“Women Who Wear Weaves Will Only To Be Used For Sex”


women with weaves have low self esteem

Oh……oh ok… I never knew.

This is one of those times where I really have to voice my opnion.

I am not a weave wearer. I tried to wear a weave and I just didn’t like it. I felt like it was way too much hair on my head. BUT LISTEN… I have never, never EVER thought, when I looked at a woman who wore weave, that “A man can’t POSSIBLY take her serious and consider her to be wife material because she wears weaves! She’s only good for sex!”

I don’t even have to tell you all how ignorant this statement is. At first, i’m thinking, “Gab, don’t jump to conclusions. You only have a screenshot of the conversation and this may not be the whole story” … but then I went and found the real story


Yall, this is a real mentality. It’s almost infuriating to me to think that not only are women being judged as whores based off of their hairstyles but to actually find out that some men and women believe this is just incomprehensible.

The natural hair community was never here to divide the “weave” from “the naturals”; it was more so here to show us that our hair, that we once thought was hideous, is actually one of the most beautiful and regal creations ever made by the Almighty.

This was NOT an attempt to turn women who wear weave into females who are only good for a romp in the sack. Whether your natural, relaxed, or wear weaves, NO WOMAN, should ever be looked at as something for you to just bang. Yes, I understand that some women present themselves as such based on their dress or attitude but you cannot classify and stereotype women who are wearing weaves as ALL whores.

This is just about defending women in general. I think african-american women go through enough automatic sexual objectification based on the way we are built to add something so menial and insignificant as a reason to further justify that “black women are easy”. I know black women aren’t the only women who wear weaves but WHO ARE WE KIDDING!? We know who this post is directed to.

I would love to hear yall input on this because this is one topic that I think would get under any woman’s skin. AA,White,Asian,spanish, or whatever ethnicity you may be.

With that being said, I hope the person who created this FB post takes a look at their on character and examine themselves. Not just them but all that believe this and ask “Why would I judge a woman based on her hairstyle?” and “What in the hell is wrong with me?”

With that being said, I will leave yall with 14 Reasons Black Girls Rock …. I’m out ~duece~


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4 Simple Ways To Grow Natural Hair Fast

grow natural hair fast

grow natural hair fast

Hair shedding is one problem that millions of people around the globe go through and therefore there have been many products in the market that promise to eradicate the problem in short time, but hardly few products deliver what they promise. Many a times most of the products that fight hair shedding and allow consumers to grow natural hair fast are expensive and therefore not many people can afford it. However, there are many other ideas that can help you to grow you hair fast without spending too much money. Here we take a look at some top 4 ways that can allow you to grow natural hair fast.

Massage Your Scalp Regularly

Did you ever notice that you feel really great when you massage your scalp? There are many things that we already know but we never have the time to implement it. If you want to grow natural hair fast you need to go for massages that can stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and allow your blood to circulate well. With the right kind of blood flow in the scalp, you can get quick hair growth that you desire. It will also allows your hair to intake more oxygen which is helpful in many different ways.

Eat Healthier Food

What you eat is what you are and therefore you need to ensure that you get the right kind of diet that can boost your hair growth as well. There are many food items that promote better hair growth and so make sure that you have such food items to grow natural hair fast. Vitamin A, B, C and E are really helpful for better hair growth and therefore it can allow you to get better hair growth in short time. You can cut down the fast food and other junk food that will harm your body as well as hair growth.

SEE ALSO: 4 Simple Ways To Grow Natural Hair Fast

Use Simple Styles

If you are focusing on better hair growth you need to do away with complicated styles that you usually see in magazines and television. Using too much of curling iron and all kinds of heat can damage your hair and will also cut down the hair growth process. Hence, make sure that you do not use too much of styling creams and treatments and do not play around with your hair all the time which will make it dry and lead to split ends and ultimately break.

