biotin hair growth

Does Biotin for Hair Growth Really Work?

biotin hair growth

Biotin, a vitamin helps increase hair growth and is also widely available too. It is produced in our Intestines and is present in green leafy vegetables, raw egg yolk, peanuts and Liver. Popularly known as, Vitamin B7 or co-Enzyme R, biotin hair growth is effective and most natural solution.

Presence Of Biotin

Biotin is present in a well-balanced diet and can be used as a supplement too. Deficiency of Vitamin B7 is something that can be taken care of by eating vitamin rich food along with supplements. For Biotin hair growth, additional supplements is a must as the quantity of Vitamin B7 needed by the human body is much more than what is regularly taken in, go to these guys for more information. yk11 is a well-known product among the bodybuilders which is known for its amazing effects in helping them get the best out of their bodybuilding efforts. It might just look like any other SARM, but it is not any ordinary supplement. Here we will cover all aspects of this wonderful compound, how it works, its dosage along with any risk factors and everything else that you should be knowing about this product. Let’s start with humble beginnings and knowing what this product is all about.

How Does Biotin Work?

Biotin as a vitamin aids in hair growth but does not stimulate new hair growth as hair loss may happend due to various reason or due to some form of intolerance. You can do an intolerance test to find out if you are really intolerant to any food. . It mainly checks the follicles, strengthens and renew the roots helping in beautiful, thicker and fuller hair. Biotin for hair growth is quite helpful to those who are suffering from mild alopecia or have been noticing hair massive shedding. Along with healthy hair, it helps healthier skin and nails too.

While there are mixed reviews about the result of taking Biotin for hair growth, many say it is not that effective. Although, researchers have found it to beneficial if Vitamin B7 supplements or rich diet in Biotin is taken for a long period of time. Consistent use will help in long healthier and fuller hair along with less breakage and strengthened roots.

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How Much Biotin Is Effective?

The dosage of Biotin must be around 500-700 micrograms per day to see a good change in your hair structure and health. This dosage can be increased to 1000 micrograms per day in various cases and results can be seen if it is consistently taken.

The individual must consult a doctor before taking Biotin and the condition for which he or she is taking. The best part of taking Biotin is that it does not harm even in high doses. The biotin which is not used by the human body is excreted out in your urine.

A normal adult needs approx. 30 micrograms of Biotin per day which can be taken in a well-balanced diet but for healthy hair growth Biotin is needed in much higher quantity for best results.

Are there any Side-effects?

Biotin even at high doses is non-Toxic and a side effect of it might by some mild acne. This can quickly be taken care of with a high water intake. Make sure you are getting at least 8 – 10 glasses in to offset the potential effects.

However, taking biotin for hair growth without a doctor’s permission is a complete no for a nursing mother and pregnant ladies

The Availability and Use of Biotin

Biotin capsules or Liquid supplements are commercially available at the grocery store. They are also available in different packs at online stores. Biotin is extremely useful in healthy, beautiful hair growth but does not revive those who have had years of baldness. That isn’t to say that it won’t work at all but you will have to have a hair regimen in place as well. It can be added with other hair treatments and positive results can be expected.

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