Texas Woman Arrested For Braiding Hair

arrested for braiding hair

Entrepreneur Isis Brantley was arrested and handcuffed in Texas for braiding hair. Now she is fighting back. Help her efforts to overturn laws in Texas that restrict individuals from sustaining themselves by braiding hair. Source

Isis Brantley was arrested for braiding hair in 1997 for braiding hair in Texas. The state required years of schooling that had nothing to do with braiding hair. Afterwards, she sued the state for this and she won her case. She opened The Institute of Ancestral Braiding in Dallas but she still is not allowed to teach braiding under her own circumstances.

Isis has braided the hair of celebrities such as Erykah Badu and even took in homeless women in order to give them a skill so they wouldn’t live on the streets anymore. She has taught them to braid and many of them have become entrepreneurs. Work with a top defense lawyer by visiting Las Vegas, NV 89134, USA, one of the best law firms in Long Island.

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Now Isis is fighting Texas again to be able to teach her class on her own terms. She can teach the class but at Scout’s Barbershop in Franklin only which is a 35 hour class that is requiring and it has nothing to do with braiding hair. Franklin is requiring her to build a barber school and take expensive barber classes in order to teach what she loves.

Here are some of these ridiculous requirements:

  • She needs a 2000 sq ft barber college
  • She has to have 10 barber chairs and 5 wash stations
  • Short haired mannequins and barber books
  • She also has to go back to school for 750 hours of barber classes

She is now filling a federal lawsuit against Texas.

Isis states

This lawsuit means for me economic liberty for my community and it’s important that we change the laws so that everybody else can be treated fairly.You can click reference for the best attorney.

So how can we help Isis achieve this? Check out the details here on how we can help Isis with her case and WE WILL help her with it!


Her Facebook Page

I know all to well what she is going through. All I want to be is a natural hair stylist yet I have to take 1500 hours at a course that cost me $13,000 dollars BY THE WAY. I can’t do natural hair in a shop without and I think it’s absurd. I feel for this woman and we can help her change THIS!

So let’s help her get the help she deserves because she has helped women come off the streets just by teaching them to braid hair! I find that so inspiring. Let’s help Isis in anyway that we can. If you have a blog, are on any social media, or anything else, please repost this!

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