Moisturize Your Hair

It is very important that you moisturize your hair all the time and therefore you need to ensure that you make use of natural hair products and hair oils like coconut oil or olive oil that can seal in the moisture of your hair naturally rather than using artificial hair products. You can apply these oils regularly before you sleep so that it can penetrate deeper and keep your hair moisturized overnight. You can also use a sulfate free shampoo to wash your hair  that won’t strip your hair of moisture and that will help you to boost your hair growth quickly.


What are some other ways that you ladies use to try to grow your natural hair faster? Let me know in the comments below!

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Natural Hair Tutorials | Fierce Friday Edition

natural hair tutorials

It’s #FierceFriday, Natural Hair Tutorials edition!  Send in your natural hair pictures and i will feature them on the blog! I know i haven’t posted many pictures of my own hair lately and i do apologize for that but life calls sometimes! Well enjoy the compilation ladies!

Updo Of Curlformers Set



Curlformers Set


I love my curl former sets! They are the closests thing that i can get to a natural hair roller set without heat. I used eco styler and shea butter on my hair for those looks. The eco styler isn’t included in the video below but for the looks above i used it because of humidity.

Natural Hair Tutorials | Curlformers Set



Natural Hair Roller Set


I have to make a tutorial for this one ladies! Sorry i don’t have it on hand

Twist out


The natural hair tutorial for this look. I didn’t take the twist down until later but you get the picture :)

Wash And Go



Natural Hair Tutorials | Wash and Go



Want to see more tutorials from me? Comment in the section below and let me know! Also, if you would like to be featured on #FierceFriday , submit your pictures to hairstories@strawberricurls.com.

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5 Protein Treatments For Natural Hair

protein treatments for natural hair

protein treatments for natural hair

 Your hair needs adequate amounts of protein and moisture to stay shiny, lustrous and strong. Everyday styling and pollution can snatch the moisture from you hair and leave them dull and lifeless. The best way to keep your strands very healthy and full of life is  a protein treatment. Protein helps repair the hair cuticle and makes the strands stronger to get those lovely locks back.

SEE ALSO:  4 Simple Ways To Grow Natural Hair Fast

Here are some commercial and homemade protein treatments for natural hair:

  1. Protein Conditioner: Since a protein treatment is required to strengthen your hair, it is most effective when applied after shampooing. You can use a good protein conditioner recommended by your stylist. After you are done with the shampoo, apply the conditioner generously to your hair and allow the hair to soak in the nourishment. The protein will infiltrate to the hair shaft and reinforce your locks.
  2. Mayonnaise and avocado: Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. Mayonnaise is made up of egg and oil so it has the goodness of both protein from the eggs and moisture from the oil. Avocados are rich in fat content so they tend to make hair smooth and resistant towards damage. For best results mix two tbsp of mayonnaise with half squashed avocado till the mixture becomes creamy. Apply this to your hair from the roots to the tips and rinse after a while. Shampoo the next morning.
  3. Yogurt treatment: A yogurt or cream can also help restore the lost protein from your hair. You just have to apply two to three dollops of sour cream or yogurt to your hair and leave for twenty minutes and then wash it away.
  4. Keratin Protein: A heavy duty protein can be used for severely damaged hair. This protein is available with almost every stylist. It helps in restructuring the hair that has been damaged due to loads of styling – blow drying, ironing, bleaching, coloring and uses of other harmful products.
  5. Wheat Protein: This protein is well known for smoothing the hair during the process of restoring the lost protein. Wheat protein has superior and powerful moisturizing ability the can help restore the lost structure of the hair. With the regular use of this protein your hair regains its lost nutrients and becomes healthier from the inside. The hair shaft becomes more soft and gains more elasticity.

Requirement of protein treatment: Protein treatments for natural hair may sound simple and easy to use, but one needs to limit the extent to which the hair is exposed to the treatment. Over exposure may cause further damage and breakage. It can make your hair feel stiff and hard.  Not all hair types will need the same amount of protein, some may need less and the others more. Hair that is damaged due to styling overdose needs to be protein treated by an once a week. Normal hair with the basic requirement of protein can be handled with home made packs or light conditioners.

