“Girl Please You Are Not Natural”

UGH! I have no idea who is coming up with all these rules of what is considered natural and what is not but it really needs to stop. It’s like 1 person says something and then gets all these droids to co-sign on their asinine theories. I’m sorry but just because you said it and you got a bunch of people who cannot think for themselves to follow and co-sign on it, does not make it law.

Your not natural if you:

  • Wear weaves
  • Have hair color in your hair
  • Don’t use all natural products
  • Don’t live a holistic life
  • Flat iron your hair
  • Not a vegan (or something like that)

…….kill yo self….

You have to be a seriously uneducated person to try to impose these views on people and get mad when they don’t co-sign on them. Do your research before you start talking about things that you have no knowledge about whatsoever.

Who the hell am I to try to determine whether someone is considered “natural or not”? Different strokes for different folks!

The only thing that I don’t consider natural is having a relaxer, texlax, or a texturizer. Yes some could argue color but IMO all that does is change the color but it doesn’t drastically affect your hair color. Yes its a chemical process but just because she has a color in her head doesn’t make her less natural than me!

Matter fact. ..*pause* … I DO HAVE COLOR IN MY HEAD! My hair isn’t naturally black, i put a black dye in it. Am i no longer considered natural?

And then we have idiots like this who have no idea what they are talking about so they just say anything once people realize they are full of it.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxZFvoSO2LE]

“Now your hair is becoming wet and its becoming curly, and its drawing closer, and its looking more beautified, b/c its looking more eye-catching…its not as dry as it originally would be”

O___o …what the hell are you talking about??

I just had to get that off my chest.
What other excuses do people say that someone is “not natural”?

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  1. Those excuses you listed are the ones I always here. Isn’t water a chemical! LMBO! I chose not to argue with ignorance….Great post!

  2. 773natural says:

    lol, What the hell is she saying????? You are so right! I am so tired of people with these weak minded followers trying to decide for us naturals what is natural or not. When half the time they are not even following their own made up regime themselves. I have heard that I too am not natural because I have color in my hair, or because my hair is saturated with products that are not homemade I am not natural…..WHAT! But the biggest thing that aggravate me to all out hell is when I am around other naturals who look down on me because I am not walking around with african flags hanging out of my ears or tree twigs for hair accessories. Why just because our hair is natural that we MUST also change our look, dress and preference when it comes to fashion? I didn’t wear twigs for jewelry when I was relaxed and I refuse to give in walking around with wooden beads and balls now!

    1. 773natural says:

      And i’m sorry but that screenshot is hilarious! That was exactly what she probably was thinking!

    2. Ok, that’s funny, but true. Some people do expect naturals to walk around in dashikis with the twig jewelry/hair accessories, using body oils and burning incense every whereyou go

  3. I had to go back and watch the previous video. These two videos are just…….

    You are ‘kinda natural’ and then you go perm it or you won’t flat iron your hair because it goes against being natural!? I thought the goal was to be relaxer free?! Some ppl you just can’t argue with!

  4. LOL. What the heck is she talking about? Some folks just need to stay in the house.

    1. MekaSharee says:

      “Some folks just need to stay in the house.” LMAO in dying over here!

  5. Love this post. Especially because I color and bleach my hair and I consider myself very natural. A natural rebel too.

  6. I read this title and just had to take a double look… This is why people say we naturals are just as crazy and ridiculous as the “Christians who went to Africa”. And this is why people argue that naturals are bullies. Some are just taking this too far!

  7. I love this! I once read somewhere–a Youtube comment– that you couldn’t be considered natural if you put moisturizers, creams, etc. such as Kinky Curly in your hair because that is still not how one’s hair “naturally” is. WTF?! My response– so does wearing lotion make your skin synthetic?

    1. Elizabeth says:


      1. SmilingElephant says:

        +2!!! OH NO I’M MANNEQUIN-SKINNED!!! Lol!!!

        That girl sounded SO dumb..smh. Yes you’re natural..but you only have 6 inches of newgrowth WITH permed ends!!…NO! SIT!

