April Showers: Rain Friendly Wardrobe Choices

“April showers bring May flowers.” Well if thats true, theres going to be a lot of flowers in bloom next month! We have been experiencing a lot of rain or the threat of it (sometimes Mr Weatherman gets it wrong) so far this Spring. One good thing about the rain: an excuse to wear my cute rainboots! Lol I have a tall black pair from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line that I am borderline obsessed with. I also have a red/blue polka dot pair that got for $15 (50% off!!)  at Gap about a year ago.

Just because its gloomy outside doesnt mean your wardrobe has to be! There are so many fun & fashionable raingear options; Everything from rain boots, umbrellas, raincoats and trench coats.


This look includes a Michael Kors Jelly tote thats perfect for wet weather: water slides right off!

                          Isn’t that Umbrella Necklace the cutest little thing?

There are plenty of plain rainboots out there (my black pair for example), but why not have a little fun during not so fun weather? Get a pair of animal print, polka dot, striped or logo print rainboots!


  A trench/raincoat is perfect rainy day outerwear. Light enough if the temperature doesnt drastically drop but still offers enough warmth if it does. Also, rain water will slide right off!

My Trench Coat: Got it for $6 at the Gap Outlet


There’s the option to stay dry AND still look good? Sign me up!



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  2. Is SJP line still existent? I loved her line.

    1. Not that I know of cuz it was at that Steve & Barrys place that closed down

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