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Alternative Treatments For Hair Loss

natural hair loss

natural hair lossScalp science has progressed tremendously in recent years. We now know that once a follicle has died, then that little factory can no longer produce new hair. We also know that some follicles stop producing hair and become dormant, rather than actually dying. If hair loss is occurring for reasons other than follicle death then improving the health of the body and scalp can have a positive impact.

There are many ways to care for the hair and nourish the body. Keeping the scalp healthy and maintaining the functioning of active follicles will help keep hair shiny and lustrous, and may also help recovery after illness.

Hair loss, or “alopecia”, can be caused by a number of different factors, or occur for no reason at all. This is why there is no one definitive way to solve the problem. The reason for the hair loss will obviously be an important consideration when looking to improve the situation.

For some people, losing their hair is a disaster and they are willing to try all sorts of remedies to prevent or slow it down. There are many well-meaning chemists and therapists and cosmetic specialists who would like to help. There is a confusing array of medicines, pills and potions available to try. There are also some pharmaceutical remedies and hair transplantation surgery as more extreme options.

Hair transplantation is not cheap, though, and the recovery is quite intense. There is a constant flow of blood to the head so surgery or injury of any kind to the kind results in quite a lot of blood loss. The fluid build-up around the head and face after hair transplantation surgery is extreme, but slowly, as the body heals from the thousands of tiny head wounds, the fluid shifts, facial swelling goes down, and the person starts to look like their normal self again – with new hair!

Interestingly, some of the pharmaceutical medicines that have been found to assist with different types of hair loss were discovered to have that benefit by accident. They were created to treat other much more severe conditions – such as cancer – and one of the drug side effects was noticed to be hair growth.

Not all hair loss is the same. Some is triggered by hormonal changes, severe illness, heredity, or chemical poisoning (such as chemotherapy). Even a very bad case of the ‘flu’ can cause hair loss. Once the immune system recovers, hair begins to regrow. Sometimes hairdressers will notice a layer of stubble, or a few inches of shorter hair closer to the scalp after a client has been quite ill some months before.

Supporting the body to achieve optimal functioning is one way to improve hair health. Supplementation with vitamins, minerals and herbs has been found to be helpful for some people. Currently, there is a great deal of interest, and some research being done, into how a combination of Chinese and Western herbs may effect hair growth, follicle functioning, and scalp health. Some of the herbs being used to help skin and hair health include: Fallopia multiflora (Polygonum) root, Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto, Gingko Biloba, Horsetail and Panax Ginseng.

Author: Katherine West is a health freak and freelance writer who in 2003 studied for a Diploma of Nutrition. She is also into yoga and pilates.


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5 Tips To Grow Long Natural Hair

grow long natural hair

grow long natural hair

Every woman desires to have locks like those of Rapunzel – lovely, long and healthy.  Although till date there is no scientific method to accelerate the growth of your hair but you can definitely stimulate the growth of your hair. Proper care, looking after and not subjecting your hair to sever damage will surely assist in growing your hair longer and healthier.

Here we encapsulate some best practices you must follow to grow long natural hair:

  1. Regular trimming: You must get your hair trimmed at regular intervals. Leaving them neglect without getting them trimmed is a big no if you want to grow long natural hair. After a point of time if you are not getting your hair trimmed they tend to have split ends. These split ends restrict the growth of the hair and also damage your hair structure.

  2. Moisture retention:  Daily exposure to heat, ultra violet rays and pollution causes the hair to loose its natural moisture and become dry. Dry and damaged hair will never gain length. A hot oil massage is the best solution to prevent and control the same. Use any natural oil, warm it a little and use a swap of cotton to dab it on the scalp. Apply the excess oil to the extended hair and gently massage your scalp with the help of your finger tips in a circular motion. After the massage use a hot towel to wrap around your head for a while. Rinse off your hair using a mild shampoo.

