Atlanta Events Promoter Offering Natural Hair Discount to Clubs and Parties: Hot or Hmm??

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So this is interesting… Atlant events promoter, social media manager and FAMU graduate ‘Joey Digital’ is offering discounts for women with natural hair. Check out this excerpt from his website:

Over the years, I’ve professed my utter disdain for weave, and love for natural hair (see: Anti-Weave List). And now I’m putting my money where my mouth is: giving $10 off tickets to my Atlanta Classic Post-Game Affair (Sat 9/24), and $5-$10 discounts to my FAMU Homecoming event introducing NUVO Lemon Sorbet (Fri 10/7) and The Art of Celebration (Sat 10/8). Heck, I just might give them invitations to the private Crown Royal Black “Crown Life Lounge” on the Thursday of FAMU’s Homecoming.

All women with natural hair simply have to do is use the code “natural” when purchasing tickets using the links below:
Atlanta Classic: Society of the Crown at 200 Peachtree (Your ticket will be just $10)
FAMU Homecoming: A Special Evening Introducing NUVO Lemon Sorbet at Mary Brogan (Your ticket will be just $10)
FAMU Homecoming: The Art of Celebration at the IMAX (Your ticket will be just $10)

As someone who hosts events that are open to both natural and relaxed women, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I would hate if natural vs weave became yet another division within the black community. Ladies, what is your take?

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  1. Hmm, it seems like something that could cause a divide. I’ve heard of discounts for being single, or wearing a certain color to party, but those are easier to do/lie about lol.

  2. I guess the joke is on him because even naturals wear weave. I am natural and use weave when I am doing protective styles. I own a beauty supply store that sells lots of natural products and people ask why we sell the weave if we are a “natural” beauty supply and I know plenty of naturals that don’t like to put heat in their hair so they will wear straight extensions. Really sad to do this. What if they gave a discount to all of the light skinned girls and made them hold their hand up to a paperbag to pass the test. Hair remains a way to express ourseleves and can change with our shoes. #getaclue

    1. Preach Girl…I’m natural nothing like it! full head of hair and will be weaved till the summer. it’s a great protective style and it’s so unique that we can wear a FULL weave and protect our hair…I put that flat iron up to hot and straighten my Remy while my fro stays snug as a bug…he should get over it…weave is a hairtsyle like putting on mascara..just a “makeup tool.”

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