Chunky Twistout With Mizani True Textures Collection

You know when you have those days where you don’t feel like doing a damn thing.. Well this is what happened here. I was like ” You have to do your hair, but your not about to sit up here and do it for 3 hours”

Yep… my point exactly.


SO! I decided that i would just do a chunky twistout and get it over with

And then i realized….. i have new products to try..hmmm… desicions

So in my ever so lazy fashion i decided to make some use to this little predicement.

The good folks over at gave me a little suprise in the mail and sent me 2 products from the Mizani True Textures Collection. The True Textures Curl Set Moisturizing High-Hold Jelly and the True Textures Curl Soft
Moisturizing Leave-in Creme

It was alright at best. Can’t say that i would run out and get buy either 1 of these products. Since i still have them tho, ill use them until they run out. I really saw no drastic difference from using these as compared to anything else i have used. ~Shrug~

But it’s always fun to try new products


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  1. Thanks for your review, I keep seeing this product and the cost is a little up there. I have only seen one other review for this product and judging by the two I have seen, I’ll save my money.

  2. Hmm… good to know! I was eying the mizani but I think I’ll take a pass and try something else instead.

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