  3. Braids or twists: You have to practically live in braids, buns and twisted hair till you get that desired length. When you leave your locks open you are inviting trouble from – pollution, ultra violet rays, entangling and many more damages. Twisting and braiding protects the hair from these dangers and keeps your locks safe.

  4. SEE ALSO: 8 Benefits of Wearing Protective Styles For Natural Hair
  5. Dietary improvements: The junk has to be done away with instantly. Junk food leads the body to loose nourishment and in turn you loose your hair. Your diet must comprise of healthy food. Crash diets too need to be avoided; they again deprive you from important nutrients. The food you eat must include good amount of protein and vitamins which accelerate the growth of your hair.

  6. Hair products: While you are looking to grow your hair you have to very minutely scrutinize the hair products you use. Stay away from chemically loaded products that can cause harm and shift to milder conditioners, shampoos and masks. You can also ask your stylist to help you choose these.

Other useful tips: You should never twirl your hair ends with your finger while concentrating or nervous. They lead to split ends. The daily dose of ironing, curlers and other chemicals or styling has to be avoided completely. When your hair is entangled a little more than usual, use your fingers to detangle them to avoid breakage.  Minimize manipulating your hair during the growth period or use styles that last for a considerable period of time say a fortnight or may be more.

We recommend you follow this routine and you will notice a considerable change in the length of your hair.


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What This White Mom Did to Her Black Daughter’s Natural Hair: The First Trip to the Salon


Remember the post i featured awhile back called “Dear Black Women Giving Me Hair Advice about My African Daughter: Please Stop , A Caucasian Woman’s Point Of View”? Well that same lady with the guts to say “get out of my face” is back with recent updates on her daughter’s hair! It is so nice to see a woman of a different ethinic background ensure the care of her daughter’s hair!

I had Naomi’s hair in two twists to make it easy for the stylist to work through. Or, so I thought.

As I’ve mentioned before, hair has been a challenge in our trans-racial adoption of our five year old daughter Naomi. When we got her — three years ago — her head had been shaved clean, giving us a honeymoon period during which time her hair was short, cute, and growing out. This gave me time to learn how to do certain styles, and deal with criticism. As you might know, hair in the African American community is a Big. Deal. Consequently, I learned how to do bantu knots, twists, and braids. Eventually, though, she needed a trim… a task that was way beyond my newfound abilities.

After googling “African American hair natural Nashville,” I came up with many hits, but none looked like the right spot. When I spotted a lady in the mall with hair very similar to my daughter’s, I asked her where she gets her hair done.

“My cousin is a natural hair stylist,” she responded.

Yesterday, we went to see her cousin Jessica at ShearLuxe Salon in downtown Nashville. We were a little apprehensive, because we’ve heard stories about how long it takes for little girls to get their hair done at salons (I’m talking four to six hours) and heard that it could be very painful. We prepared Naomi for the experience by telling her about what it would be like and letting her see photos of her stylist in advance.

Jessica Watkins was very helpful, nice, and comforting. She also knew when to tell us — gently – that she needed some space. Here’s a narrative of Naomi’s first non-orphanage hair cut.

This is how big Naomi’s hair is when it’s all poofed out!

I thought we were having fun, until I looked closely under the hair and saw tears. Real, honest to goodness, tears. Eventually, she was sobbing — it was very counter-intuitive to let her sit there suffering when it was only for a hair cut… You would’ve thought by the drama she was having a tooth extraction!

The wash provided a nice change of pace, but it didn’t last long. She soon tired of the wash too, which consisted of many different rinses and even more de-tangling.

Camille and Austin tried to distract her from the discomfort of the day, but to no avail. I had to take Naomi from the wash bin to “have a talk” outside. Jessica and her friend Dawn (who sells extensions) all told Naomi they expected her to obey too. Our talk outside got Naomi to a less frantic state. Finally, the stylist — very gently — suggested we leave.

