Chrisette Michelle is thinking about relaxing her Natural Hair

Mary J said “No More Drama” over and over in my dressing room on YouTube before my Mississippi show last night. It registered with me. My phone was ringing, my email alerting, texts blowing up and for some reason it was all drama. I decided to rid myself of as much nonsense as possible. People usually don’t mean as much harm as they create but it’s your responsibility to your self to end unhealthy relationships. Maybe you need closer. Maybe you just need to release yourself “cold turkey”. Sometimes it takes a song in repeat, a book, a bible verse, maybe even a bad day but when u get it, take action. For me it was “No More Drama” by Mary J backstage in my dressing room. This is your life. This is your only chance to “make it happen”. Release the drama and un-needed clutter in your life. Change your number. Get a new email. Erase your FACEBOOK PAGE. Change your twitter name. Do what ever you need to do, to leave drama behind because the plan that God has for you is easy and light. Renew your mind today and be transformed. Drama doesn’t have to be your truth. Say goodbye to it. Let it go.

Dont be afraid of tomorrow when all the drama is gone. You are here for yourself. Pat your own back. And when you need a friend He’s there listening everytime.

Cheers to drama-free-ness! I love you folks 🙂

Stay blessed 🙂


PS… I’m thinking about relaxing my beloved naps… I’m getting a little bored. ADD much?

Can we show her a little love and give her some tips and advice?

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  1. Nooooooo! Don’t relax your hair…you look beautiful! Rock a puff or a blow out…but no chems please!

  2. I’m not sure what advice to give her…if she’s bored, she’s bored. It’s not a big deal. If she wants to relax it, she can. I’m sure it’s lovely either way. But who cares about her hair…how about those eyelashes!!!! Want!

  3. Chrisette I’m a newly natural sister too and I’ve felt bored myself. However I know down in my soul that relaxing my hair is hurtful and harmful. You’ve come too far to turn back now. Stay focused and look ahead. Look to Jesus for ideas on what to do with your hair and how to style. Let it grow up and rock all sorts of natural styles, get kinky twist, bantu knot, etc. Remember Chrisette you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. God Bless you!!

  4. Peace. Chrisette shows confidence in herself and I think regardless of hair, this will show. However, I love this look on her, and I know she has inspired and influenced many.

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