moisturize your natural hair

7 Reasons You Should Change The Way You Moisturize Your Natural Hair

moisturize your natural hair

When it comes to the way that you moisturize your natural hair, vigilance is required. Moisture is absolutely everything when it comes to looking after your hair and promoting natural growth and development. Many people struggle to keep their hair under control, though, and may use irregular methods that will actually damage your hair over time.

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If you have been using the same trick to moisturize your natural hair for a while and are no noticing no improvements, or even a regression in quality, then you should probably consider some of these key reasons for why changing to something else might be the better idea;

  1. For many people, one of the biggest problems they have with their natural hair is a lack of effectiveness when moisturizing. This can come from using a product that is non-water based and is allowing a build-up on the cuticle of your hair. This means that none of the product you are using is actually getting to the cortex in the first place!

  2. Just as water based products are better because they actually get through to the source, without using sealing you may be getting very little benefits out of what you are doing. You need to find a way of lacking the water-based products in to your hair, and most people will use something like spritzes

  3. Typically, we are told that using oils in our hair is a good thing. Unless its coconut oil or a very small selection of other oils, you won’t be able to do so. Oils will sit on the outside of your hair, as they are a sealant rather than a moisturizer. Combining #2 and #3 could be the perfect suggestion for anyone struggling to get their hair to look as they imagined

  4. You might think that after you wash your hair you might not need to moisturize your natural hair again. Well, when you shampoo your hair you are effectively removing the oils and the like that make your hair so splendid in the first place – that squeaky clean feeling from your hair post-wash has to be countered with a second moisturizing unless you want your hair to go extremely dry and make it very easy to damage in the long-term

  5. A big no-no is using a styling product as a moisturizer. This is absolute hair suicide, and will damage your hair very quickly due to the inclusion of mineral oils or alcohols which will, over time, leave their mark on your hair

When you are trying to moisturize your natural hair, most of the “typical” procedure we follow is actually wrong. Changing up your moisturizing routine can be really useful and make sure that your hair actually looks good for the foreseeable future, rather than some horrible mess as it might look at the moment – too much moisturizer without sealant is dangerous, as is too much sealant without moisture!

The balance is a fine one but once you get it right, you can benefit for years!


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  1. I’ve been using virgin cnocout oil as a skin moisturizer for a number of years. I’ve found the oil helps retain moisture better than traditional skin lotions. I was constantly applying skin lotions during the cold, drier winter months; but since using cnocout oil I find my skin moisture levels are more consistent. You can also use cnocout oil as a hair conditioner. Recent studies have shown cnocout oil actually penetrates the hair shaft and reduces protein loss in the hair. The oil also helps keep your hair softer and healthier-looking.

  2. Scalp massage is one more tip for faster hair growth. It stimulates the hair follicles and unclogs any blocked oil glands in the scalp. Washing the scalp with care serves the same purpose to remove oil, dead skin and other debris clogging the follicles and interfering with healthy hair growth.

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