African American Woman | “I Married A White Man So My Kids Would Have Better Hair and Skin”

Woah! I have never heard such ignorant statments in my LIFE! Here is the backstory.

This woman calls in and automatically says that she is about to say some controversial and off the all statements. Apparently she is a dark skinned woman calling in and here are some of her specific statements

  • I married a white man on purpose so my kids could have better hair and skin
  • Dark skin people are unattractive and i didn’t want my kids to go through that
  • Dark skin people are ashy

are you serious meme

Hefa are you serious?! How’s that whole self esteem thing working out for you? Better hair and better skin?? You sound like an idiot. Your kids ain’t some damn experiments in a Frankenstein factory! Have a seat!

You sound SO stupid!

So your skin is ashy by default? Put lotion on!

Your hair is “bad” by default? Take care of it!

How old are you now?! C’mon man!

I cannot believe how ignorant some people are. Yes, society does attach a stigma to people with a darker complexion but when are you going to learn that society really doesn’t care about you AT ALL so why should you care what they think???

So you basically telling me that you married your husband, not because you loved him, but basically because he fulfilled your “skin and hair” complexion requirements. That’s….pathetic..

I am sorry but i have seen beautiful dark skinned people and I myself am an AVID supporter of the dark chocolate man.

Lance Gross-JSH-011419 morris-chestnut dark-skinned-men-241803 dark-skinned-guy1


When i see a dark skinned chocolate brother… i feel like freddie-mercury-rage-pose-template

And i won’t stop at the men. There a ton of beautiful darkskinned women!

People can be really ignorant it’s not even funny sheesh

Thoughts and comments people?

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  1. Leo the Yardie Chick says:

    *deeeeep breath and sigh* My thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are for the children. That is all.

  2. erica@shanell says:

    I get your point but why do all the “beautiful dark-skinned women” have straight hair? you did imply that black hair is not bad by default, like this ignorant women said, but these pictures make you look like a hypocrite. I think you should have posted girls with real, natural non-weaved hair, if you’re really trying to get your point across. but other than that, very good article. that women should be ashamed.

    1. StrawBerriCurls says:

      You misunderstand. I was not addressing specifically hair but more so their skin color

  3. Username*BlackyGermany says:

    Iam very schockt seeing my picture on this Website. I come from Kenya. Iam living in Germany and working as a Model. Iam very proud being an African Woman, but my picture being used to support Slavery has schocked me alot. The person giving the Interwiew should put her own Picture. She should appreciate what God has given her.

  4. Wake up . Black men have been marrying light skin and white women for years to have light babies and wash out their dark skin and hair they so desperately hate. They shame you in rap videos, on tv, in public to make sure you know your dark skin and nappy hair ain’t worth shit. Most black women will date any man she thinks is hot regardless of hair texture or skin tone, she is a rare occurrence . So sit down before you jump down a couple women throat when Lil Wayne’s and Kanye wests are all around you.

    What’s worst is you listen to this radio idiot who has various videos (or maybe ALL of these videos ) saying how much he hates black women

  5. Nichole Robinson says:

    I have a relative who is a nice looking girl and isn’t even dark at all but said the same thing her bc she wasn’t doing any nappy heads and the worst part is my mother affirmed that mess “I know that’s right” I am disgusted. SMDH

  6. Sister girl you have lost your identity, and gonna have your children really confused……IJS

  7. People are lovely. The darker the berry the sweeter the juice…they say…..oh well love your self first so that you can love the one your with…..

  8. Kinsmankid says:

    She sounds like a black Nazi. This is very sad. She obviously has some self-hatred issues. Maybe she was teased about her color and hair texture and has been brainwashed into believing that dark skin and wooly hair are ugly. Unfortunately, she is not the only black person to believe that.

  9. Umh I can’t watch this in its entirety. They both have views that I take issue with. I can’t with either of them.

  10. naturalfantastic says:

    As a woman in an interracial marriage; I question a man that chooses to be with a woman who says she is simply after your sperm, to have some ‘good hair’ babies. My hubby would have run a mile if I was like this woman lol. She said she is living vicariously through her children, that’s sad. Does she hate who she is that much. Furthermore, not all biracial children have loose curls and ringlets. I know of some biracial girls with very kinky hair. So marrying a white man doesn’t guarantee that your kids will have ‘good hair’. Then what would you do?

  11. Crmy Coco says:

    Black men do this ALL OF THE TIME! Why is this black woman being singled out? Black males are notorious for pitting light skinned women against dark skinned women and flaunting their white women (and the resulting children) over both! Please, have a seat with this double standard garbage. BTW statistic have shown bw/wm relationships are far more enduring that wm/bm leaving the impression that bw/wm relationships are based on something more substantial than skin color or race. This article is just another excuse for debasing yet another black woman. And I’m sure this black woman learned to hate her color because of other BLACK PPL! That’s the kind idiocy that should be addressed.

  12. Lawd.Have.Mercy!!! First off I’m a chocolate woman married to a white man, but that is because I feel in love with him. Hell he was the first and only white man I ever dated. I NEVER grew up hating my dark skin or thinking “Please sweet baby Jesus bring me a light skinned or white man so my kids will be bright as hell with good hair.” OMG this woman needs to go to counseling and work on her own issues. I can only imagine the crap that she has instilled in her own girls. But I’m kinda salty that you left Idris from the chocolate men…LOL!

  13. This is so sad. Lord help this woman. I also believe that darker sisters and brothers skin tone is so beautiful. Society and the media has lied to us about our natural beauty. Other races (not all ) are literally disfiguring themselves in order to get what we have naturally. IT like what is she going to tell her children? Man! This is what happens when a person doesn’t love themselves and doesn’t love their culture. I can only pray that she gets the healing that she needs. Also, hating your black skin should not be a reason to have a child with someone that’s out of your race. SMH!

  14. proppa Chick says:

    ooooooooo…I have got to remember to love myself for being “Black” cause this lady is something else! She is very gullible and easily persuaded by the European “Beauty”. Celebrate the hair that comes out of your head. And why is she saying “They” B***H, you think when you break up that white man will not refer to you as a N***er! You are dreaming!! You are so demented its not funny..I find her comments laughable!!! Not strong minded at all…very weak, lo self esteem and just Ratched! I’m one year natural and love my hair! No perms or weaves!! I bet she wears on everyday to hide her kinky hair! Sad state of affair she is in!! The white man has truly worn her down. She is still in chains, Got Damn Lady…grow a backbone!! Be proud of who you are!! You are “BLACK” Silly A**! I’m through!

  15. How is this any different than marrying a wealthy man or an attractive woman? Some people are just superficial.

  16. low self esteem ,and her kids will be the same way ,wonder if her husband knows about this

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why do black women think they’re being radical by proclaiming their love for “dark chocolate men”? It’s a goddamn expectation that as a black woman, your preference will be strictly for dark skinned black men and if you dare date any man who doesn’t fit the bill, especially a non-black man, you’re a sellout. Meanwhile these “dark chocolate men” you pine for are open and unapologetic about their preference for light skinned, mixed or non-black women. Just what are you trying to prove here?

    I’m sorry, but the “nothing but a chocolate brotha” types get on my nerves as much as the idiot wanting to have biracial babies with “good hair”. It’s reads as a sad attempt to appear so pro black that you can only be attracted to the blackest of black men. It’s desperate and weak.

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