Five Ways to Drink More Water

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We have all heard it, 60% of the body is composed of water. But isn’t it hard to drink the recommended 64ounces of water a day? I can’t lie, I struggle with it but I’m working on it. So here are a few tips on how to drink more water. I would also suggest you to use good water filter system for drinking healthy water. You can Learn more about Culligan water filter system which provides healthy water to drink.


Carry it with you!- It seems soda, coffee and energy drinks are all around. If you always keep a bottle water on you then you can sip it  throughout the day. Try putting water in one of these cute bottles.


Tea-This is a quick way to drink water without the added calories. Try having hot tea in the morning and cold tea during lunch. With a variety of flavors such as Ginger and lemon berry, you’ll never get  tired of drinking tea!

Random Note: Did you know there is Ayurvedic tea?! WHITE AYURVEDIC CHAI TEA. Ayurvedic items are everywhere!



Sparking Water– Get all the benefits of being calorie free but satisfies your fizz craving. Here are a few brands of sparking waters I like: San Pellegrino, Perrier, Trader’s Joe and Wholefoods. I love adding zest to sparking water with a little lemon and lime juice.


Frozen Fruit – Instead of flavoring your water with lemon, try new adding fruits and veggies such as: limes, raspberries, orange, cucumber or coconut. Take it a further step  by adding few frozen pieces of fruit into your water, tea or sparking water. It will make your plain jane glass of water look pretty and its really refreshing.

Eat It! -Fruits and vegetables contain large quantities of water in proportion to their weight. When these foods are eaten, the water can be absorbed by the body. Here are a few suggestions:  watermelon, broccoli, cabbage, grapefruit, tomatoes and cucumbers. All of these fruits are at least 90% water.

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