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Box Braids: Whitney’s DIY Experience

I really wanted to change my look so I decided to do something completely different, box braids. I was going for a Solange inspired look…

I wanted mine to be a little thinner than that, but I love this ethnic, boho look. Just in case you were wondering, the difference between box braids and micro braids is box braids are thicker and braided with synthetic hair.

I’ve had my hair braided a ton of times before, but I’ve never attempted them myself. I went to trusty you tube to learn a few things them I got started…

I started with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair.

Here is the braid hair I bought. It was on sale for 99 cents a bag.

Close up shot..

Then I started. Here is my first braid! It took me freakin’ 30 minutes!

Look how proud I was!

I spent 6 hours on Friday and I forgot to take a picture when I was done because I was exhausted! Saturday I started at 10:00 am this is what I had around 3:00.

Yea, 11 hours in that’s all I had done. I was so sad! So my new strategy was to braid all around the edges and leave the middle until then so if I didn’t finish I could at least pull all of the braids back. I was so tired by this point and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so I had to call in reinforcements. I bribed Alex to come help me. We braided from 4:00 to 9:20ish and this is how far we got.

Not to bad, but I had this entire section to do Sunday by myself

On Sunday I was tired so I took big ass sections and braided the rest of it in 3 hours…the middle is a little janky but oh well.

The finished product!!

They are a little uneven, but they are DONE. 18 hours ( it took me about an hour to cut them and seal the ends) and 3 days later. Geez! It took 7 packs of hair so all and all this cost me only $7. You cant beat that.

Here are a few ways I’ve worn them over the few days

This day my BF told me I looked like Ms. Cleo. I was like ok, well let me read your palm. I told him that the long line on his right hand tells me he’s a sucky BF! HA! He eventually came around. He likes them now.

I’m looking around for more styles to wear..How do y’all think I, well we (Alex and I) did?

Braid care regimen

Twice a day, I spray Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray on the top half of my braids when my hair is, then I use Shea Moisture deep masque treatment as a moisturizer. You cant forget that there your natural hair is still in there so you have to keep it moisturized or it will break. I also use Sporty Afros Ayuvedic oil on my scalp and seal in the Shea Moisture.

I’m not going to wash them too often, only when I get out of the pool and then I will use my Aubrey Organics shampoo diluted in a cup of water so I can just “rinse” the shampoo through my braids without manipulating them too much. I don’t want them to get frizzy. Then I’ll add my Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner since its clear and wont have as much build up and I’ll do my daily moisturizing routine above.

Caring for braids while working out

As for working out, I didn’t really think that thorough before I started! So far I’ve just gone for a run. I sprayed them down with my Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing spray and pulled them up into 3 pony tails, one like I’m wearing them half up half down then the other half I split into pig tails and it stays out of my way. That’s the same way I’m going to wear them when I bike too. I’m swimming tomorrow morning so I’ll let y’all know what I end up doing with them.

Check out her blog! Sporty Afros!

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  1. V. Porter says:

    Good work! I’m so amazed you took on that undertaking! I never have and prob won’t ever try to do my own extensions. My braiding skills are minimal and then adding extensions?!
    With that said, its my understanding from braiders I’ve used and my braids as evidence of, the middle always uses more/ bigger chucks of your own hair and isnt focused on as much as the edges. And as a part of the whole, it looks fine (even if you wear half up and down styles or other styles where the middle would be exposed).
    You hair looks lovely and kudos to you Whitney!

  2. you are better than me, I started the front, and never made it to the rest of my head. the center is the thickest area for me. to bad little girls dont in the neighborhood dont braid hair any more

  3. I’m going to try this weekend. I’ve never done my own but I’m shooting for four hours as that is about as long as I have. I’m planning to do them a bit thicker though.

  4. tip to save time: braid only the front, sides and nape are and crochet braid the middle. you can see videos on youtube on how to crochet braid!

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