    2. Leo the Yardie Chick says:

      So, according to her, natural hair is hair that looks dry, parched, and begging for help?

      Some people need to stop, think, and do research before they speak.

  8. Lacoya (thesupercoya) says:

    Me as I was transitioning through this post….and after watching this post!

    o_o ………….. O_O………..X_X (*DEAD*)

    GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAOOOO! (Yes, I am a computer nerd)

    1. Lacoya (thesupercoya) says:

      2nd post = video*

  9. Great article. When your are truly content with yourself, you don’t care what other people are doing.

  10. I’ve also heard pressing your hair makes you “not a natural” . I’ve pressed for about 15 years. I stopped pressing about a month or 2 ago, just because with my workouts it was was a waste of time & money. Now I’m curly natural full time, as opposed to splitting time with pressed natural.

  11. I am so happy you posted this because I get so TIRED of folk trying to say what is natural or not. Like I always say, “Have a Stadium FULL of seats, sir/madam” ……

  12. What a coincidence, i just watched part 1 yesterday, i couldn’t even watch part 2. just hearing it was noise to my ears. People are really hurting themselves and others with such ignorance.

  13. She is on some bull! She’s trying too hard to believe her own BS! I’m natural b/c I got 6″ of new growth…girl pleaaaaalllleeeeese!

  14. So being natural is just not taking care of your hair….and just let it fall out? Foolishness!

  15. That chick weave is too tight where she has lost her common sense on what you do to natural hair and what is natural hair, relaxer has burned part of her brains. Someone give her a book to read

  16. Hold up cuz they are both on one. the chick on the left is all kind of crazy but homegirl on the right stating that she only uses natural products to prove her naturalness? I do not know the owner of this channel all her vids are filled with foolishness, however entertaining.

  17. 1. Wear weaves
    2. Have hair color in your hair
    3. Don’t use all natural products
    4. Don’t live a holistic life
    5. Flat iron your hair
    6. Not a vegan (or something like that)
    I’m with you with calling bullshit on what she was saying, because she is really trippin. HOWEVER, your list of natural is a bit skewed also.
    I use a paul mitchell product on my all natural hair…..Am I not natural now?
    My hair is dyed occasionally…..
    I flat Iron my hair sometimes….
    I am certainly not a vegan……

    BUT, with all this being said,I believe being natural, to be fair, is UNRELAXED, UNWEAVED, UNGLUED etc…
    My hair is unprocessed!
    I believe unprocessed hair is natural.

    Loving all the beautiful women andgirls with beautiful, fros, twistlocks, etc. Keep rockin’ it. Stay Natural

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I am saying that list is ridiculousness, im not saying i
      agree with it

    2. Context clues…She never said those are HER rules. She even negates some of those rules because she states she DOES have color in her own hair. She was simply stating that those are common “Natural Laws” that many people use to determine what being a “true” natural is, and they are all ridiculous.

  18. The writer was saying the list is dumb. She wasn’t actually saying those are the rules. She was in a way mocking the rules. The writer said, “The only thing that I don’t consider natural is having a relaxer, texlax, or a texturizer.” She does not agree with the blue list & neither do I.

  19. RozzieRoz says:

    LOL Hilarious! That girl on the left was so off. I have been natural for almost 6 years now, and sometimes I weave it up to give my hair a break, or I may flat iron it out. Natural hair is unrelaxed hair, period. Whether I press or weave, my hair is still in the natural state!

  20. OMG!! I am completely speechless at the girl! where did you find such a video?? lmao.. I can’t take her seriously..

  21. Unfortunately for me I’m constantly being told that my hair is not “real” natural because of my curl pattern. I have 3b/3c hair.

  22. Okay….I couldn’t get past the first 2.5 minutes of this video…without intense laughter!!! ROTFLMBO!!!!
    Wow….that’s all I can say….SROTFLMBO!!!!

