9 Naturals With Dope Gray Natural Hair On Instagram

gray natural hair

If you have missed the latest trend in hair color on IG, you have to be blind! Gray natural hair seems to be the latest in colorful curls. I wish I had the courage to do it because I would in a heartbeat! But I don’t so I will settle for my daily dose of […]

6 Benefits of Using Bhringraj To Stop Thinning Natural Hair

stop thinning natural hair

If you are looking to stop thinning natural hair, then you need to look into the power of something known as Bhringraj, It’s a massively versatile product but in general it’s used to help people who are suffering from little or rapidly thinning hair. It’s a natural product that is made using Bhringraj powder, as […]

Tendril Tuesdays: Your Natural Hair Questions Answered!

tendril tuesday

Any suggestions for thinning hair? Due to some recent health issues and massive stress on my body, I’ve been seeing my hair get a little thin all over, but mostly in front. It’s coming out all over, not in large patches, thankfully. I’m looking for suggestions on how to both disguise the thinning and encourage […]