BC and beyond, know these terms


I compiled a few general terms I believe every person with kinks, coils, and curls should be aware.  Additionally, I will be using these terms in upcoming posts.  Become familiar with these, because they can be a great help to you in finding what works best for your hair.

BC aka Big Chop or Big Cut

The BC occurs when one has cut where the relaxed hair and natural new growth meet, with only the natural hair remaining.  During a second BC most (like myself) cut off damaged ends.


Process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair via hairstyles such as braids, extensions, and wigs.  Some transition between 3-6 months, some do not wait and shave their hair off completely, and others wait for up to 2 years before making the final step into natural hair.  It depends on the person.


A ‘conditioner-wash’.

It is suggested that people with curly manes use conditioner if washing their hair regularly, because traditional shampoos contain sulfates that can strip the hair of its natural oils.  I will go into detail in later blogs.

Traditional conditioners that you would find in your local store or beauty supply contain light detergents that will cleanse any residue from your hair while still helping to maintain some of its moisture.


I had no clue what this was when I would see people mention this on nappturality, fotki, and other natural hair care forums.  Simply put a TWA is a teeny weeny afro.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated essences of aromatic plants.  When applied to the skin (or scalp), they are absorbed, penetrate tissues, and work their way into the bloodstream.


These substances are used in foods and cosmetic products to help retain moisture, which in turn, helps your hair retain moisture (US NATURALS NEED THIS ESPECIALLY).

Some humectants, such as mineral oil, are not good for you and block out any moisture from getting to your scalp.

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