  23. AfroGeisha says:

    This chick is GARBAGE! She can’t even speak ENGLISH!! LMBO @ her ignorance!!!!!

  24. How is shea butter a chemical??? This woman is a mess.

  25. Kellygirl says:

    What in THEE hell is she talking about? “Now it’s becoming curly and drawing closer” Drawing closer to what??? I’m drawing closer to wanting her to shut up until she actually goes natural and works her hair our for herself. So busy talking about something she knows nothing about. Live your own truth before you try to someone how to live theirs. smh

  26. Part 3 is quite interesting, hearing how men view women who are natural vs. having a weave.

  27. So a white person the uses moose I guess they are not natural…..lol

  28. If that’s how she feels then why does she think its alright to use shampoo and conditioner? Why don’t we just all stop washing our hair and using conditioner and combs? I mean that is altering it from the way it grows out of our head. And braids? Those are alright? I wonder why. We weren’t born with braids. How dare we style our hair! We are only allowed to grow hair and nothing else. No products. No maintenance. No hair! She just done irked my nerves.

    1. Relliemac says:

      lol I was just flat out confused..one minute she natural and then she isnt.

  29. Ok so a white person using moose and other hair product in there hair is not natural

  30. NenoNaturalDotCom says:

    These girls are idiots! Especially the one with the weave.

    Natural just means NOT relaxed, I thought! But what do I know….

      1. Relliemac says:

        Anybody up for a trip out to the woods to gather hair supplies?

  31. Yolanda Lewis says:

    There is soooo many things I need to touch on. First of all….. Natural hair is the original straight, curly or wavy pattern that you have when you were born. Natural hair does not have chemical relaxer or texturizer in it. The lady on the left is a bit confused and uneducated about hair PERIOD. She keeps referring to PERM. Perm is the process of turning straight hair curly by taking ammonium thioglycolate and applying to the hair shaft with rods to make it curly. BLACK people get relaxers NOT perms…. Chemical relaxers turn curly hair straight by using sodium hydroxide which is applied to the hair roots where the new growth is. SECONDLY —- Before conditioner and shampoos people used natural herbs, plants, oils and butters to cleanse the hair. Because we have advanced, we now use those same natural things along with things to add shine and helps detangle the hair and leave our hair with a great smell. THIRDLY— Her opinion is neither fact or law. She has the right to voice it however, I can back mine up with science and facts. Don’t get flustered with one opinion of an uneducated individual. I only worry about truth.
    I have been natural for two years now. I have color on my hair ends. I have not altered my natural hair state only the color. My hair is still in it’s natural state. Some will argue that I’m not natural. Will I loose sleep over them??? NO … I know who I am and what’s important. Pick your battles. 🙂

  32. Yume MoMoko says:

    This is a great Topic Question, and everyone has their views on what natural is or should be. I can say I understand where the girl with the weave is coming from; She mentions that a natural is someone who shampoo and conditions their hair and does not use any type of moisturizer to detangle the hair, which is what I would call a full blown natural they do not believe in no extra products. I recall back when I was younger when we would get our hair done as natural kids our parents and grandparents would shampoo and condition our hair, use vaseline and that was it. Our hair was so health and they did not use any type of detangling moisturizers. She also mentions that she was Natural under her wig; I understood her as saying she have new growth she has been without a perm for however long but you better believe when this wig comes off I will perm my new growth.

    And the Girl that was Natural mentioned she uses Raw Shea Butter, and said that on the container the ingredients are all natural; well how does she really know that is Natural Shea Butter when now regardless of the product that is being sold Chemicals can still be put inside of it without her knowing. I mean she does not grow the ingredients or make it herself so she does not know what is inside her products no one knows but the company who is making it.

    I am Natural, I do use Cantu Products, But I do not use those products daily. I Shampoo and condition my hair every two weeks or three weeks depending on how dirty my hair really is. I use Vaseline to grease my scalp and I do not use leave in conditioner and I have long thick hair. But what works for my hair will not work for someone else! Everyone hair is different!!! I wish everyone would realize that. 🙂

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