4 Simple Ways To Grow Natural Hair Fast

grow natural hair fast

Hair shedding is one problem that millions of people around the globe go through and therefore there have been many products in the market that promise to eradicate the problem in short time, but hardly few products deliver what they promise. Many a times most of the products that fight hair shedding and allow consumers […]

Natural Hair Tutorials | Fierce Friday Edition

natural hair tutorials

It's #Fiercefridays Ladies! Instagram or Tweet your #naturalhair pictures using hastag #Fiercefriday! — Strawberricurls (@StrawberriCurls) August 2, 2013 It’s #FierceFriday, Natural Hair Tutorials edition!  Send in your natural hair pictures and i will feature them on the blog! I know i haven’t posted many pictures of my own hair lately and i do apologize for […]

5 Protein Treatments For Natural Hair

protein treatments for natural hair

 Your hair needs adequate amounts of protein and moisture to stay shiny, lustrous and strong. Everyday styling and pollution can snatch the moisture from you hair and leave them dull and lifeless. The best way to keep your strands very healthy and full of life is  a protein treatment. Protein helps repair the hair cuticle […]

Alternative Treatments For Hair Loss

natural hair loss

Scalp science has progressed tremendously in recent years. We now know that once a follicle has died, then that little factory can no longer produce new hair. We also know that some follicles stop producing hair and become dormant, rather than actually dying. If hair loss is occurring for reasons other than follicle death then […]