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In an effort to deliver the best content possible to you all,  I would like you to take a minute to take this survey to let me know what it is that you would like to see here at I will be expanding in the future but I would greatly appreciate it if you all will give me your thoughts and opinions.

Just take the survey and you will be automatically entered to win FREE hair products from CurlKit. Just leave your twitter, instagram, or facebook name in the comments section below. And trust me, I will know if you ACTUALLY took the survey. Lol. Don’t try to get over on me buddy

If your not familiar with Curlkit, check out my video below to see what you are entering to win!

If you can’t see the survey above, you can take it here

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While your here, you can also check out my Natural Hair 101 post

natural hair guide for beginners

Thank you so much!

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  1. Endenezjia. Graham says:

    I took the survey my Facebook name is Endenezjia Graham thank you

  2. @xilentswan3 is my ig but I do like your blog since I am on a natural journey with my daughters. Gives me style ideas

  3. Ashli Melvin says:

    Survey done. IG: @ashneedsig

  4. Morgan Robinson says:

    done. IG: @Bearzilla

  5. SharonMarie Walters says:

    Complete IG: @Virgo_Fire19

  6. Teri Conrad says:

    Took the survey! Ig:t_michelle_c

  7. Took the survey. I just wanted to reiterate, it would help to get guest youtubers and bloggers to talk about their experiences, since there are so many hair types and lengths. I’m @tiffany_labett on IG.

  8. Complete! IG: simplydes35

  9. DONE- ig mssongbird_thevirgo

  10. Done- IG @queenshunny_

  11. Completed the survey. I hope it helps with all of your success da_mommadoll_ty

  12. Easypeasy IG @darlingjas

  13. Tiffany Jackson says:

    I took the survey my IG is tjcksn1

  14. I completed the survey
    IG: hiimghanaian

  15. Leah Ashton says:

    I completed the survey.

  16. I completed the survey, I cannot wait to see what is the next big move for Strawberricurls.
    IG: bringbackthegirls

  17. I completed the survey. Glad to see someone from back home doing well! Make us proud, baby! #whodat (IG name: reggie_rivers)

  18. i completed the survey! Thanks for all that you share. It’s great seeing positive black women helping others.

  19. I took the survey . My IG is a_jenee1

  20. Hilangela says:

    I took the survey @kitkat1920

  21. TheOnlyOne says:

    Ig: naturallybeautiful.always

  22. I took the survey @janice j-nice Curtis via facebook

  23. I took the survey megaanc at hotmail dot com

  24. LOveLifE Po. says:

    Thank you!

    instagram tay_vii

  25. shaishai robinson says:

    Fb name: shaishai robinson

  26. Nicole Arnold says:

    Nicole Arnold facebook

  27. Asya Sturgis says:

    Asya Nicole on fb and Instagram funnsizzedd_

  28. Shrondia Davis says:

    I took the survey fb Shrondia Davis IG ms.pea

  29. sweetshels says:

    shelspringles on IG & Twitter

  30. Its_bdieon-IG
    Brittany Dieon-FB

  31. trugloree -Twitter & IG

  32. To'Ccorra Hill says:

    IG @ captivating_cora

  33. IG:_robinlewy , twitter: @_GalGoneNatural

  34. @kitt__cat ig and twitter.

  35. Porscha Davis says:

    IG and Twitter: silent_beauty91

  36. Katrese Butler-Gasper says:

    ig nurse_kay_bee_gee

  37. Jasmine Jenkins says:

    IG: jazyyjayy Twitter: @JChipmnk

  38. Sharonda Holleman says:

    IG: sharondashariee

  39. Tiffany DeVane says:

    @tiffany_annette on IG

  40. @charmedessence Thank you for continuing to bring quality content!

    1. Oh this is my Instagram and my Twitter handle 😉

  41. @lanadelbitchie on instagram

  42. DeeKaramel1 says:

    @mzkarameldee on IG

  43. NaturalRebel says:

    @Frostkissed on Twitter ^.^

  44. Marian Ofori says:

    @afiakorantemaa on twitter

  45. Shawanda Davis says:

    Thanks for all ur tips @TheReal1 Twitter

  46. Ray'Nethia says:

    Ig:ello_bunny or Hawaiianlove95
    Facebook:Ray’Nethia Roberts

  47. took the survey my instagram name is ms_analogy

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