8 year old gets weave pulled out

8 Year Old Girl Gets Weave Pulled Out By Kids At School For An Entire Week

8 year old gets weave pulled out

A Carroll County family is talking about what they call a case of bullying that targeted their 8-year-old and may have left her permanently scarred.

It had always been Aolani’s dream to have long, flowing hair, but being biracial, her hair was naturally curly. So, her dream came true when her mother and grandmother allowed her to have a weave sown into her hair. But Aolani’s grandmother says the dream became a nightmare when she went to school that Monday.

Doris Beardon told FOX 5 that the kids accused her of wearing a wig and started to try to pull it from her head. She says the kids didn’t understand that it wasn’t a wig, but a weave sewn in with a special thread to her scalp.

8 year old gets weave pulled out

According to Aolani and her family, even after reporting the initial incident to school officials, kids continued to tease and pull at her weave for a week. They say that resulted in a hug scar on her scalp that may be permanent.

One of the two students involved was punished with a one-day in-school suspension. Aolani was eventually moved to a different class, but since the family has told their story in the news media and on Facebook, they say the community hasn’t been very supportive.

They say they are speaking out because they don’t want it to happen to another child.

Calls to the school regarding the incident were not returned.

Read more: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/23966147/8-year-old-carroll-county-girl-bullied-over-weave#ixzz2lDmG1D1G

This is the little girl with her natural hair. I personally don’t see anything wrong with Aolani’s natural hair. It just needs to be styled.
8 year old gets weave pulled out

Personally, i don’t agree with an 8 year old wearing tracks or a weave. I think it’s too grown for such a young child. I used to struggle with my sister about her hair and her “hating it” and wanting it to be straight all the time. When I was a kid growing up, the only time i wore my hair straight was during special occasions and even then it was curls, shirley temple curls.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way justifying what they did to this little girl. I think it’s awful. I think what’s even more horrible is that it took an entire week for something to be done about it. But again, this is my opnion.

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  1. I agree with you. No child should be bullied and its sad the school allowed this to go on for a week. BUT I think 8 years old is too young to wear a weave. I would never let my child get a weave that young.

  2. Stephanie says:

    She shouldn’t have been bullied. But she shouldn’t have gotten a hot pink long weave either. Maybe braids the color of her hair? or just blowing it out and flat ironing it? there were so many other hair options then a pink weave.

  3. Funkystarkitty50 says:

    I agree with Stephanie and Yaya. The girl also should be taught self-defense and how to style her natural hair which is perfectly fine for a child her age. Girls need to be taught to love themselves at a young age and not indoctrinated into what the mainstream says is beautiful.

  4. ladyofthehouse says:

    Poor baby.. there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hair other than the fact that she or the powers that be thinks its too nappy, too black, too course.. something. I mean lets call a spade a spade. It makes me wonder who is raising her? Who is she identifying with? I think its important for parents of biracial children teach them who they are on all sides of the spectrum. Help her embrace that she is black and there is nothing wrong with her hair. If she wants it straight then straighten it naturally. Teach her that her hair is ultra dope and versatile by learning what to do with it not by covering it up. Her hair doesn’t need a bandage! Also there is no excuse for the bullying! None!

  5. Y’know, I am in education and while a lot goes on in a day, I would have noticed a child getting their hair yanked for a week. There are some children that are slow to tell you when things happen to them, but this sounded severe enough that she would have said something.

  6. Kandace Massenburg says:

    I think she should be happy, but I also think her parents should have encouraged her to love what she has. Also, 8 is entirely to young to have a sew in! I think what happened is very unfortunate and hope her scalp scare is not permanent, so she can grow out her natural hair.

  7. Shai Wallace says:

    I personally don’t think people should say that the girl is too young for a weave that is not the point…..did anyone talk to her to make her feel good about her hair? No….even natural hair blogs…although I get they are trying to prove a point about natural hair being beautiful there is still a definition for what beautiful natural hair is…curly thick and long right? which is all most blog sites are made up of. It was her parents decision…they were concerned with making their child happy and they did! However, these demons came along as they always do whether its teasing about being gay, being fat , hair or anything else that would detract negative attention from themselves unto vulnerable individuals…..bullying is bullying but this is not bullying…this is assault and battery (permanent scar to head) and the children should be brought before a juvenile court. A child is scarred in the head and you are concerned about if she is wrong for wearing a weave…come on do not be RIDICULOUS i refuse to believe where people attention goes first! What you are basically saying in an acceptable way is stone her dammit…children ain’t to weave …that is sick!

  8. I agree w/ others that actually wearing weave is not the real problem but, the bullying and assault of possibly leaving her w/ scalp damage.
    Not to mock but what if she was a cancer patient and wanted weave for that reason? She’ll still be considered wrong for having weave.
    Now, on the other hand the weave didn’t have to be an outright LOUD color (for hair). The girl probably was bullied for having her natural textured hair and wanted a weave to downplay the bullying when that is the actual thing that lead to this messed-up situation, and @ school at that.

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