Once I got used to the idea of leaving my child in downtown Nashville without me, things started looking up. Naomi quit crying after we left, since she no longer had an audience, and the stylist was able to completely straighten her hair. I’d never seen her hair like this in my life!

Okay, we only hid out next door. The end result took about four hours, which is longer than it will take next time. Jessica gave us some braids that will accommodate swimming.

Overall, it was a great experience and Jessica at ShearLuxe was wonderful and wise.

Naomi loved her hair so much she said, “When can we come back?”

Just as soon as my heart recovers, baby.

(Yes, this post would’ve better been titled, “What a Stylist Did to my Black Daughter’s Hair,” but I wanted to keep the series all the same!)

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Natural Hair Tutorial | Curlformers VS New Orleans Humidity

roller set on natural hair

Hello loves! As you know i live in New Orleans and it is SO humid here especially in the summer which leaves me little to no desire to do my hair. Well for the 4th (even though i didn’t go anywhere) i decided i was going to curlform my hair anyway but what about this damn humidity? Ah! I have the answer!

As much as i don’t like to use gel on every style i wear, in order for me to preserve it in this weather, i MUST use gel but not to make my hair hard or stiff, but to give it staying power. Curlformers are my go to style when i can’t think of anything else.

Products used:

Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel (Purchase here)
Argan Oil Eco Styler GelPure Shea Butter  (Purchase here)

pure unrefined shea butter

Yes and that’s it. Keep it simple and quick. I set my hair and i ended up being under the hair dryer for like 2 hours UGH! Next time i do a curlformers set it’s definetly getting done at night. I hate hair dryers :(.

My hair was really soft when i took it done and shiny!

roller set on natural hair roller set on natural hair

roller set on natural hair

Yes i have a tutorial on this . I won’t leave you all high and dry like that lol. The only difference between this method and the method i use in my Curlformers tutorial on youtube is that i didn’t use gel on the youtube tutorial because it was winter time. No need

Anyone ever used curlformers? Let me know in the comments below!

Looking for more natural hairstyle tutorials?

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Natural Hairstyles | 4 DIY Beautiful Natural Hair Styles
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Teacher in MI Cuts Little Girls Natural Hair Off, Throws Away In Front Of Her

teacher cuts girls natural hair off

LINE STEPPER ALERT! LINE STEPPER ALERT! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO! This woman has LOST HER MIND! She cut all this poor child’s natural hair off as a form of discipline??

MMMAAANNN listen, this could NEVER BE MY CHILD, MY SISTER, MY NEICE, MY NOTHING!!! Check this article below found at BGLH

teacher cuts girls natural hair off

Lamya Cammon is angry, confused, and scared by the incident last week in which the apparently frustrated teacher cut one of her braids off after she wouldn’t stop playing with them in class.

Cammon, 7, sports a few dozen braids, but one is conspicuously absent.

“She told me to stop playing with it. Then cut it off and sent me back to my desk,” Cammon said.

Cammon’s a first-grader at Congress Elementary and said her teacher used a pair of classroom scissors to cut off one of the braids after she absent-mindedly kept playing with them.

“Tell me how you play with your hair. Show me what that means,” 12 News reporter Nick Bohr said to Cammon.

“I wasn’t playing with it that loud,” Cammon said.

She said the teacher called her to the front of the room and cut it in front of the whole class.

“What did you do?” Bohr asked.

“I went to my desk and cried. And they was laughing,” Cammon said. “She threw it away, and she said, ‘Now what you gonna go home and say to your momma? ‘ And I said, ‘That you cut off my hair,'” Cammon said.

Not only did she this teacher cut this litte girls braids out, but she threw her hair away in front of her. I do not agree to this as a form of discpline at all especially if it’s not your child. The adult could have done better than this.

Ladies PLEASE speak on it. I want to hear your views and opinions on this. What if it was your child?


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hair steamer giveaway

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