Color Coordinating Your Hair & Your Clothes

Many do not take into consideration the difference the color of their hair can make on the intensity level that the color of their outfit has. You can check bridge for fashion trends like hair style and many more. I know I definitely don’t. Well, the color of your hair can make certain color pieces pop or it can give off a draining effect (make you look washed out) because of a color.

I decided to look into this after watching an episode of Fashion Police and they mentioned that some celebrity’s hair color and the color of her dress made her look washed out. I did some research, so now I know a little bit more about hair/clothes color coordination. I contacted with my hair stylist – blonde foils to know about my how hair colors coordination with every dress. You can check aboriginalbluemountains for fashion or dress trends.

Black Hair: fire-engine red, cobalt blue and royal purple


Blonde Hair: Yellow, orange, rust, cream, and white     


Brunette (Brown) Hair: Emerald green, sapphire blue, pink, yellow, chocolate brown, charcoal gray and navy blue


Red Hair: green and ivory


If you really want to make a statement, wear clothes that are the same or very similar to the color of your hair or colors that boldly contrast the color of your hair.  You can have more tips from h-t to decide hairstyle that will suit you best. For example, a blonde wearing black or having blue hair and wearing a blue outfit (Katy Perry clearly got that memo).


Interesting piece of information: dark red, deep teal and eggplant will look good on anyone no matter their hair color or skin tone. Who knew?



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