ebony magizine trayvon martin cover issue

Ebony’s September Issue Dedicated to Travyon Martin Sparks Twitter Riot

ebony magizine trayvon martin cover issue

According to Clutch Magazine

September issue of Ebony Magazine covers Trayvon Martin

Welp, you knew this would happen.

After Ebony magazine released a preview of its upcoming September issue, which features four separate images dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin and examines Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws, the racist trolls started coming out in droves.

Whites threaten Ebony Magazine boycott

ebony magizine trayvon martin cover tweet

According to the 68-year-old magazine, they have been inundated by individuals expressing their displeasure over the cover because they’ve chosen to “take Martin’s side.”

Here are a sampling of the tweets:

ebony magizine trayvon martin cover

While the evocative cover was meant to stir up conversation, some Whites have mentioned boycotting Ebony magazine, which begs the question, for that?s

Considering Ebony is a publication owned by African Americans and produced for Black folks, what would a White-out (a boycott by White folks) do to the Ebony brand considering most have never bought the magazine in the first place?

Although the threat of a boycott seems absolutely pointless, one thing is clear. Ebony magazine’s covers did exactly what they were supposed to do: drum up conversation and score the publication some much-needed buzz.

I can’t lie. She has a very valid point. Would good would it do Caucasians to boycott Ebony magazine? Nobody boycotted the justice system when they decided to let Zimmerman go free. I think this is ridiculous simply because it’s a magazine cover. Bolder statements have been made with pictures. You can really see all of the racism coming to a head since this trial.


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  1. Tia_Sunny says:

    Lol, they don’t even buy the magazine though.

  2. Not only is the racism coming out, but the ignorance as well. The definition of racist is a person that judges another group of people based on opinions and societal observation, rather than on the actual facts surrounding that group.

    1. Well, not really… but that’s a part of the definition.

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