Box Braids Are Making A Comeback

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Box braids, micro braids, yarn braids, whatever you wanna call them, there is an absolute rising trend for them.  We’re not talking, low key, micro braids….no ladies we are talking “big, chunky, 1990′s Janet in Poetic Justice braids” LOL:)
Some believe this look to be old and out dated, but I love it!  It has this sexy, bohemian vibe.  Braids are perfect for the summer because they are low maintenance and give our natural tresses a  break from the abuse we tend to give it.  When rocking this hairstyle we can put away all the curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and all the other damaging hair tools we fashionistas swear by.  We can rock this look with no fear!
 The best part: there is no need for hours at the salon!!!  Random size parts are welcomed because this style is carefree.  There is no need to be perfect and the longer the better.  ”Super, super long” to be exact, is the goal!
So my fashionistas, tell me what you think.  Will you be taking it back to the days of Moesha aka Brandy????  Will you be rocking some box braids????

What do you ladies think? Are box braids making a comeback and will you be rocking them?

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  1. Angelia Wilford says:

    Can’t wait to get them!

  2. I’ve had my braids for about a month now & i love it. i would definitely do it again but i’m missing my fro =/ probably for the winter when its too cold for my w&g. usually braids look kinda gross when they get really frizzy but i think it adds to the bohemian look.

  3. The box look had been gone for awhile so now they look fresh and new to me.

  4. I am wearing them now and LOVE them!!!

  5. I have them in now, I love them. I had micros a few months ago but I love the chunkier box braids and are glad its back in style (not that I wouldn’t have worn then without them being in style LOL) I love being able to get up and go, taking a break from caring for my natural lil fro. . . .I am getting them again after this round but longer, I have 10 inches and I want 18….fun styles ahead

  6. I would definitely rock them! Much better and less stressful on the hair than micros in my personal opinion (much more support when the extensions are placed on larger patches of hair and less breakage). I just might try these out my next go around.

  7. Rocking them right now! Loving my braids! Heyyy!

  8. I’m excited to get mine! I’m about to make the transition to natural and this was one of my favorite styles glad its back! 🙂

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