My hair makes me diff. b/c it isn’t chemically straightened. It is also what I was born with, natural curls that are beautiful and strong and defines me!


  18. MissKaesKurls says:

    My hair makes me different because everywhere I go I stand out! I feel fancy everytime I step out of the house! I always get compliments and questions on how good it looks and what products I use! It makes me different because I’m being my authentic self and not trying to chemically change the natural ME!

  19. Name: Tiffany O.
    My hair makes me different because it’s an inspiration to others who I meet and I rock it with finesse and love 🙂 I embrace it so naturally!

  20. I fanned you on your fb page and subscribed to your YouTube channel 🙂

  21. My natural hair makes me different because it shows that even at middle age, you are never to old to rock your lovely natural coils. I big chopped after having predictable permed hair for 30 years! Fearless!

    My natural hair is also versatile: I love to do buns, twistouts, puffs, wash n gos, pinups, etc. My hubby never knows what to expect!

  22. Precious Grant says:

    My hair makes me different, because I live outside the box. I enjoy life and I am not restricted and my hair is not restricted. My hair does what it wants, when it wants and that is what I go with.

  23. My name is Jordan and my hair shows how different I am. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of my hair and I, I’m going to have to disagree. My hair physically shows how i have no longer decided to engage in the same “collective consciousness” as just about everybody else. It also shows that I am happy with myself just the way God made me, unlike most other people.

  24. My name is Tracey and my hair makes me different because it contributes to the make up and characteristics of who I am collectively and individually…

  25. V. Porter says:

    My hair makes me different because of the special statement it makes and the places it makes it. Because natural hair is bigger and more textured, we all know we get more attention. But until two months ago, I was in the Peace Corps in West Africa. People often looked at me and thought “she looks just like us” except I didn’t have a relaxer and my hair was growing. My hair was a testament that “Black” hair could grow.
    Now that I’m back in the US, I’m living in Iowa. and my hair still makes a statement. There are more Black people and people of color in Iowa than before but the numbers are still for misconceived notions: being loud, or committing a crime, but because I work in an office with natural hair, in the middle of Iowa.

  26. My hair makes me different because I am able to wear it in a variety of styles and change up my look whenever I want

  27. My hair makes me different because it epitomizes who I am. I’m freedom, happiness, vitality, strength, comfort, passion! That’s the simplest way I can put it. It’s simply shows me being myself, with whatever style I decide to wear.

  28. Nia (docniap) says:

    My hair makes me different because I don’t have to conform to anybody’s standards. I never look the same because I let it be whatever it’s going to be on any given day. I get to be fly on my terms!

  29. My name is Tracy and my hair makes me different because it shows I’m not afraid to be different. I always stand out in a crowded room because of my curls and my hair color. My hair is always a topic of discussion.

  30. My name is Patrice and why my hair makes me different. Although there are thousands of NaturalSistas..each one has their own personal style, texture and color. we may all have a 2 strand twist but my twists may fall differently, curl tighter or turn into an afro at any moment. Difference separates me, I love being apart of something so beautiful but knowing if I must stand alone….I Can! hugs!

  31. My hair makes me different because it shows I am not afraid to wear my God given texture. When I am out and about my hair is big, bold, beautiful, and it always turns heads! My hair just overall fits me!

  32. I thought I was in love with my hair . . . after having Sisterlocks for one year, I realized how blinded I was . . . I am TRULY in love with my Sisterlocks!!

  33. my hair is not different, it is original and natural; however, the way others perceive my hair is different. The stereotypes that comes with natural hair is entertaining and sad all at the same time. It took me a few years to understand my hair and how it reacts to certain things. Now that I have my hair “under control” I love my locs 😀

  34. Jasmine Cheek says:

    My hair is just as unique as I am and that makes it different. It has a bit of everything just like me. A variety of textures, lengths, and an interesting color.

  35. Felicia
    my hair makes me different because it is my smile… it is my heart and it makes me different because when people see my hair they have to see me (for who i am)

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