Baby Cuz This Twisted Updo Don’t Owe Me Nothing


I definitely needed a break from my hair but i didn’t want to do the usual, ya know, twists, braids, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!

All of that has become so boring a redundant that I definitely needed a change. Considering I’m in cosmetology school i was like SOMEBODY, ANYBODY WASH MY HAIR! For more info visit grid-nigeria .

So my classmate Triecy ( yea i probably spelled that wrong but that’s how i hear it) stepped up to the plate and washed it for me.




Yea.. that’s how i felt

Talk about HEAVEN! Yall know I do not let people in my head by lawd today i need to let her do that more often! I forgot how good it felt to let someone else give you that spa treatment as opposed to doing it yourself. Click here spiritofthesea for best shampoo for hair.

Then we moved on to the blow drying phase


I cannot tell you how much my comb attachment has spoiled me. I left it at home and was blow drying with a brush and a blow dryer…


Where it usually takes me 15- 30 mins tops with that comb attachment, i felt like i was sitting there for about an hour blow drying my hair with that damn brush. I wanted to quit. So Tracey sees me and was like “You want me to do it for you gab?” Me: “Ok!”

15 mins later……

~Tracey handing me back the brush~

So that’s how it is huh? Ok , alright. So i finish blow drying


Oh not to mention the MUCH needed lining which i really should have taken a before picture of cuz let me tell you, Wolverine’s side burns aint got nothing on that Rogaine party that was going on at the back of my neck.


And then the braiding phase begun . Brit Brat started off and then she quit on me for about 20 mins, then Kristen came in and started. Then she quit on me too lol! Then Brit Brat started back up. Yes they were playing tag in my hair cuz they were getting tired. Some of my favorite quotes from them were.

“Girl you look like a child by the head”





Ain’t that some shit?

So after they finished braiding the sides for me, i went ahead and twisted the middle and the parts i left out and styled it how i saw fit.

Look i aint saying I’m good… but ummm



I twisted the middle and left the front out and twisted that as well. Bobby pins are my best friend and i secured it as i saw fit.

DSCN1026 DSCN1027 DSCN1028 DSCN1029 DSCN1030 DSCN1031





Adios people

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  1. “Girl you look like a child by the head” LOL!! You do have a LOT of hair girl! But that’s the way it should be, you know. Thanks for sharing and the pics look good.

  2. Very funny story but your hair turned out beautiful!

  3. I loved reading every word of this! Very cute style….perhaps a tutorial?

  4. miquilina says:

    I want that hair style! I wish I had a personal hair braider that I could pull out the closet just to do my hair.

  5. like for real, I’m in the process of looking for someone to blow dry trim and braid my hair. Can y’all tag team my hair. Please email me. I need a natural hair stylist in new orleans BAD!

  6. Vonn Marie says:

    Girrrrlll! U bad ! I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love it!! Your hair always looks exceptional 🙂

    Stopping by to invite you to my blog launch event tomorrow! Having a giveaway weekend starting with a natural hair giveaway 🙂 Hope to see you there!!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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